Feb. 7th, 2017

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The poem “Eternal Oktoberfest” is a tribute to uplifting spirit of polka music. It was inspired by an anonymous friend who keenly lifts my spirits.

Eternal Oktoberfest

When life is cast in darkest shades
Nine Inch Nails is the refrain
clothes are black and shoes are red
I search for comfort in polka's sway
where NPR provides my fix
mainlined music straight into my veins
polkamania is now my passion
cultural dance by the Yankovic.

Bohemian is the origin
gypsy maverick, ancient beatnik
name derived from Czech pulka
brought forward to the present
the beats are fast as metal's pulse
though less severe than acid rock
Motorhead may own the bangers
polka rules with off-beat accents.

Every country has their own
witness Brazil and Irish versions
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway
all are marked with Nordic labels
the accordion has oom-pah bellows
clarinets are the winds
trombones shine with brass
tubas bring the big boom-ba.

I no longer dress in black
red accents below the socks
I instead embrace the dirndls
with lederhosen on the thighs
my happiness now has no limits
polka in the primary colors
raise a beer while you hop
to life's eternal Oktoberfest.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170207.


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