Jan. 11th, 2017

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The poem “Like Icarus” references the mythology of Icarus, the man who fell to earth after his waxen wings melted by flying too close to the sun. The speaker of the poem is foretelling his fall from debaucherous ways, by route of wrongful passions or misdirected emotions.

Like Icarus

Like Icarus I will fly
sometimes I ascend too high
buoyed by attraction’s bliss
or too low by lustful quests
steering to the depths below
bob of body, line of loin
all of this I'll pursue
wings spread to find my way
fire and water foreshadow doom.

Passions blaze from fire's embrace
hot to merge, too bold for good
longing only for revelry
the party all may now attend
excluding kin of morality
inhibitions cast aside
debauchery will be the flare
melting the wax of my wings.

Emotions rule from water's flood
mist kicked up as loves unfurled
in lusty forms of desire's quest
devotion absent with craving's search
hungers spring form from base feelings
not looking back, only front
with sad outcome to my flight
leaden soaking of my wings.

Brother Icarus you were my guide
with fates shared in our time
flying high or flying low
each has a due gods will accuse
Icarus we’ll race to see
who will crash to earth again
though in my case I’ll remain
in the pits of hell that day.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170111.


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