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Later September, 2017, will mark three years of writing a poem a day. “Odes to God’s Ears” is about this adventure.

Odes to God’s Ears

While there words I’ve yet to use
there are fewer across the years
by writing poems once a day
dribbling out upon my pen
looking forward to much more
in this effort I must find
inspiration to march on
ascribing odes to God’s ears

I find aid in all things
the grains of sands near at hand
dribble through evermore
plumbing depths of my soul
prompts delivered by a world
the good and evil both compete
asking for an equal voice
through fair coverage in my verse

finding faults in dogma’s reign
exclamations made from high
brought to earth on the page
spoke with voice as truth exclaimed
words are feathers on the scale
between the right and the wrong
one seems the other when balanced
in the shadow of rhyme’s turn

humanity struggles on
I’m included in this domain
seeking portents that inform
why I fail and why I fly
still continuing to exist
another poem has been writ
stating less than you’d expect
ascribing odes to God’s ears.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170818.
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“Amber’s Depths” is about about voluntarily not embracing the future. The present and near future is the breadth of experience. Beyond that, who knows?

Amber’s Depths

Beyond the bottom of the sky
where horizon meets the land
there I seek my future place
where I’ll stand by vision’s light
though the shadow may intrude
deepest hues in sable’s grasp
hiding what could be there
beyond my sight in mountain’s roots.

Imagination does not reveal
what may come in due time
when the dreams of the beyond
are dispersed by sorrow’s blight
fantasy may be my end
when reality is dismissed
thoughts stop before they start
illusion borne by raven’s wings.

Invention waits in the tools
hinting at their readiness
there left fallow by my hands
dust assumed on mantle’s breadth
treasure stacks upon self
taunting those who cannot reach
when the will is left to wane
wishes sunk in amber’s depths.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170817.
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I appreciate a measure of solitude as an extroverted introvert. I also acknowledge that too much solitude can be harmful to the impacted individual. The introvert, and voices of negative self-worth, resist the social interactions that I really must embrace. The poem “Solitude Takes” is about the nature toxic solitude and how it could be addressed.

Solitude Takes

Solitude takes only one
it's enough for a life
that's the voice that does me harm
whispering lies of loneliness
stating words I only hear
asking calm to numb my pain
antidote to life's hard knocks
a cure for affliction's curse.

No walls may be seen
because there is a gulf
on which nothing may stand
a void for the solitary
the silence is all I need
false narrative of misery
encamped in privacy
retreat from the gathering.

An alternative must be found
in travelers of same paths
to occupy empty holes
in order to save a soul
from worst of destruction's taint
corruption self-invoked
looking to the outside
to find much more than one.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170816.
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“Coaxing Dark” is the result of wanting to write a poem that is simultaneously cheerful and melancholy. I think I’ve succeeded.

Coaxing Dark

when one is found to be in lack
insufficient to life's tasks
skin's starvation all too keen

asking me to lay down my life
forever rest in sad despair
far away from partner’s balm

when was the last time I felt alive?
it was in dance through music's charm
when the muse entranced my heart

in my consort’s arms I was found
set adrift in realm of touch
never wishing to come back

I'd forgotten this place of bliss
when stumbling though life's veil
all consumed by drudgery

the realm of two seems enough
perhaps enough to forestall the end
to dissuade the coaxing dark

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170815.
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A friend quoted "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." by George Bernard Shaw. This led me to write the poem “Where I Looked”.

Where I Looked

I wandered far to find myself
exercised my questing self
seeking what I did not have
in far fields on journey’s path

the seas were wet as well as deep
waves both valleys and mountain peaks
across these roads my boat did flow
the passing depths not journey’s end

deserts stretched too far to see
hot to cold as sun revolved
above to sky and then to earth
yet there I did not find the goal

the forests held more than trees
animals stalked my careful steps
eyes shone back by campfire’s light
silent witness to secrets kept

man’s fair cities rose to the sky
while sinking far under earth
knowledge held by my cohorts
where found hollow in false light

a lifetime spent questioning
what I was as I searched
the miles as witness to the hunt
across the lands my feet quested

in the end I finally found
the elusive spark contained
I was a product of the journey
life was about where I looked.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170814.
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“Phobia as a Fault” speaks directly to a discussion storm I’m aware of on social media, but I’ll stick with the broad outlines of a painful situation. The poem is about the phobic thoughts inherited from the “hive mind”. A phobic thought is one that is framed with “I’d never do X with Y” or “X is bad because they always do Y”. Rejection is predeclared because of another person’s perceived state. Any size group can promote phobic thoughts. Groups at the receiving end of phobic thoughts can generate their own phobic thoughts. Sadly, at their heart, the phobic directions may mean well with an intention of ‘protecting’ a group. In practice they feed and imbue hurts that are beyond evil.

