Mar. 6th, 2017

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A meme from the film “Juno” inspired me to write the poem “With Every Thought”.

With Every Thought

I think I’m in love with you
perhaps I can share what comes
with the very thought of…

more than the fantasy
beyond the myths of poets
the one I’m blessed to know
being present in your company
for a moment in the beginning
an accident I’ll gladly accept
longer as our paths crossed
until you’re always in my mind
taking what life will present

hearing your smile in laughter’s bliss
inside the eyes as the refrain
the heart home of rapture’s mirth
joy in the light and the dark
sorrow asking for kindness blessed
grins rejoicing when all is well
charm through sound and from gaze

lastly I’ll reveal the best
feeling you touch my hand
knowing there is so much more
not needing beyond the moment
(still so much desired, yes please yes)
lean one body against another one
(yours to mine and versa-vice)
then lips to kiss, tongue to press
so very nice, thank you much

so many ways, each tumbling
together in the sum of you
into love with every thought.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170306.


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