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“One Resolve” is about a decision I must make each and every day!

One Resolve

When I wake up I plan the day
important matters on the mind
waiting patiently through the night
begging action after dreams

when the balm of sleep recedes
curtains opened, sun comes in
the moon has left the wide sky
now I’m roused to decide

I’ll declare life’s verdicts
resolutions to complete
when adulting challenges
determinations are declared

before my life is duly planned
decrees to judge the whole of life
there is one resolve before the rest
deciding where to lunch that day.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170623.
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I have a dance friend who I really admire for their expression unto the world. The sum result is outwardly androgynous, especially when reference to their preferred companions. The poem “Living True” is about a witnessed encounter between my friend and a young boy. My heart went out to my friend, and I do truly hope that the young one learned something from the event.

Living True

I saw a time of friend’s unease
when living true was put to test
revelation asked brought a blush
as lovely life defied the norm.

“Are you a girl or are you a boy?”
from the mouth of babes this issued forth
follow-up was as pure
“I’ve not met you before.”

Hetronormative is this youth’s curse
the crux of boxes into which
body’s expression may be fit
or identification of preferences.

At least they asked with innocence
the same question from adult’s mouth
would heap derision upon their mark
stating known with scorn’s intent.

Yet still I felt for my friend
they are much braver than I could be
with the outside as the proof
of the sterling felt within.

I hope the children will embrace
the differences seen by their eyes
I pray my friend will never stop
being honest within their skin.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170416.
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“Without Boundaries” is one of my social justice poems. Fences may make for good neighbors, but they suck when a person is seeking companionship outside of the designated parking areas.

Without Boundaries

Through this life there runs a fence
right and left, directions set
boundary meant to draw the line
making simple the complex
there is a sign placed for all to see
put there by the authorities
led by writ of holy books
or by the pride of their small world

“by order of high authority
placed in our hands by deity
none shall cross from right to left
find their pleasure without our say

find your passion in polarity
never cross back to similarity
to each there own is just fine
as long as that one is opposite

know that there are only two settings
one to plug with full authority
another to receive with conformity
hardwired from birth to just conceive

in closing know that your loved
from the shrines from which this came
please obey for our comfort’s sake
lest we embrace our unconsciousness”

this is the challenge put to souls
that seek a way to move between
find their fury with their like kind
or with those that blur the lines
when the fence is in the mind
not written down by hand of man
love will find it’s resting place
roaming free without boundaries.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170129.
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I saw a meme on Tumblr that stated “gender is fake just like me”. This inspired me to write the poem “Gender is Fake”, a story of a person who can only say this to themselves lest the world know of the secret.

Gender is Fake

“Gender is fake just like me”
this I whisper, secret kept
tricking the people, all the sheep
who wish to sleep while I stir
knowing inward this is the truth
while the mists cloak the rouge
in the shadows none shall see
while outward I am the thing
version stamped verified
sham to the people I want to suit
construction set to fool the eye
blurs intended to full disguise
the one striving to match the rest
by standards met in books with rules
long lists the fearful past conceived
protection from the likes of me
etched in blood of the abused
some my own as band-aids weep
where cuts still bleed from the strain
of straitcoats pinching wounds within
self-inflicted by hopeful thoughts
I look to find what I have missed
while in this shell, mock Faberge
made to sparkle while I fade
missing the other that would complete
this emptiness behind the sham
hole in the middle, missing piece
so real I can taste forbidden fruit
thirst for the nectar long withheld
feel the contours beyond my touch
that thing that would make me whole
as it begs to pull me there
dropping to beg full on its knees
while on my own I scrape to please
turned away lest the sheep
drones content full in their sleep
hear my whispers as tears are wept
“gender is fake just like me”.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170103.
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The poem "Velvet Ropes" is about an infrequent path taken by some in our society.

Velvet Ropes

These velvet ropes mark the path
taken up when I was young
leading me where few go
unseen at the outward glance
strong as those of other ones
with simpler liking than my own

not by choice if will is loosed
with freedom to decide
given reign to see the world
in the full of leanings both
equal liking in the heart
when the urge is penchant

constraints are tossed away
wisdom begs for caution's path
embracing where the heart does stray
to be of two is more than both
not in between as some may think
instead the flavor is a mix

no expectations from the clan
considered when fondness creeps
though kept silence in case they hear
neither curse nor blessing found
in moments of relating pressed
between the willing recompensed

dark discomfort from the ends
of spectrum spanned, not betrayed
by reach of pleasure, full expanse
in the end awareness blooms
of temptation’s lure now embraced
what I am is not confused.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161202.
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A compassionate viewing of honest humans will find a near infinite variation of biological gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. The simplistic suggestion of the binary is spun into a multitude of paths, all ending in a thing called the norm for the individual residing there. I am blessed to know a sample of all these destinations, with each as beautiful as the next.

