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The poem “Create the Spark” is about the fire of creation. It is a tale of extroverted campaigner spreading their mark of intuitive madness on a world.

Create the Spark

Create the spark
to find a soul
burn the candle
to fill a world
consume the tinder
to free the phoenix
from the ashes
is found the light.

Create the spark
to reveal the world
the torch is brighter
when both ends burn
the shadows shrink
from the dual flare
the middle found
for all to see.

Create the spark
to chase the dark
the past is gone
the now bestowed
at passion’s feet
revelation’s game
burning ring
candle’s gate.

Create the spark
to find a soul
to reveal the world
to chase the dark
to share a soul.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160726.
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Art has a life in the moment and a legacy in the future. So much creative output is lost as more piles on. Why? Is there a purpose to the creation? The poem “Memories” speaks to this.


Best memories of the past year,
notated in the written word,
photos linger in compassion
of the script put to paper.

Spilled ink in social pools,
overwhelming the casual soul.
So much to see, much of the same,
fretful tributes laid on the way.

In time they will matter not
when future poems are issued forth.
The trail of thoughts is subject
to to Father Time's ill mercies.

The angels will remember this
as they confirm their boss' wish,
to aid a mortal in sharing time
when fate is fickle in the beyond.

Fae memories of a year now gone,
scattered leaves lay on the ground,
each embraced a treasured glimpse
of God's face beyond the veil.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160107.
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I may be an optimist and a dreamer, but I really delight in seeing people post their own work, be they blogs, photos, poetry (!), drawings, or memes.

Secret Art
Poem for Day 331 – 20151128

I'd love to see you shine,
push yourself beyond the line.
Goodbye to the comfort zone,
hello to the artist shown.

Creation kept under a bushel,
not shown to any mortal
are wasted in the creator's sight
blessed gifts with no place to go.

Starting is the hardest step,
removing doubt from the rest
leaving only a desire to show
the truest self to all the world.

Nothing is to small to offer
when creation is the final product.
Greater than the sum of parts,
the self is the secret art.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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Creativity has a schizophrenic relationship with the establishment of order. The righteous celebrate beauty begrudgingly, knowing that some core of human experience demands the outlay of vision beyond correct living. The wholesome path challenges the artist, asking them to step away from the most dogmatic of strictures. The poem “Shadow's Glare” explores this state of existence.

Shadow's Glare
Poem for Day 325 – 20151122

I can live too long in the norm,
the rules pressing on every side.
The stolid forms hide the sky
so I call out to the one beyond.
Father to some and enemy to most,
gateway to the outer realms,
you are the muse of rebel heart,
sweep the cobwebs from my life.

Where is the Morning Star,
agent of life's other side?
Salvation found at leading edge,
beware the trap of loftiness.
The primal is pride's suitor,
a fall would the consequence
if I embrace only with my heart,
leave the soul no recompense.

Temptation is not my sole desire.
I do want to take the cost.
I look instead to the spark,
inspiration to take me far.
I seek to walk the line,
step outside of other's walls.
The rules still ask for their share
when I seek the shadow's glare.

Not to be thrust from righteous sight,
fall away from the shared brilliance,
instead to see life in another way
through the eyes of the Jinn.
I seek the middle way,
made of clay by God above,
neither the fire nor the fall,
the best I can do on this earth.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I came across talented and brutally honest poetry while I was looking over those who had liked my Tumblr posts. I really appreciate those who put their own work, the output of their minds, on this thing called social media. It is one thing to commiserate with the postings of others. It is another to take the self as inspiration. The personal will leak out, and the best work will see the soulful self on full display.

Brave Ones
Poem for Day 315 – 20151112

Blessed be the brave ones,
those that share their lives.
Outward expression is their voice,
traveling where most may not.

When enough is kindly shared
the revelations plumb below,
move to the personal side,
the most inner shown to all.

The photographs move beyond
the pretty pretty of the world,
shifting to the predilections
of the face behind the mask.

The painting's colors run wild,
light to shine and blood to flow,
pigments used to trace within,
turning outward to life's canvas.

Video turns to the mundane,
commercial's contrast in extreme,
so many sights to reveal
when only the soul is on display.

Written words may entertain,
blogs to speak to greater things,
generic content no longer hides
a world's perspective then printed.

Lyrics, words of poetry,
so much said with hyperbole,
listen to the words' meaning
straight from the soul's bequeathing.

