Mar. 12th, 2017

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The poem “Confessions” was written for a competition with the challenge, “A poem about a poem about a poem”.


The words held fast each moment’s breath
the gods sent a beauty to grace my side
their name to lips and then to the pen
describing the bounty of life’s largesse
the poem announced a burst of love
perhaps it was lust, the lesser of sorts
yet in the end the stanzas did state
the letters that mark invoked appetites.

The actors were put together to see
how many impacted the poet within
the genders had varied, each to their own
all shared together in a collection of thoughts
the stories were ours to celebrate
with names withheld or changed within
respect must be given though loins ask for less
in a book of writing with poetic preface.

Now you may ask where to find this tome
mentioned in poem, like dreams in a dream
with stated ambitions at the hot core
wrapped in a scope of book’s enterprise
a collection of ink bound with a spine
again with the preface stating each one
this poem has alerted you to my confessions
held to my heart by the weight of piled words.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170312.
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“Deceased Lay” is a rewrite of a former poem to meet the challenge of honoring a Walt Whitman quote, “The suicide sprawls on the bloody floor of the bedroom”. It speaks to suicide as both a struggle and an event to regret.

Deceased Lay

“On the floor the deceased lay
bedroom where stranger fell
before this happened words were shared
turn back the clock’s questing hands”

I lay beside the near stranger
In the darkest of the night
speaking words for him to hear
as death crept close in between
I hoped to stay his seeking hand
in a grip that could prevent
encroachment of the hooded one
eager to take what all will give.

"It is not your time my new friend
this beast will take you in the end
but it not need be this very day
please turn from him, this I pray"

In their eyes I saw the fear
the dread of living on the edge
when all of life is too much
the good in things far out weighed
what could I say to save this soul?
bid Reaper go on this chill night
that others wait for his call
not this stranger shivering in my arms.

"Hold on my friend, please frustrate
the leap to realms beyond this place
I know they call with deepest balm
this siren call beyond the veil"

I feared my words were hollow shells
cast into the deepest well
lost from sight as gloom progressed
surrounding us with ill intent
once more I rallied forth
not content to say no more
a last proclaim I would extoll
to break the curse taking hold.

"You are loved above all else
by God above and all your friends
turn back the end, this doom you seek
so you and I will meet the dawn"

I'll tell you this in last stanza
I don't know if I was heard
for in that moment the stranger fell
taken down by his own gun
I did not know him very well
but he and I were the same
the end took him as it did me
I was no more by the same shell.

“Now you know I am the voice
of the stranger and the calm
bloody suicide on bedroom floor
I wish to God that I had heard”

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170312.


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