Jun. 1st, 2017

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The poem “Cupid Jailed” was inspired by the drawing “Cupid Indicted" found the 1900 book “The Book of old English songs and ballads”.

Cupid Jailed

I found Cupid by the road
prisoner in the stock's firm clamps
in the face of public scorn
this imp of love confined by man
his wings no longer grasped the air
rainbow hues were dimmed by dust
what could have brought him so down low
caged for sins that humans judge.

A messenger is all he was
the agent sent to move two hearts
when the wheels had clicked in place
launch his arrow and make it so
god of love is high praise
though the low is his goal
desire to turn the questing eye
delivered on his missile's tip.

These restraints held him there
until the judge could take the case
some future date the crowd would come
now he and I stood alone
he admitted to no crime
attraction will cross the lines
set by society as a whole
blind only to what it knows.

This envoy known as Eros
is charged with obscenity
when that provoked is all the same
as the norms found in his aim
the hearts still link when he's caged
wounding selves in by love's embrace
though man's officials would argue
fantasies against romance's ways.

Fear not my friends of queer desire
Mars and Venus will have their way
their offspring will throw off his chains
the fire of passion will find its mark
no human banister can decide
pass a judgment that would abide
preventing Cupid from his job.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170601.


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