Mar. 13th, 2017

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Somebody close to me pronounced that they could not understand why trans people would “need” access to public bathrooms that match their self-identified gender. Through YouTube watching I am aware of the incredible pain and discomfort that trans people suffer on a daily basis. This spins into a larger realm of judgment and disempowerment put upon the larger LGBQTIA community. Health issues, up to and including suicide, can be the result. “Suffers in the Dark” is a poem about these thoughts.

Suffers in the Dark

Their health suffers in the dark
shadows leach while they protect
masking those who slowly die
against the ones that abhor with pride
pray for the ones that desire assent
from a world that cannot understand
in the face of dogma's blight
the greatest cause is ignorance.

Frame of reference does not exist
for those inside the bubble's space
cozy rooms free of monsters' taint
disgust is easy when hate is clean
even while the conscience claims
that purity has been attained this day
the pain of the world says otherwise
would the love of God want suicide?

Acceptance cannot come when egos state
what is heard is irrelevant
the chattering heard but not understood
a language foreign that will not be learned
when the pain is beyond horizon's span
making it easy to spurn the need
when faceless strangers are distressed
instead of family or nearby friend.

Thus the health declines by halves
addictions flourish while abuse compounds
dangers embraced when love is gone
from a larger world that turns in scorn
pray if you must for sinner's souls
while the damned pass from this world
but know that mockery will have it's due
as the health suffers in the dark.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170313.


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