Mar. 28th, 2017

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“Not To Retreat” is a poem about traveling to visit my friends in places (relatively) far from me.

Not To Retreat

I'll take a trip before I travel
see my friends along the road
those faces viewed only on line
or gone distant over time
each has their own world
I may circle from afar
so I'll journey to confirm
they are as precious as I'm assured.

To Las Vegas under the lights
balm of Florida's heavy nights
raucous of Myrtle Beach
my friends scattered bout
the greatest would be to the North
too long not seen, but close to heart
I'd bid farewell if I could
and hello again with a hug.

Maybe I'll find something there
see a look in a precious face
convincing me to turn away
from the journey at life’s end
the shape of the a smile
the nudge of a voice
to wipe the tear from my eye
as I turn to visit one by one.

You'd be right to ask what I might find
in these far flung places from my home
with dust of travel on my feet
what could the journey mean to me?
I'd say that faces are dear to meet
both new and old I'd entreat
to help me find the one I seek
myself to stay, not to retreat.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170328.


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