Mar. 9th, 2017

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“Queer the Square” is about the purposely different expressions people put forward to the world. These people delight in confusing others as the ends are queered towards the middle and beyond.

Queering the Square

I'll queer the square to quiz the world
question the assumptions held most dear
wearing masks to deconstruct
categories thought to be set in stone
elephants no longer hid in plain sight
as the trickster in me takes to the stage
asking reality to bend to my whims
alternative natures against the old square

my appearance will the lop the corners
color the hair with pinks and purples
apply the war paint to lob the bombs
with shades beyond the norm
show the flesh or enhance the curve
garments meant to be tantalize
don't ask what I mean by this
I exist, therefore I am.

Unclear gender will split down the middle
fluid to show I'll stake to neither
perhaps to cling to biology
if you can sense what that may be
as likely to seek the middle
or move to the far extreme
it matter's not when you ask
identity shown is how I feel

I'll banish what's left with sexual bearing
who I find fetching to spend sweet time with
forms that attract me, blush rushing blood
the same or beyond, so many endeavors
this is not needed for the confusion
queering can happen when I stick with hetro
yet wouldn't it be grand to shake up the game
with a little flirting across the church aisle?

the trickster bows after the show
mine to produce, the world to behold
the square is no more with the power of queer
constructs upturned, playtime at end
the elephants no longer ignored in the room
now dialogue may start in earnest
a human face put on the alternative
queering the world against the square.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170309.


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