Mar. 27th, 2017

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“Lessons Honored” was far too easy to write. Sometimes I wish I could struggle through a poetic theme. I would if it were something that I did not have a frame of reference in.

Lessons Honored

The more I love the less I know
of why I seek to extend my soul
beyond the bounds of mortal flesh
to another person seeking same
this may seem plain on the face
you’d be right to say this thing
that all should find another one
to share a life on this globe.

This is my puzzle, hex to unwind
of distraction and properness
what to do when life serves up
attraction tainted from the first?
from predilection to life lessons shared
the reasons are diverse for charm’s progress
yet these are marred by questioning
launched from the mind to dodge distress.

Where past lessons should inform
compiling notes on connecting hearts
(this does happen, it is true)
a tome of fears is writ as well
A moves to B, but then to C
with the latter pain’s designee
the last remembered more in time
than that with joy instead of pain.

I’ve harped on pain, life’s travail
while ignoring the truth revealed
by writ of lessons, knowledge passed
the less I know, that mentioned
it’s born of seeking more than self
asking who may fill the void
finding walls imposed by self
by lessons honored in the mind.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170327.


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