Feb. 15th, 2017

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The poem “Side With Angels” is about the nature of consent in all actions taken by multiple parties.

Side With Angels

I side with the angels though I'm queer
wear the halo, mind the tilt
sadly the Devil owns the world
not the entirety, just the lures
dangled where the will is waning
spent by the chore of world's turning
he doesn't mind if I'm weary
there'll be the invite to my failing.

The angels ask for so much more
accountability is their notch
I only know they ask for little
honor on top of what is scored
consent is asked above all things
no matter how the party freaks
offbeat acts may be the norm
when respect is embraced by all.

The table's set for all to feast
to each our own is mantra's chant
on each shoulder the spirits sit
asking which I'll mind today
permission granted seraph's wish
the Devil cares for none of this
I'll listen to the license given
go to hell you demon imp.

Warnings are sounded when I perceive
assent is one-sided to carry on
these are echoed long in my ears
when I consider my sins of history
the halo shines to show the way
a badge I earn everyday
knowing that bygones are cast away
when concurrence asks duality.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170215.


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