Apr. 1st, 2017

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It’s that time of year again! SMU Inc has begun work on their 2018 Senior Men’s Underwear Calendar and Art Book. I am promoting this because I have both modeled for past projects and acted as staff photographer. These have included the original 2015 “Senior Forward” that focused on a modern view of underwear and the 2016 “Back to the Forward”, a historical view at undergarments. These were equal parts beef cake, boudoir, and positive body image for the senior man. The trailblazing publications have been celebrated by multiple industry awards, including Best New Indy Calendar and Men’s Fashion Milestone.

2018 promises to be even better. Now the call is going out for senior models and underwear design entries. Next year’s Senior Men’s Underwear Calendar and Art Book is in the planning stages. The theme will focus on a future look with the working title of “Streaking Forward”. The former artistic focuses will be retained with the thrilling elements of “high concept couture” added. The outfits will be bolder, revealing how men’s underwear will both organically and synergetically evolve beyond today’s boxers and briefs. Form will replace function as the boundaries are pushed into realms only dreamed of in the present. This is an opportunity for designers step forward with their best work ever!

Do you dream of the men’s underwear of the future? Submit your design! Are you over forty and want to break into the exciting world of underwear modeling? It’s never too late, in fact, the motto of SMU is “the later the better”. Selected designers and models will be featured in a landmark 2018 fashion calendar. In the past the calendar has sold-out, and the same is expected in given the cutting-edge nature of the 2018 theme. In addition, all photographs meeting the high SMU standards will be included in an art book printed on 80lb glossy stock, creating permanent memories ready for the coffee table. Both products are sold online and in world-famous art galleries all over the world.

The camera is waiting for another celebration of the older generation. Designers have never had a better time to create undergarments not previously seen before. Please join me in this celebration of sexiness of the senior masculinity. I look forward to the exciting possibilities presented by the yet to be conceived future!
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The first line of “Live Again” took inspiration from the first line of T.S. Eliot’s, “The Burial of the Dead”. Some people are cruelly inflicted by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter months. Other people revel in the relative gloom. I’m in the latter camp.

Live Again

April is the cruelest month
harbinger of the newborne land
with the hand of sun above
seasons turn against my will

March cracked the door, now all’s lost
the cold rains and the snow
are no more to chill my soul
given over to warmth’s embrace

relentless nursemaid of rebirth
asking all to live once more
when all I want is to die
lay on the earth evermore

green where the gray once ruled
this was the parlor replaced by greed
of the mercies I’d reject
if choice were mine to apply

April was unbidden by my heart
asking more than I can find
perhaps it will pass while I sleep
or must I wake to live again?

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170401.


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