Mar. 18th, 2017

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Interactions with friends sometimes lead me to wonder where I had misplaced life’s user manual. The poem “The User’s Manual” presents metaphors to life’s mystery.

The User’s Manual

Confusion springs from the plain
talk and actions perplex my mind
seeking what’s meant to be
did I miss the memo sent?
I’ve mislaid the user’s manual
an explanation for their actions
with my response, fair and balanced
wrapped with respect for the other

Experience hints at streams that flow
to rivers comfortable in their banks
there are some problems with this scene
what of the rain and the floods?
winds will blow as skies drop
or maybe not in gentle pours
both contribute to fill the flow
breaching slopes where most swim.

Crib cards start the span of life
stating what’s known of the babe
where are the ones that should follow
as years progress and puzzles ponder?
dogma seeks to fix the spirit
while spectrums flow between the poles
what should be, how it is
give me notes to understand.

Meanings spring from the dictionary
Webster says “that is this”
the single words are clear as day
what does it mean when they combine?
sentences flow in unity
casting aside assurity
message blurs to the mind
intent confused, not understood.

I’ve danced around the mystery
of what people say, what they mean
when the hand is put to take
should I run or should I stay?
doors are open on rooms hidden
rain will fall on good and bad
translations hid on pages muddled
still I’ll remain to solve the puzzle.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170318.


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