Mar. 31st, 2017

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I wanted to play with the verses "You trick your lovers / That you're wicked and divine" from the Muse song "Undisclosed Desires". I couldn’t quite meet the denotation of the source, with the effort turned into the poem "My Partners".

My Partners

I tell my lovers
that I'm innocent
while my moves betray
I'm something else
should I say partners
there are no beaus here
only the willing
to move with the groove.

Angelic perhaps
if measured with squint
eyes turned toward heaven
ignore the quick feet
it's my time to shine
away from the boring
just like Fred Astair
(as I kid myself).

Attraction beseeches
company present
beautiful creatures
move closer to me
I'll take no measures
undue liberties
just my gratitude
expressed in the dance.

I'll set the pace
to music's request
it is my leader
the tempo demands
there is no devil
I'll take the fifth
the lyrics of swing
will take the reproach.

Hear me my partners
lovers you're not
still almost as good
when tunes fill our heads
innocent to dance
our license to sin
perhaps not that word
as movements transcend.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170331.


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