Feb. 1st, 2017

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"Once Dreamt" examines the power and scope of poetry in the poet's life.

Once Dreamt

I once dreamt I was a poem
put to page for all to see
posted to the social blogs
all revealed in black and white
naked for the curious
if only they would deign to read
ramblings of a man once lost
still wandering amongst the words

ponderings profane on the whole
avoided by the pious folks
yet to bland to make a mark
amongst the vaunted avant-garde
the happy mean is meant to be
therapy for the dreaming one
what's been shared is trivial
when compared to the eternal soul

predilections all in a list
insecurities too soon set free
wounds examined in broad day light
the stanzas spoke for those who heard
romance noted where none should be
preoccupation with liberties
humanity bent to suffer low
by the grace of divinity

the dream ended as it begun
with me alone amongst the words
making sense of what came before
by cryptic letters on the wall
seeing patterns in stanzas formed
by consequence of actions done
I am the poem in slumber's grasp
please guide my way when I awake.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170201.


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