The Norm

Binary would be the norm
if nature did not take the course
of roads down three ways
each in sync or duplicity
twisting, turning, round the bend
where it ends more than two.

The beginning is at the birth
set in stone for most of us
for others reference to confuse
a starting point for a life
one or the other, sometimes both
yet to define what is felt
identity states the choice found
there in the mind anchored firm
the physical twist round the mind.

Add to this the outer wrap
be it dress or pants instead
somber dark or brilliant paint
knee length long or skin revealed
to feel comfortable is the goal
finding garb to show the soul
expression stated for the self
society wishes disabused.

Orientation grabs the heart
makes flush rush to the spots
for who we long to grasp
be they same or opposite
perhaps scope is much more
varied as the other trails
another twist to add the ways
from binary to multiple.

From binary the world explodes
with choice of self so many ways
not to confuse or spur the world
instead to find our perfect path
identity, expression, orienting
each towards or away you'll see
in the uniqueness of identity
shades of rainbow in the sky
finding all are now the norm.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161012.
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The poem “This Detour” is about the passions of life, the risks involved, and the reason we do them anyway.

This Detour

This detour is uncommon
a difference marked in time
of direction reconsidered
because you're on my mind.
Fate should have led me
down the other road
consequence expected
completely in the norm.

Inclination rules me now
emotions steer the wheel
commonsense has fled the room
as emotions step right in.
Expectations are all I have
desires are my only prayer
leading me by the hand
rushing where I should pause.

Look out you fool cries the crowd
the warning is not heard
good intent is their goal
mine is to move ever on.
The angels blow trumpets
the heavens hold their breath
perhaps I’ll take the leap
into depths too far beneath.

I overstate the future's end
considering the risk I take
doing what the planets ask
to find you by my side.
This detour was mine to make
voluntary leave of sanity
can you help find my way
because you’re on my mind.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160829.
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Some people are in our lives to give us pause and check the ego. The poem “Backwards” is about one of these bitter sweet relationships.


One step backwards
give me pause
as world reveals
my greatest flaws.

are past's ill gift
that must be purged
if I'm to live.

I thought I knew
what I should do
but now I'm wise
because I met you.

The gods put me
in my place
since you've revealed
my path to take.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160618.
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The poem “It Doesn’t Matter” is a dark look at the thought “life isn't fair”. For good or bad, it takes this thought and finds a healthy response to denial. This sounds easy, but there are so many ways that it doesn't matter.

It Doesn't Matter

It doesn't matter what I think
with these thoughts that peculate
when these things are out of reach.
Who know where these come from
whispers of heaven or hell
looping through the cranium?

It doesn't matter how I long
appetite set to want some more
when angels say I'm in the wrong.
Thoughts are full of excess want
this damns me from the start
while the world says do not.

It doesn’t matter how I feel
sad or happy are both concealed
emotions churn behind the veil.
The rapture is postponed
from lack of reciprocity
emotions are best shared by two.

It doesn't matter how I love
in response to arrow hit
when Cupid sets loose his bow.
To have fallen is my response
hard or gentle it matters not
to the god's erotic thrust.

It doesn't matter and that's the charm
the wheels have turned, lot is cast
events are set against these wants.
What's done is past and future is set
the devils laugh and the angels cry
it doesn't matter goodbye my life.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160522.
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The poem “Angel's Choice” began with a fragment of poem that lingered in the “source” files for a time.

Angel's Choice

It is too easy to walk the low,
path made plain to the incorrigible.
The others don't know the darkness within,
hidden companion on their left side.

They say there are seven deadly sins,
how many does it take to doom a soul?
Beware the Devil's hand,
minion consorting with willing imps.

A tale will be spun by those
with motives dark and souls to match.
Ears may listen at their risk,
to be deaf is the angel's choice.

In the end the journey is plain,
temptations are put close at hand.
Skirt the darkness if you can,
they'll take you not if in light you stand.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160324.
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Inspiration is a funny thing. The poem “Raise a Drink” was inspired first by a pictorial meme. The author published a series of photos his perfect girlfriend. He ended it with the acknowledgement that she was now an ex, and he did not realize what he had during the relationship. This got me thinking about a life situation in which my best friend is also a near stranger. I tried to express this dichotomy, but I ended up writing a poem about a person who was drowning their sorrows because of a lost love, perhaps lost because of a wrong the drinker performed. This isn’t what I do, but that’s where the poem went.

Raise a Drink

Here's to one I do not know,
long companion cast away,
gone forever from my world.
Even now I'd hold them close,
cry to heaven with shut doors
if my memories were more than smoke.

Raise a drink to the mystery,
acknowledge my sins are many,
why life unwinds in ways oblique.
The eyes are closed, heart is broke,
life unseen as tears collide
in my glass more clear than life.

