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I was at a diner with friends listening to them talk about what had transpired for them in the past decade or half. During the same time I as at the same job passing the years in a fairly productive manner. This contrasts with a friend who is about to embark to college after surviving and thriving in their teen years. The poem “Age’s Grace” looks at how time has apparently expressed different paradigms for each of us.

Age’s Grace

We’ve both walked with some grace
living beneath high firmament
the sun and move walked their paths
tracing lines as they marched
Kronos asks for his due
though each would seem to touched
with unequal yoke by wheel’s turn
ask they years what they have borne.

Decade’s half marked your ascent
five years long yet so short
from periled childhood to the stoop
of adulthood you’ll soon embark
into our midst to make your mark
taking lessons to then progress
what’s come before will inform
the way you will shape the world.

The same years were a beat
echoing same again and again
to this one long crossed that line
listening to a lifetime’s pulse
a metronome that droned along
what I’ve done is now outpaced
by time’s repeating drum
asking only for more of the same.

Against this frame time is skewed
fresh with purpose for one of two
the other sees the span and asks
what it means to walk the planes
when half their age does surpass
less than that of comrade’s life
and what of years yet to come
will grace ask the same of both?

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161220.

Date: 2016-12-22 03:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pipisafoat
Kronos asks for his due
the stoop / of adulthood
a lifetime’s pulse / a metronome that droned along

these are the lines/phrases that stood out to me! i like them in particular


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