May. 24th, 2017

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I saw a posting that wanted to celebrate the organizers of event type X. I’m being vague because the call to celebration was fitting. My reaction is what bothers me.

When I saw the posting I thought, “Celebrate organizing event type X? Celebrate promoting hetronormative, patriarchal, homophobic traditions? Celebrate an engrained rape culture by protecting specific predators and promoting social structures that enable those predators? Yuck.”. You may be able to guess what “event type X” is, but truthfully, our society too easily falls into these traps when large numbers of people gather under a (previously) patriarchal umbrella structure. With this said, the bad stuff is the exception, even if it totally sucks and should never happen. Attention is given when required, even if the outcomes are mixed.

I think my reaction comes from having been immersed in various forms of activism too long, with the result being my seeing the world through a distorted lens. Organizers the world over are good people, with good intents. Activism is good as a whole. Embodying too much activism, seeing only twisted trees and not the forest, does not help my overall mental health as I give up on humanity that much more.

Only Broke

laboring under the need to feel
fighting for causes near to heart
then consumed by the undertow
seeing everything only broke
different day, the same sh*t
the same acts are done again
though the faces vary some
human nature full in charge

the broken are not fully mended
when the evil is addressed
when ‘needs’ have been met
why does that feel hollow
the fix would break the game
accept the ounce, defer the pound
survival of the whole is preferred
with the victim is so small

fatigue would be the word to use
if perfection is the fool's errand
whack one mole, another comes
bad seeds planted by group's hands
humanity dragged to the bottom
by those with ill intent
once again my angst is cast
seeing everything only broke

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170524.


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