Jun. 9th, 2017

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The poem “Wanting More” was prompted by two lines in the song “Orbit” byt SYDE, Ashe: “I will not be afraid / To kiss the lips that send me in orbit”. I wrote my version of those two lines, and then continued on, with the outcome being a statement of love expressed against societal displeasure.

Wanting More

I will not restrain myself
to kiss the lips that lift my heart
this is my goal above all things
no matter what the world may think

some may judge the form's content
raise their book, call me damned
I care not for their verdict
it's not their lips that I'll embrace

"don't show me that" is their refrain
as if my smooch, this PDA
is enough to end their world
with their abhorrence, perhaps it should

in full respect, consent returned
this transgression will occur
though I would name it otherwise
cuddle of faces, love's award

romance's quest makes us all as one
adults questing a kindred mind
desire to join in mouths' pleasure
stating passion, wanting more.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170609.


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