Jun. 21st, 2017

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The draft of the poem “Beauty’s Cause” was originally titled “Beauty’s Curse”. Beauty has a way of causing problems for those with the quality. Others commit terrible acts in pursuit of beauty, both to themselves and others. The final version of the poem considers these states, offering in response an explanation as to the need for beauty.

Beauty's Cause

I could curse the universe
ask why beauty is my bane
forever present, yet separate
from my world where I’m restrained
raving like a lunatic
claim unfairness in God's realm
that such loveliness would be put
out of reach of grasping hands.

With this said as a prelude
I'll admit that I am demurred
to applying this mind set
in how I choose to view the world
I'll not damn the divine for a chasm
when none is present to be seen
for in the space of years' unfolding
a plan is revealed to connect the dots.

Change is the only constant
while I age there is renewal
transformation is requisite
though my existence may seem superfluous
all things depart in their time
as the new takes to the stage
flow is the director's charge
and I'm an actor taking leave.

Rebirth is lured by beauty's breadth
this is a truth that none contest
without this charm all life would end
this is not what I'd like to see
it is the order in which I'm thrust
resistance is the Devil's game
to curse, to fight, to do wrong
does not serve beauty in its cause.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170621.


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