May. 19th, 2017

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The Matrix Architect scene came to mind when I thought about re-arranging my life to accommodate distance from people. I paraphrased the Architects and Neo’s lines into the poem “Walk Away”.

Walk Away

The Architect speaks my life
with Neo as reason's voice
a dialogue that never ends
within the contours of my mind

I'd like to walk away
leave the world to my back
all the messy relationships
cruel constructs in my days

Neo said I won’t let it happen
if I wanted to survive
essential to prosperity
human beings are so linked

these words echoed in my mind
as the pain consumed my soul
frustration at the plan
'life's not fair' when I asked why

The Architect had it right
there are levels I'll accept
if survival is the end game
I would then disappear

yet from the jury I hear the cries
peers who care more than they should
asking for me to please see
there is love beyond the misery

The Architect has the final words
hope is a delusion of human kind
while it’s strength in the storm
it’s also misery when I am frail

the conflict wages on
a choice to make, to play or run
will Neo link me to the world
or will The Architect rule my life?

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170519.


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