Phobia as a Fault

Consider phobia as a fault
a statement put out as “I’d never”
by the ones who turns their heads
with blanket statements uttered forth
putting judgment on those who fail
to be in tidy boxes built by life
whether speakers are the majority
or in the minority on life’s fringe.

A natural order is assumed
based on a bubble’s small contents
floating in the larger world
binding those found within
the swaying group may be small
or large enough to swamp the rest
it matters not when hate is found
at end of thoughts that classify.

The vagueness is disconcerting
a step away from normals felt
be they on one end or the other
of the ranged Kinsey scale
bias breeds from experience
society stamping upon the mind
asking thoughts to intersect
with hive mind of company.

The “I’d never” statements cut too deep
harm the target of phobic ends
with a net that’s spread to wide
pointed weapons press outward
with dispassion that violates
the golden rule most embraced
protective thoughts of the group
drive the phobia as a fault.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170813.
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‘Gender’s Span’ is dedicated to those people who orient towards pansexuality.

Gender’s Span

If I could kiss him on the lips
taste the lust that fills my heart
or much lower, that is true
evoked by forces asking more
this first step invites more
caressing cheek while I adore
the masculine in all its prime
smooching hard before embrace.

If I could pull her in to feel the heat
tucked in close, flesh to flesh
swapping feels under clothes
finding both the hard and soft
indulgence taken as two are one
heaven found at hell’s doorstep
standing up is pleasure’s stance
desiring more beyond the touch.

If I could take them to my bed
gender put up on the shelf
to find instead what’s near at hand
taking all to realm of bliss
parts are parts, we all have them
combining in so many ways
release is raced towards the goals
finding all that’s underneath.

All these ‘ifs’ are my fare
acknowledgment of carnal breadth
not meant to poke the eye of God
instead I bend to whom I am
diversity is my way
the door opened to all kinds
with discretion still in play
finding partners in gender’s span.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170812.
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“Giving Voice” is about the pitfalls of being an ally. It was prompted by a YouTube controversy that featured allies to a minority group talking over their stated associates. The talking inflicted wounds, injuries largely invisible to the allies because they didn’t have a complimenting life experience.

Giving Voice

Bystanders wonder at the fuss
with no skin in the game
asking why some may howl
and others cry with clear dismay
you’ll see the answer has a twist
the expected with sand thrown in
to the gears that move with blood
no longer spinning against the drag.

Two sides are placed on the field
this is illusion few will admit
when the duo has company
a mixed blessing to both foes
advocate is one name used
ally would be another term
collaborator from another tongue
yelled in disgust at the betrayal.

This third party may intrude
on sacred ground in past hard earned
with good intent and ignorance
their friends aghast at what is said
talking at the injured ones
over heads that do not ask
for the words condemning ways
opinion begins to rip the flesh.

Caring only to be right
misinformed by ignorance
of the ways the others walk
truest by immersion’s blight
when living is the best teacher
immersion both the day and night
skin is the vessel always bound
this is not how the allies live.

There is a way to veer away
to show compassion even when
allies cannot fully know
what to say that does not hurt
be the advocate of the few
giving voice to announce
above the cries of circling foes
“listen to the ones who know”.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170811.
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A distanced friend wrote about becoming pure once more as a child of God. I was reminded of the attainment of purity in other spiritual paths. On these paths purity is known by the names of peace or contentment. All of the options to attain purity seem to embrace the recognition of things that weigh the soul, followed by the separation of these from the spirit.

Rock of the Soul

Purity strives to be defined
by spiritual paths across the world
seeking peace within the self
against this goal the race is lost
when the child is enticed
to lose its way on forest paths.

Wisps partaken, sweet indulge
spicy meals of flesh and more
stones where the smoke once was
this past becomes soul’s weight
it’s too late when they look back
wondering at the fog’s rough chains.

Virtue traded for subterfuge
embarrassment asking tongue’s silence
against the length of failure’s chain
volunteer or sad hostage
parading by the hellish flames
both are an end none desire.

The escape asks for lack
both shame and fear put aside
to realize the higher ground
embracing whys and whats alike
denying neither, leaving both
corruption denied its oxygen.

The child is found in elders’ hearts
their sad failings are our own
trust is embraced where none exists
a higher guidance is ours to have
purity smudged, yet still it thrives
rock of the soul above all else.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170810.
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“Upon a Hook” started out with the thought that the artist can draw in their audience with emotional expression.

Upon A Hook

I’ll place my pain upon a hook
rhyming, turning, asking all
to recognize the truth involved
the freshest bait is too raw
seeped in blood drained by words
offered up as banquet's feast.

My poems are flayed from the heart
exposing nerves too long numbed
asking them to feel once more
emotion brought to the forefront
the rich harvest at long last
from the depths below the mire.