Beverage will cloud my thoughts,
welcomed thief of my sight,
impure savior of dubious plots.
Devil's brew makes past obscure,
present mired in deep gloom
while future departs from my view.

Salute the dark corridors,
paths I'll walk when I rise
from this seat of suffering.
Melancholy will have its way,
in time I'm damned to replay
when the bottles lose their sway.

A last toast to time's deceit,
damn not the ghost I expose,
the wrong was mine to commit.
To say otherwise is conceit
the cursed change I rail against
was mine to stop or to commit.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160129.
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I've always like the saying “From your mouth to God's ears”. Be careful what you say! The world does listen, and sometimes aid will not come from the places your expect.

From Your Mouth

From your mouth to God's ears,
an utterance on the wind.
Your desires have been said,
now received by angel wings.

There is another path,
wishes move through the land.
To both high and low places go
the words of longing will now flow.

Heed my warning on this day,
words carried will find their way
to agents of both good and ill
to either curse or to bless.

What God does not deign to do
others gladly bend to will
for they have motive bleak
fed by mortal's arrogance.

Once set loose there is no way
to take back what has been freed.
What will be, has been done
when words from mouth have been sprung.

Deity has heard your words,
what will come of this yearning?
A statement set to achieve,
actions desired will unweave.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160116.
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I had the opportunity to speak to a young person I care very much about. People had made decisions that impacted them, and these decisions echoed back to times the past. It does sadden me some. It is one thing for people to deal with their karma. It is another for the young(er) generations to carry the outcomes as unwanted baggage. Fair? Life isn’t. The poem “Adrift by Choice” is a statement of this predicament.

Adrift by Choice
Poem for Day 309 – 20151106

We leave the young wondering
why choices were made in our time.
Blame the wisdom of older age,
none of which we did possess.

We were so much younger then,
at heart so impetuous,
not knowing our ignorance
as we struggled to survive.

The reasons for it all fade from memory,
forgotten for the sake of sanity.
To remember would be far too much,
the sorrow would consume our souls.

It seemed like a good idea at the time,
if only we bring the cause to mind.
Life was so much simpler,
with few choices in the difficult.

The clock does not turn back,
nor are things undone by choice,
when events are set in stone
by intent and the hand of God.

One compromise at time we said,
adding up to the tidal wave.
Now we are adrift with no paddle,
the young wondering what went wrong.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I had an opportunity to think about lives divided. For a time lives are shared. Life happens, fate intervenes, choices are made, and two roads are taken. The outcome of these thoughts was the poem “Crossroads”.

Bonus Poem for Day 186 – 20150705

Two roads taken,
by choice and by fate,
two roads walked,
separated at the crossroads.
There is a tale to be told of roads,
they run long and hard through life,
partners on the journey temporary
when the crossroads are met.

The road ran in a single thread,
two lives marched in loving step.
Give and take, fight and embrace,
still the path was shared by both.
Divergence came one fateful day,
the single road met two connected,
the journey could continue in singular,
just as likely to split apart.

Listen to me young ones,
adults make the hard choices,
the ones that last a lifetime,
the ones that define destiny.
You'll never understand the choices
until your walk in their shoes.
Footprints in the path seem clear,
the reasons you'll truly never know.

Making the commitments,
setting the intentions,
seeking the pleasure,
finding the salvation.
It's not easy, its not fair,
but sadly it was meant to be.
Two roads taken at the crossroads,
two lives separated at the crossroads.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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A FB friend made the observation, “You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it”. They then asked, of the things that are possible, what do you want to do? And how do you know what’s possible until you give it your best shot?

I looked through quotations that referenced the impossible and found one that fits to my experience,

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ― Karl Lagerfel

I was once a regular on an IRC (internet relay chat) channel run by a very competent intuitive. She was asked a lot of questions, but the most common were of the theme, “what is my purpose in life, what am I here to do?” These were younger people who wanted to know what they could or should do. Was there an issue with them asking what they should do? Of course not, but my talented intuitive friend could only provide guesses based on the moment. The questioners could have looked to what they wanted to do. There was a certain magic in the moment, a magic similar to that of the photograph, and the questioners were missing their opportunity.

The seekers were open to possibilities, and their minds were ready to move forward into the unknown. My intuitive friend may have had some of the right answers, but there were no guarantees. The seekers, those asking the questions about their futures, had an opportunity to put their minds to their futures. The seekers had the power of their beliefs.

Back to Karl's quote. Photoshopping aside, photography captures the fleeting moment. The moment that seems so permanent, with all of its possibilities, is as fleeting as wisps of steam. Photography does capture the moment, but time moves on. Life moves on. What we can do, what we put our mind to, is fleeting as well. We can do anything, but the scope of that is defined within this moment. Life is anything but static. Our minds tap the morphing moment, the changing possibilities, and from this anything is possible, but not all of the time. Photography follows these rules as well. Any moment may be captured, but if it is not captured, it is gone forever. Every moment is unique in some way and I love that about photography. Your mind, and its beliefs, can take advantage of every moment, with an infinite number of possibilities overall, but there are a changing finite number now.

