Jan. 18th, 2017

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Poetry is best written when it is inspired by the poet's life. The poem "Three Small Words" is about a statement of felt fact that I cannot say, yet I found a way to express it through lyrical declaration.

Three Small Words

I dare not say those three small words
now almost slipped as I spoke my mind
they'd tip the my world with no recourse
but to be one with the syllables
each one innocent on its own
dire criminals when they are combined
a truth too raw to be let loose
I'll look to them to find the cause.

The first is one designated
the ninth letter of the alphabet
singular expression of being's self
referring to speaker of utterance
what role it has is not my choice
in this pronoun always capital
victim or rouge is optional
each in its time as the words progress.

I'll skip past the second to the last
focus of my sentence now addressed
fully present at this time
though not in person, just in the mind
my focus removes all the world
I'm pretty sure it was there before
now a single point is all I view
as my mind turns to the deepest truth.

Romance is in the middle phrase
this deep affection is edge of fact
though if I look for Cupid's dart
I'll fast admit that adoration was the start
I've fallen oh so far
I hope the bottom will never come
four letters have sealed my fate
a door will open if I merge the thought.

I'll not combine the tender words
It would be easy to tumble forth
express sentiment for another to hear
still I hold my tongue against the urge
I make this choice before I release
no greater thing I'll ever find
more than enough to arrest my heart
this statement held prisoner from both of us.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170118.


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