My dear reader, are you still there?
with this sentence I may sigh
the lure has kept you in my eyes
perhaps the pain is shared by more
this longhand journey brings a crowd
that bears fair witness to my mind.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170809.
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A friend shared the following in a meme:

A man once told The Buddha “I want happiness”. The Buddha replied, “First remove 'I’, that’s ego talking. Then remove 'want’, that’s desire. And now all you’re left with is Happiness”.

This is meant to lift the heart. It had another meaning to me. The poem “Depression’s Toil” describes the destination.

Depression’s Toil

The right answer is happiness
said The Buddha long ago
this is not the present case
on this day of sadness’ place
if the ‘I’ is fully removed
ego discarded for the good
then the wanting is put aside
what will be left in a mind?

Repose is portend there
commitments dropped from my back
promises made on ego’s chit
finally disregarded at long last
if only this could be the way
life has attachment beyond longing
or is it the web that all construct
binding egos for humanity?

The wheel is turned by all souls
chained to duties at love’s request
that task master of cruel repute
trading despair for loyalty
society must continue on
regardless of how I sort myself
to drop an ‘I’ or discard want
why must the outcome come to this?

If I could in love’s firm grip
move beyond this ego’s grasp
happiness would be my end
put down the wants of this life
lay my body to the grave
though most would disagree
dear Buddha why is this so
did you consider depression’s toil?

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170808.
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“Too Deep to Hide” was written in response to seeing a YouTube video. The presenter said that she felt that she wasn’t a misandrist because she was reacting to a lifetime of abuse by misogynists. I felt there was some truth there. This could be applied to some men, those stated they aren’t misogynists because they are reacting as traumatized victims. With that said, I suspect that men are far (far) outnumbered in these respects.

Too Deep to Hide

the cuts are too deep to hide
hot reaction comes to the front
hard earth is bent to satisfy
pain deposited in the soul

many hands took to the task
to slice incisions into life
with the victim left alive
still breathing with desire to die

taint etched on God’s vessel
asking Hell to take the lead
with one avenue left to walk
spreading rage before the end

it’s no wonder the anger waits
brought by those who take vengeance
if you doubt why this should be
look to the cuts that still bleed

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170807.
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“Art the Day” is about the pursuit of artistic efforts. The “payback” may be minimal or even negative. I used to play games on my consoles, but not now! My free time is taken up with either poetry or photographs. The writing takes at least an hour a day. The pics are could consume weeks if I manage to catch up on the back-log. What do I get out of these efforts other than a “drain” on my free time? The benefits are much more than the monetary alternatives!

Art the Day

Excuse me while I art the day
perform the tasks some call play
by writ of pen or palm of hand
producing pleasure many rue
don’t measure craft against minutes
what’s been made is trivial
papers made to rule the world
the hallowed part of nine to five.

The muse does not promise much
than to prompt ideas to bloom
with few profits to bank before
efforts toiled before the show
when compared to nine to five
creation moves by different rules
manifesting both terror’s face
and sheer beauty that all relate.

Into this realm you may walk
assume a distance during rants
unless you relate with my pain
or dance the same with glee’s delight
please take my hand if you will
we’ll journey forth to pass the time
creativity will show the way
excusing us to art the day.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170806.
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A dear friend was told that they were trying too hard to be unique. This was said of a person who I know is incredibly individual in identity, expression, and potential. I, and others, came to my friend’s side. My take was that world sometimes isn't ready for the true breadth, and beauty, of uniqueness. “Average Quakes is about the sources and challenges of being honest with self-identity and self-expression. I do truly applaud those who can surmount “average is as average does”.

Average Quakes

Average is as average does
asking all to do the same
for comfort’s sake please relax
it’s for the best that all regress
these pleadings from society
don’t rock the boat with your flare
or deviate from the standards set
who know the best for their world.

Strange beauty asks all to pause
considering standards seniors set
where peace of mind counts for more
than finding self outside of norms
avant-garde may be the term
to describe the breadth expressed
this discounts the true purpose
authenticate dreams made manifest.

Beneath the surface is much more
the wiring of the who we are
prompting genders to be expressed
stating lovers that fill the voids
intertwining the sum whole
all the parts, so many paths
how could the caring dismiss this
the intricate of God’s design?

The ones that used to be the peers
now left behind as consequence
when boundaries move beyond a room
once the closet that chained a soul
I’d ask no more of my friends
than to show their inner realm
put on display the magnificence
it’s for the best, the average quakes.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170805.
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“Child of Dance” was inspired by a friend.