The brave ones seem confused,
give them credit for their muse.
Too much now shown to those who see
vulnerable aspects not concealed.

Original product on display,
contents shared with the world.
So many ways to demonstrate
the inner most secrets now revealed.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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The poem “Long to Love” is a rough experiment in poem creation. Often I have most of the poem written, but a single line or so is still “blocked out” with syllable placeholders. “Long to Love” plays with this idea, revealing secret messages hidden in a stanza.

Long to Love
Poem for Day 265 – 20150923

It is easy to write poetry,
simply follow the meter and beat.
In every x put a syllable
the poem will simply write itself.

x x x x x x x,
x x x x x x x.
x x x x x x x,
x x x x x x x.

I x x x x x x,
x love x x x x x x.
x x x x x x you x,
x x x x x x x friend.

I long to x x x x x,
x love x x x x x me.
x x as x x x you x.
x x love x me x x friend.

I long to dance under the stars
and love how they gaze down at me.
Lights move as one above you too,
God's true love for me and my friend.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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As an accidental artist, I am amazed at the frank honesty of other artists. The brave creators bare their souls while they reveal their art. The truly amazing thing is that most people do not recognize these heroic acts. Why? Are the viewers incapable of discerning the messages, unable to see the artist standing naked in front of them? I think not. Instead, I suspect, the audience of the artist chooses to see only the surface, and not be burdened by the raw admittance of the one on the stage.

Human Underneath
Poem for Day 108 – 20150418

See the artist, creative jester therein.
Face up cards on life's table.
Can you really see brave soul
who removes a mask all have placed?
Do you wish to delve down,
explore the well fathoms deep?
A passage beckons beyond,
cold honesty wrapped in art's delights.

Their art stands as testament
to the sum of who they am.
Layers of concealment stripped
in a single creative act.
When put together, all their works,
a picture of the black is viewed,
words of muted madness heard,
the within revealed without.

If you really knew them,
what would you think?
If the veil was removed,
what would be the result?
The choice is made,
look not to the one behind the mask.
Best to see only the glamor,
and not the human underneath.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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Art, in its many forms, has the power to break through the illusions and fear of the mind. A rebirth occurs, and the old must fall away to make room for the artist's beckoned creations. The world is seen anew, refreshed by the artist's vision.

Edge of Sanity
Poem for Day 014 - 20150114

Here I am on the edge of sanity,
realm of those lost of soul,
where the threads of humanity
tremble at what lays beyond.

Butterfly, flying free above,
allow me to crawl inside
your empty cocoon, shelter within,
so I can be birthed again.

There I command the arts
to name my soul in terms
of mankind's highest dreams
made real by the artist's goal.

Stroke the painter's brush,
trace the poet's pen,
snap the photographer's pic,
mold the potter's pot.

Take solace in the art,
wrapped around, enveloped so,
borne to god's gentle touch
as reality is bravely resewn.

Embrace sanity within the fantasy,
find the soul on the silk of words,
combine the threads on potter's wheel
to weld a vision of what lays beyond.

One again I am on the edge of sanity,
chrysalis of art's vast domain,
ready to look over the edge
to see the universe look back at me.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I had a realization about art that I want to share. This pertains to my poetry, but I believe it applies to other forms of art and its expression. I found myself creating works that were OK, technically competent, but not feeling “right”. Had I hit a wall? What was going on? The answer came: I was trying too hard. It seemed odd that I was trying too hard, but closer examination revealed the underlying truth.

I got to the place after I had figured out some important aspects of poetry. Another way to say that is that I figured out the tools of poetry. All of them? Hardly, but a number of important ones perhaps. I sought to employ those tools. In doing so I became mechanistic, seeing poetry through the tools used instead of the creation truly desired. I worked the tools, created competent works, and then stood back and wondered what had happened. Now I know, strongly suspect, that the resulting works were a product of over worked tools. I was trying too hard. I had the embraced the thought “if I do this and this than the result will be that”. The “that” I was looking for was good poetry.

What is good poetry? What is good art? Why did my mechanistic use of tools not satisfy the metric of good poetry? Good questions! I believe the answer lays in the nature of creativity and how it can manifest. There is also an important component of viewing creativity and seeing the source as an expression of the result. Heart felt works, those that tap a common set of sentiments, have a creativity that forgives mechanistic aspects. A really creative work, one that speaks to others, will have flaws. These are overcome by the, dare I say it, spiritual connection felt by the viewer. Good poetry transcends form and speaks directly to the mind and emotions.

