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The disconnect between the beauty we have, and what we see, is often due to the standards presented by the commercial realm. Sometimes, to appreciate our own beauty, we need to look at ourselves through a friend’s eyes instead of basing our self-worth on self-serving merchants.

Jar of Cream

Feeling comfortable in your skin
having calm with what God gave
is the challenge of mortal folk
aggravated by commerce
when are we swayed by the lies
instead of listening to our chums.

Society sets the highest bars
asking pockets to turn outward
to buy products most don’t need
imploring us to hate what’s seen
love coming from a jar of cream
this is a falsehood advertised.

Turn aside from this farce
it’s not why we’re here to live
celebrate self by due recourse
with the friends who truly love
these are your allies, not the sales
sharing smiles for who are.

2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170701.
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