Jan. 9th, 2017

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“When I Wake” is about the pain of unrequited love as the thoughts of the other too fully occupy the sufferer.

When I Wake

When I awake you're still there
standing next to my lonely bed
the same place when I reclined
when sleep was my redoubt
yet now I must leave that land
to face the one that haunts my life
I ask you ghost of romance lost
will you ever leave my mind?

Lopsided would describe our words
your voice is mute because I supply
the sounds that fill the empty void
when you're a phantom in my head
I can feel your skin beneath my hands
fingertips trace the curves below
garments meant to be removed
already gone since they're not real.

Desire has summoned you here today
sprung from a love that's betrayed
when one has fallen and the other not
balance gone between you and me
in fairness the ghost is mine to own
only known to my fevered mind
as false as the passions soiled
on stoney ground my hunger falls.

Now you stand next to my side
daily revenant of misplaced love
a grip around my heart is too strong
I ask you to leave and you're still here
unrequited is the saddest state
another day has passed confused
I'll lay my head now to sleep
please be gone when next I wake.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170109.


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