Where do this put me? What lesson can I learn and share with others? The easy answer is that tools have a purpose. They align the art with standards and oil the path to “good” works. Tools will take you only so far. Overly working a piece of art with tools will create something that is good, but not great. The viewer of the art instinctively sees that something is not great. The viewer can sense when something is “off”. The wine has a good bouquet and the taste begins well, but the after taste is mechanical and flat. Tools will create art, but they cannot be artistic.

Does this mean tools should be discarded? Absolutely not. The proper use of tools is incredibly important if artistic works are to rise above the average norm. There are so many passionate artists out there. The correct and sophisticated use of tools is a key to being recognized. This is where the tool's purpose stops. The artist's creative connection to the piece takes it from there. The dialogue with the viewer begins after the form is dealt with. The tools decide help determine where the viewer will begin their engagement, but the artist's vision determines where the engagement will end.
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Artistic creations come in many forms. Most anything can be created. The sky is the limit. Then something weird happens when the art is created. The artist must struggle to move beyond the creation. Why? The answer involves John Cleese and the Lao Tzu.

Several years ago I saw an interview with John Cleese. He is critically acclaimed for this work on Monty Python and Faulty Towers. John explained that even the most loony comedy has a logical internal structure. He gave a wonderful example that I will paraphrase. He said that is perfectly reasonable to have a skit in which five people sat in dustbins. They can all be wearing fishes on their heads and nose extensions. The mad dustbin existence becomes the accepted structure. With this established premise, the comedic writer must then 'explain' why man in a business suit appears. The newcomer does not inherently fit into the logic of the dustbins, and therefore his part in the skit's internal structure must be explained. This is an incredible insight.

The paradox is that there are no rules or boundaries for the creation of a creative form, but the act of creating places boundaries on the creation. The form can be a play, book, blog, or comedy skit. The form can even be a painting or musical piece. Once the form is created, and initial boundaries are established, further exploration and expansion of the form is held up against the internal 'logical' structure. Deviations are allowed. Good artists and writers can and will surprise their audience. The challenge is that deviations must somehow spring from the internal logic of the original. The creation of art is a celebration of limitless potential and the introduction of stifling structure.

John Cleese's comedic theory places psychology around artistic creations. Art finds a logic in a creative statement, but this statement, for good or bad, defines their relationship to other artistic structures. The artistic creation is now held accountable to other creations. The inherent logic of the original creates both easy channels and high walls to the expansion of the structure. Deviations are either easily added or there is extreme difficulty in synchronizing the existing logic with the newly desired modifications. There is either stagnation or an easy flow to new creations. What to do? Don't worry about it. Move on. Create more. The path is forward.

“To understand the limitation of things, desire them.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

“If you try to change it, you will ruin it. Try to hold it, and you will lose it.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
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Why create art? This is a good place to introduce my "wall-paper" theory. Humans crave change and contrast. The human attention is transitory, seeking fresh sights and sounds for it's delight. The continuous viewing of one object, no matter how beautiful, is not satisfactory to the human mind. The wall-paper of life must change. Those people who accept the same continuous stimuli are seen as deviant. We punish people by removing variety. Witness the modern penal system. We pity those, who by disease or injury, are left in a vegetative state. Humans will resist being "wall-papered" by life. To keep sanity and soul, people will create in any way that they can.
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I am blessed to have some very creative friends. There are photographers, parents, writers, jewelry makers, painters, organizers, teachers, musicians, theologians, philosophers and body workers. It is a pretty amazing group.

The common thread of these people is their desire to create. I now believe that there is an innate drive for humans to create. Somewhere I read that the basic requirements for living were shelter and warmth. These will keep a person alive, but this is not enough to truly thrive. At some level the full expression of existence demands a form of personal expression. The stamp of "I AM" is programmed into our beings. The suppression of this urge is done at the detriment of the individual. The outlet of this urge promotes the growth of the individual.

"In the beginning God created heaven and earth." So says Genesis 1:1. I say that God is still creating the heaven and the earth. We stare into the same void. We maintain our sanity and soul by seeing the void as a place of potential. What are we to do on this earth? What is our purpose? Merely create the best you can. On the sixth day, you too will say, "behold, it was very good".
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My lovely wife and I watched the rock documentary “Queen – Days of our Lives”. Comprised of a two-part BBC 2 documentary, Days of Our Lives is a must-have for Queen enthusiasts. It has since been released by Eagle Rock onto DVD in 2012. Brian May was the lead guitarist of Queen. He said the following at the end of the film, and it really hit a spot with me:

“Once you pass your initiation into being a rock star, it never leaves you, you cannot really stop having that feeling that makes you want to play”.