Child of Dance

Child of dance and musics' light
smile imbued with quick delight
by note or step the world is found
within the heart fresh with life

the world is yours to explore
from near to far in their due time
first to walk, then to ride
before the move to the stars

the martial path was bypassed
replaced with a passion to excel
secure the calling as the boss
vocation’s pull beyond this sight

the curtains lift as I watch
a bystander to the smile
that asks the sun to stand aside
removing need for the house lamps

perhaps I’ll see where this goes
or I won’t, the wheel will tell
the youth to senior in due time
still of dance and music’s light.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170804.
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Once again friends are separated by beginnings or endings, or both. The poem “The Time Has Come” is about this sad phenomenon.

The Time Has Come

The time has come to say goodbye
bid farewell to status quo
the sadness rests upon my heart
as I ponder how this came about

the passing years ask their due
though I resist, it will be done
by writ of work in our town
or school leading them far away

in my world I stand in place
this is illusion I'll admit
I'm left with remnants to console
my friends may have to start again

the present state has passed away
as fae seasons turn once more
the adieus have replaced
happy greetings of yesterday

the curtain falls upon the stage
in time to announce the next act
familiar faces will be replaced
by new friends not yet met

they’re sufficient for a time
and then again the pain repeats
the split delayed before it strikes
that time arrives with encore

we’ll grow old separately
cold visits echoing ghostly pasts
not the same in brief measure
with sadness filling in between.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170803.
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“Family of Spectrum’s Spread” is about standing in solidarity with a minority group. The majority may not understand you. They may not be even willing to try, but there are others like you who can provide comfort and support.

Family of Spectrum's Spread

It's nice to know I belong
to this loose family not of blood
by expression of life's desires
or identity felt deep inside

the group may be despaired
by a society that has no link
to the immediacy of my life
nor of the siblings I'll protect

comrades to stand beside
fighting for the right to survive
on same terms, equal footing
as the strangers outside the clan

while we are separated by many miles
or live within arm's reach
comfort is found in symmetry
each a color with different needs

with a flag we'll stand our ground
declare a presence all around
in the homes where hearths burn
at the workplace making bucks

celebrating to find a voice
umbrella turned against the storm
inside the letters I'll exist
with the family of spectrum's spread.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170802.
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“Dawn’s Start” is about suffering, sourced from intentional and fated sources.

Dawn’s Start

Lessons come at their own pace
some have more, some have less
the most challenged have no fault
for the burdens that pile upon
one on the other, encumbrance
doled to see who will break
as the targets look for cause
wondering why the hammer drops.

Severity is the divine joke
just grin and bear under the load
God has deemed to dole it out
or did the Devil assume control?
a story tells sanction asked
the one who lies was set to task
another reason is brought to mind
humanity is the foe found.

Mistakes are made against this veil
karma has the bill in hand
with an outcome few desire
pain amplified as consequence
the reaper comes as last resort
though too often as disease
by slow neglect or same intake
both are life’s antagonist.

When the heavens and the hells
pile on the back the burden’s toil
avoid the paths that fate a price
embrace the lessons you must take
self-awareness is hard earned
surviving falls to climb back
all’s not lost in agony
the sun will rise with dawn’s start.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170801.
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“Three Slugs” is a very dark poem contrasting the struggle of waking life with that of calming sleep.

Three Slugs

In waking life I have a dream
of three slugs put to skull
this is a fantasy I'll admit
because only one would do the trick

in my dreams I find escape
calm is found with visitors
transients blurred by shifting scenes
seeming normal in nightly realms

then I wake from torpid bliss
find myself within the chains
ternary dreads await the soul
that drifts among the lucky ones

the sleeping hours ignore this theme
the trilogies are heavenly
with no taint of deepest angst
asking balm by three times fired.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170731.
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I share a lot in the online social world. The motivation comes from both childish humor and a burning desire for social change. It comes from celebration of joy and the deepest of despondency. The mixture appears to be quite mad, a broken agenda by a wounded heart. In the midst of this I’ve wanted to ask my friends how I REALLY come across. Am I the fool or the warrior? Am I a peacemaker or a firebrand? The answers to this question, and how I impact the world through my sharing, is only truly known by those beyond the herd.

Beyond the Herd

Curiosity begs advice
from those involved in my life
asking who I seem to be
in this shared reality

I’d prompt the diverse souls
those who stand with fierce resolve
in face of terrors that most dismiss
the testimony of waking dreams

between online and in the flesh
I present what I feel
though it may differ were we meet
I’m restrained by courtesy

there are masks that must be worn
to calm the nerves of a world
dogmatic in their restriction’s grip
not ready to meet the true me

if I ask, please share your mind
the resolution is killing me
seeing all and knowing none
lost in the maze of mirror’s haunts

I’d like to know if I’m mad
a danger to all mankind
or if I’m worthy to walk among
those with vision beyond the herd

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170730.


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