Feb. 19th, 2017

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“Hide the Feelings” is about the inclination to retreat from life after the ache and heartbreak that life may encounter.

Hide the Feelings

I’ll hide the feelings, put them away
so they would die away from my heart
put in strong bags tied up in cord
then put in boxes buried six deep

you’d ask why I take these dire steps
to put away parts of myself to the earth
there to find peace with the consuming worms
never to be seen in the light of the sun

the shadows beckoned on my cave walls
echoes of beauty’s call to my heart
whispering promises I should have ignored
if only loneliest had not taken its toll

I strove from the depths to meet what may come
softness and hardness welcomed my touch
each in their time to enhance the moment
sadly they passed when seconds elapsed

emotion flowed from the offered wellspring
drunk deep in gusto as affection was felt
ambrosia consumed with no thought to be had
to the hangover suffered as night turned to day

there I was lost as the shadows pressed in
the shapes that cast them were lost to the haze
of sadness and grief, each piled on top
of loss of the self I had tossed to the light

back into my cave I retreat to recoup
the wounds hold their bite as they find health
curse be the longing to embrace the dawn
beyond the cold shelter of burrow’s tomb

the feelings are done, their purpose was naught
I’ll have no need to suffer at their odd whim
the only concern I have as I retreat
perhaps I’ll forget where I buried my life.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170219.


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