I can relate to this in my particular forms of artistry. Artistry, be it singing, writing, playing, painting, dancing, or any other form of creating, can become addictive. You want to do it again, are drawn to further creating. My dance friends can relate to this. Sometimes I think I am too tired to dance more, but this vanishes when I am drawn to the floor. I've walked away from writing in the past, but now I am doing it again. I've been taking pictures since 2007, and have many to my name now. It does not leave you.

I have a prediction. Not wanting to stop leads to more pursuits. I've taken up swing dancing. I'm considering taking up poetry. I am going to move onto video pursuits. Why? I suspect not doing so will be very bad for me. Having those feelings, and keeping on playing with them, will allow me to fully live.

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I wrote the following back in 2009.  I face this challenge again!  Creation is tough because it means tearing down old structures, and even though the structures may not serve a purpose now, they are a foundation.  I seem to be very attached to my moldy foundations.

I've been working in the basement tonight with the intent of preparing the space for creation. I want to create computer marvels, book sales, and personal enjoyment. Why create? Quite a while ago I wrote about how creation seemed to be a trait of the child archetype. Perhaps that is true. Adults so often seem to be focused on protecting the status-quo instead of creating something new. So, why do I so enjoy eliminating evil-doers in my game console adventures? I think it is because I take satisfaction in removing impediments to creation. This sound morally vague, but it is all I can come up with tonight.

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Do you want to make a difference? Strive to create! The effort will reward you with new relationships. You will become connected to places, people, symbols, ideas, and more. The relationships will enrich your life, and unbeknownst to you, reach out and touch the souls of many others. Don’t underestimate the impact of your creations.

I need to remember this sentiment whenever I feel small and alone. While the outcome of my creative efforts is mostly invisible to me, the resulting connections are powerful in their ephemeral nature.
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Darkness does have a place in creation. There is a tremendous power stored in the shadow. In the early 2000s I was told that I should be writing. At that time I struggled mightily with dark thoughts. I told myself, "I cannot write of what I know. Who wants to hear about madness?". Now I do write. My own shadow is still there. Now the darkness informs my writing, adding wisdom and insight. There are artists who's works are simultaneously very dark, even as they peers into the depths of the human experience. Sometimes it is difficult to look, read or listen to these creations. This is OK. The artist is creating for themselves and for those who are capable of sharing the vision. Deep down, the darkest of works are created with the mantra of "somebody will see this, somebody will recognize this". The shadow is crucial part of creation. Without the darkness, there cannot be light.

"In the beginning God created heaven and earth." So says Genesis 1:1. I say that God is still creating the heaven and the earth. We stare into the same void. We maintain our sanity and soul by seeing the void as a place of potential. What are we to do on this earth? What is our purpose? Merely create the best you can. On the sixth day, you too will say, "behold, it was very good".

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I received some interesting feedback from a good friend regarding my Paul Goble quote:

Nothing in nature is evil. We may sometimes dislike flies or spiders, the skunk or snakes, and yet they only do what their Creator means them to do.

My friend said, "Oh, I can't begin to tell you how much I disagree with this. Humans are in nature, and there are some humans that have lived in history that I would consider evil. Soulless evil."

My thoughts... )
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I have in mind a series of articles about common dualities. I believe there is incredible power in the embrace of duality. The following thoughts kick off this exploration.

The energy to create is realized from duality. As a physiological example, we would die without the duality of homeostasis (the body's constant monitoring and adjustment of metabolic processes in an effort to maintain an internally balanced state of equilibrium). Manifestation theory states that efforts are realized by having an honest evaluation of both where we are now and where we want to be. It is taught that an honest evaluation of where you are now in duality (i.e. the arrow resting in the bow instead of on a table nearby) is needed before a shift in duality (and hence creation) is realized. The future state of duality must be realized/intentioned/stated for a fully actuated creation. The location of a target must be realized before the arrow can be launched toward it. The blank canvas becomes a painting. The arrow leaves the bow and arrives in the target.

It is in the power of duality that the paradox of hitting the target, without seeing the target, is realized. A comfort level with duality allows one to become the bow, the arrow, and the target. Anything is then possible. The intentional embrace of duality allows for a powerful singularity of experience. Magic happens.


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