May. 1st, 2017

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The poem “The Monster Vanished” is about a monster that stalks many people.

The Monster Vanished

They wondered if the monster had vanished
vacated it's lair, slinked to another place
there are days when this seems to be the case
hope eternal in face of a peril not yet gone

others did not know of the creature's curse
so well hidden to the face of common folk
or perhaps their lives mattered more
than a soul possessed by a beast's desires

past sightings had alarmed the village
with omens that set the church bell ringing
doom promised when none had come to pass
a grateful sigh sprung to the collective lips

funeral pyres built on the green grass
coals readied for use to start the blaze
waiting for the match held by devil
the one that dwells within holy halls

the caring hearts have been moved to action
mounting campaigns to hold the beast at bay
so many battles fought with cold comfort
when the war extends beyond will to care

the trove of gold is still its to guard
with jealously that few would believe
a lifetime stacked behind the fiend
with intent to destroy with no regret

the monster is still in residence
sequestered until the end of times
prayers sent to God to hold its hand
longing to be set upon the world.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170501.


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