Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Carnal relations is one of those things that is turned upside down. Those who shouldn't be partaking are while those who should are not. There is a group in-between, though it seems they are in the minority. The poem "Safe from Carnal Sin" is about the sigh of relief that occurs carnal sin is avoided between participants that should abstain.

Safe From Carnal Sin

The planets still move in ancient orbits
ignorant of what could have been
narrowly missing the end of times
when lives avoid the tipping point.

Relations almost came to be
in the span of history
days of comfort, nights of bliss
torments reigned down on the earth.

Doom brought on Cupid's wings
messenger tricked to other ways
than what his mission asks of him
to bring us love, not sex you see.

An arrow flew bind the two
the world gasped with horror's wail
wanting not the worst to come
breathing ease when the shot failed.

What would have happened could have been
enough to wake the gods from sleep
unholy union borne to the earth
came not now, thank the Lord.

The end of worlds, the big bang
delayed to wait another day
by coitus spurned by Amor's miss
the world is safe from carnal sin.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170403.


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