Mar. 4th, 2017

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The poem “You’re the Journey” was inspired by the quote “the awkward middle chapters that you wish could write themselves”. I’ve found that the middle chapters are proceeded by deciding where to begin, on your terms. The here to there of the middle is unique for each individual, and the chapters are written as events unwind as in their time.

You’re the Journey

We wish the chapters would write themselves
the ones in the middle between here and there
asking for action, demanding progress
this should easy except for duress
the angst of the soul in response to desire
of where it’s begun and where it must end

the present is ready to be shared by all
though conflicts arise from difference of views
one from the other, each with belief
disputes of where the journey begins
the basis of the what and the why of trek
are decided in favor of the questing regent

the shortest instructions are put to the hand
pointing the way, but not explaining the path
these are the notes that the journey will find
when focus is put to the wants of the soul
the moments are plain, confusion dismissed
directions decided each day as roads unwind

there in the distance lays the desired
the guidebook is stamped with towers foreseen
within the pages are blank waiting pen
the only way forward is to write the passage
taking what comes by the stroke of the quill
inscribed by the hills and thee valleys beyond

the middle is banished as ends are achieved
these are impressions by those who proceed
without focus given to paths under feet
beginnings are middles and ends are the same
when writing performed in the course of the day
they are so written when you’re the journey.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170304.


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