Jan. 6th, 2017

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I told a friend, regarding learning about them, “the more I learn the less I knew”. This is natural and really quite joyful. In my friends I find myself. I am validated and my sanity is confirmed. This isn’t to say that I find myself to be normal. It is instead an assurance that I am not alone.

What I’ve Learned

The more I learn the less I knew
my first impressions disabused
swept aside by the evidence
of the what lay below covering
in that place I found myself
looking back from mirror’s face
when I searched the depths below
for distraction to sooth my world.

I see above the master’s hands
shadow puppets up on the screen
pulled by wires invoked there
by the past shared by two
the breadth of life is now revealed
in the space of matching flames
once disconnected as the rest
now unveiled to show us same.

I thought I knew life's magic
behind the windows draped to hide
perhaps I did, but I think not
when it was I who did look back
the same in a foreign face
echoes carried by humanity
how could I have been there
when I was lost in the maze?

The search has ended, or just begun
when the mirror is turned around
there on the path I see the door
back to where I was before
what came before has been replaced
by revelations of a shining soul
I can only hint at what I’ve seen
of the less I knew, what I’ve learned.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170106.


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