Mar. 7th, 2017

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I began to write "World's Abyss" on a definite downward note. It was one of those days. I felt alone and wanted to end it all. I then saw a FB posting by a beautiful friend. They said, "In therapy today, I compared myself to a small rosebud while I saw everyone else with full bushes in bloom. My therapist posited that other people probably feel the same way". These sage words turned the end of my poem in a direction that asks for self-compassion in the face of a larger, also struggling, world.

World's Abyss

At the edge of world's abyss
I found myself once again
staring out at other lives
from the realm of loneliness
a kingdom ruled by the tyrant
myself appointed by the crowd
inhabited by the singular
with a mirror it would be two.

Reality spread into the mist
with ghosts of those in nearby lands
haunt my days if I looked
beyond the walls outside my moat
do they know something I do not
of comfort shared against the cold
when contact is too brief to count
measured on the scale of life?

The Jester had the sage advice
he is the fool of my court
half of me when I reflect
wisdom of the world that I reject
he smiles when I am distressed
finds the jewels in my sadness
perhaps he could give latitude
before I left the throne of pain.

"The kingdoms are numerous
each their own with moat around
with monsters living with the id
asking only for the death of self
this seems to be the reasoned path
when the walls block the view
from the other lands struggling
laid waste by the same misery.

Break down the walls, fill the moat
build the roads to distant hills
where you'll find the forlorn holds
searching for assurance of a friend
swim the trench, climb the fence
ring the door to announce yourself
there you'll find a lonely soul
at the edge of world's abyss".

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170307.


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