Mar. 10th, 2017

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Jodi Lynn Anderson is credited with the quote, “she guarded herself like a secret”. This sentence is from a paragraph that speaks about hidden fears. I took inspiration in another direction, pondering the times when the protagonist is guarding herself because of a need for external safety. The poem “She Guards” speaks to the concerns that many women have, and that men cannot even begin to understand.

She Guards

She guards herself like a secret
lest the world abuse her grace
a shade of power inherent within
tattered revenant of her past trials
safety was too often paramount
above the whims that may bless moments
simple joys that most assume
were ripped away by past abuse
leaving only vigilance
asking where the faith had gone
in security of the every day
in protected moments every where.

The veil of trust was no more
once present to hide the beasts
now they lurk, waiting there
striking when shields are dropped
the monsters come in many forms
some are strangers, others not
sadly the worse are the latter
colleagues, sweethearts, families
taking in the private spaces
where safety should be the standard
taking more than strangers may
only pain remains when trust is taken.

Now no drink may be left alone
lest the villains find a way
to have their ways while Satan laughs
by curse of modern chemistry
every shadow holds dire threats
fiends enclosed where none should be
these imps of brimstone's taint
hellions worshiping only power's lust
the all to common is saved for the last
the "good ones" who take their liberties
touching where the hands should not
social leaves of darkest kind.

Pray in remembrance of simpler days
for some these have never been
bend the knee to ask for grace
this shall not mend that ripped away
ohers look in the mirror to find the source
why the secrets must shield her soul
protectors missing when darkness fell
or the “saviors” were to blame
she guards herself like a secret
the reasons why are not hidden
when the world seeks to only control
exert its power and not protect her life.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170310.


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