Mar. 19th, 2017

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“Illicit Kiss” was inspired by a dream featuring a kiss shared with a friend. The kiss was unconventional, not expected by me in waking life. It was exchanged in a public space, much to the chagrin of a mutual friend who disapproved of the display sensuality. I usually don’t dream about people I know, so the inclusion of recognizable acquaintances made the dream that much more interesting.

Illicit Kiss

I dreamt of the illicit kiss
accepted by both in moment’s breath
while others looked upon the scene
asking why two would be this way

perhaps they were the sum of all
lips I’d like to pull to mine
embracing flesh where I’d say
pull me into a full enfold

the tension filled the full expanse
as others gazed upon our delight
confounded how it could come to be
humanity bound in sensual ties

the greatest critic was a mutual friend
judging the sight they beheld
between yet lovers’ groping way
to licentious paths yet to prevail

the enjoyment was tinged with guilt
that I could take from this one
though it was given with consent
life would taunt me with this bliss

I’d wish to please the larger world
including my friend with verdict’s chains
but still I welcomed the illicit kiss
a mark of living by flesh affirmed.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170319.


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