A last series of quotes about beliefs, the impossible, and timing...

Alice laughed. "There's no use trying," she said: "one can't believe impossible things."
"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Lewis Carroll
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I've noticed something as I've gotten older. There seems to be a tug of war between the minions of order and those that embrace differences. I characterize the differences as "exceptions". Life is full of exceptions. There is the way things should work, also known as the norm, and then there are the exceptions to that order.

Exceptions come in all forms. There are exceptions purposely created because people want to circumvent the norm. There are exceptions that are natural outliers to the norm. There are exceptions that exist only because the "norm" is not broad enough to describe all the variations of life. No matter the source, there seems to be several reactions to exceptions.

Some people resist the exceptions of life. They want order, a common normality, to rule the day. Exceptions are attacked and derided as being unnatural. Well, I suppose they are unnatural to the desired order.

Other people embrace the exceptions of life. They want freedom to be what they are, when they are. Nothing is out of bands even though there is some normality out there that others choose to live by.

What to do? I believe the answer is in the mantra "everything in moderation". Order has it's place as a foundation for a common life experience. The acceptance of exceptions also has it's place as people seek their own niches of life outside of the road most taken. People will more embrace one pole or another. The challenge of life is to have compassion towards those who choose differently from you.
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I've blogged about my dislike of memes before... I think I have! I really dislike those cute little pictures with sayings / witticisms. The encouraging ones are OK. It is the political ones that get me going. Why? Is it because I dislike the sayings of groups that are contrary to my political leanings? I'm not keen on those, but I realized that all flavors of political memes have a common issue and I saw one today that illustrated their challenge.

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Back the philosophical aspects of this blog. The meme shares the challenge of offering a statement in short bullet form. At best this is a slogan that rallies the truth. At worst it is a shit bomb thrown into a mixed crowd. Why? A political meme is like taking a bath in an inch of water. There is liquid there, it is bath tub shaped, but there isn't enough to shape a conversation around. There are so shades of gray to really contentious topics and a meme can't do justice to any topic. They instead make Facebook a landscape of strife. I would prefer if people just stated their beliefs instead of turning to the flawed meme.

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A Facebook meme got me thinking about how compassion is such a precious thing.

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The ability to marginalize and dehumanize groups of our society is a symptom I see in many of the "initiatives" of some right leaning political groups, and it scares the heck out of me.

To end my ranting... I dislike initiatives like this because embracing humanity is a must, lest others use this lack of humanity as an excuse to treat us inhumanely.
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On a LJ community an philosophical person raised the following questions:
When someone says "we create our own reality" I usually respond with "I dare you to say that to a paraplegic". Personally I find that attitude is reserved for the comfortable and privileged, it tends to go right out the window when something truly bad happens. If you think about it, its a pretty arrogant position. Essentially declaring yourself God. If I get hit with a hurricane, Its because I created the hurricane? That was a pretty mean and selfish thing for me to do, wasn't it.
To me, the hindsight question of "why did thing X happen" becomes a Gordian knot of spiritual and philosophical proportions. The interpretation of a past event invites multiple interpretations. Some explanations are easy. Others reach into the higher reaches of the Divine or pre-natal astral influence. The most pragmatic interpretation would be that the person was at the right place at the very wrong time.

Bad stuff happens to good people. The "why" part is the fuel that creates religions. It can get really fuzzy as to why the child has abusive parents/relatives, the person crossing the road is paralyzed, or the hurricane destroys a region. There are no simple answers that allow us to understand these situations. Instead, we are dared to merely shake our hands at the Divine, shouting "how dare you!".

Does this mean choice is excluded? IMO, no. To borrow a trite saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". While we may not understand misfortune, we can make concrete choices regarding how we deal with the misfortune. Does the child, now grown, succumb to the trauma of childhood or do they seek healing through whatever means possible? Does the paraplegic vegetate or do they live life to its fullest possible outcome? Does the victim of a hurricane assume the life of a homeless person or do they find ways to build an even better life? Choice begins when the vagueness of the unfair universe ends.

The choice I speak of happens in the operational moment. Your choice is in the now. This does not mean that your choice is the only one on the table. The outcome of life is a mix of choices. They merge into the physical and energetic outcome of the moment. Some factors of the now can reach far back into time, the result of past choices. Even while there may be a physical and energetic outcome, the result of your previous choices and everyone else's, HOW you interpret and react to the event is a choice made in that moment.

I don't have the answer to why bad things happen to good people. I am convinced that life can go on beyond these seemingly fated points. Choice is alive and well in the aftermath of philosophical Gordian knots.


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