Feb. 6th, 2017

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“Last Question” started out as observation after I browsed my friends’ Tumblr feeds. There is more self-expression there than expressed on Facebook… well, for people other than myself. I pretty much post the same stuff on FB and Tumblr. In that self-expression is a searching for answers to questions. The poem then took a dark turn. That happens sometimes, but better out than in!

Last Question

A world is watching
window into my life
volunteering all
so many eyes peering
through dream's curtains
why do I feel alone?

They see the wreckage
remnants of failures' path
strewn across the floor
amidst the victories
artistic triumphs rare
what fame have I achieved?

Words are cast outward
whispers from the screams
fretful mutterings
from the madman's mouth
wondering in his mind
who is there to hear?

Extension made of flesh
sinning by my breath
the being stains the earth
damned by the prophets
holy books reveal
where is my judgment?

The end is near at hand
at the master's call
no longer fit to live
beyond their kind pardon
I'll ask my last question
how will I survive?

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170206.


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