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The poem “In That Moment” is about the magic of dance and music.

In That Moment

In that moment I had no form
though I touched another one
two combined to exist
within the hold of melodies

by gift of the muse’s hand
the emptiness has been removed
born on tapestry of the divine
I’ll forget the who I am

my loneliness was dispelled
as the beats filled the space
the pulse asked me to move
on a path I'll gladly walked

I was not longer judged
by my own damning eye
harmony replaced judgment's taint
purity returning to that space

reprieve from reality
joy found in the musicality
rapture found at God’s feet
with another in company.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170616.
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I was inspired to write “Bless Notes” while sitting in a mostly empty dance hall.

Bless Notes

An empty dance floor
the music has stopped
in time’s lonely halls
in this one today
I see in my mind
and feel in my heart
the reason I move
to celebrate life.

It’s found in the tunes
the moment is near
poised on the brink
again I’ll touch God
bring down the Heavens
where I was before
with angels as partners
to grace this low earth.

The band takes the stage
hard silence will cease
a reason to live
returned once again
I’ll turn my face
to find new partners
my ears will open
to hear the bless notes.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170611.
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I’m really proud of the dance communities I’m associated with. I would put these groups in the social dance end of the spectrum, distant from the competitive / performance dance world.

Why am I proud? They follow the group inclusion suggestions I found in the article “59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out—And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why”. These are:

** Create authentic communities with a shared purpose centered around service (dance).
** Create and train a team of CONNECT people whose purpose is to seek out the outliers on Sunday mornings (at dances) or during other events. Explicitly teach people these skills as they do not come naturally to most of the population.
** Stop placing blame on individuals who struggle to get connected. For some people, especially those that are shy or struggle with anxiety, putting yourself out there even just once might be an overwhelming task. We have to find ways to bridge that gap.
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I wrote a draft of “Facsimiles” while at the May 2017 LEAF festival. The poem is about the many people I’ve enjoyed dancing with before, and how they are missed now.


Once again I’m at the dance
in the company of like minds
though the crowd fills the room
I see the gaps in their midst

a memory inserts the missing ones
from the span of long lost years
once the corporal in my grasp
now I wonder if it was real

a cast of hundreds should be here
in some ways I sense them near
by physical form and moving grace
time is shifted, my place in space

through the faces of those present
I see the echoes from the past
they’d be older by quite a bit
now made younger in my presence

the music calls us to the floor
I’ll step between two worlds
once the bygone, now this instance
take my hand we’ll venture forth

there’s the soiree I’d like to share
a quick looks freezes time
confirming longing held to heart
they’re only copies, facsimiles.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170523.
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I wanted to play with the verses "You trick your lovers / That you're wicked and divine" from the Muse song "Undisclosed Desires". I couldn’t quite meet the denotation of the source, with the effort turned into the poem "My Partners".

My Partners

I tell my lovers
that I'm innocent
while my moves betray
I'm something else
should I say partners
there are no beaus here
only the willing
to move with the groove.

Angelic perhaps
if measured with squint
eyes turned toward heaven
ignore the quick feet
it's my time to shine
away from the boring
just like Fred Astair
(as I kid myself).

Attraction beseeches
company present
beautiful creatures
move closer to me
I'll take no measures
undue liberties
just my gratitude
expressed in the dance.

I'll set the pace
to music's request
it is my leader
the tempo demands
there is no devil
I'll take the fifth
the lyrics of swing
will take the reproach.

Hear me my partners
lovers you're not
still almost as good
when tunes fill our heads
innocent to dance
our license to sin
perhaps not that word
as movements transcend.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170331.
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Every week at swing dance I’m asked how my past week went. My answer is “better now that I’m here”. The poem “Until the Embrace” is about those periods between when we dance with others.

Until the Embrace

My passion is paused
withstanding delay
the hours tick by
by whim of the clock

by work's drudgery
the tasks are blurred
papers are shuffled
between the same stacks

food eaten by rote
thrill gone from my taste
both sweet and sour
hold the same impact

stale sleep holds no dreams
I'll deign to embrace
ghosts insubstantial
against the real thing

greetings extended
fall flat to my ears
the best of friends
like strangers again

forgive me reader
this puzzle I've put
a spinning a words
hints before bliss

motion's mystery
urging me forward
I've shared the void
that waits in between

I'll count the days
to the future dance
the salve of my soul
sanity restored

this passion paused
until the embrace
I'll bide my time
and then dance again.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170314.
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An online poetry competition asked for a poem that described how I released tension. The competition further requested that the poem be twenty-six lines in length. “Twenty-Six Lines to Release” was my contribution to the challenge.

Twenty-Six Lines to Release

In twenty-six lines I’ll find release
not of a drug laid in neat rows
instead by direction of music’s muse
on the dance floor where bodies press
move beyond the place of tension’s chains
by path of melody and partner’s charm
hand to hand to show the way
passing beyond the worried day.

(and can this cure apply to all?)

Don’t ask me to share this restorative
self-medication comes just for one
that steps beyond the daily strains
into realms where two are blessed
associates in the frolic’s spins
are independent though it may seem
that comforts found rely without
when peace is found within the heart.

(and what of those you hold to hand?)

Through knowledge of the larger whole
my place conjoined to those who dance
responsibility has lost its bite
when turned to creation’s manifest
bodies are meant to move with joy
synchronized to heaven’s gifts
meshed to urges found down below
the middle path finds perfect bliss.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161227.
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The ardent dancer can affirm that there are songs whose first chords foretell of the next minutes. The steps, the moves, the motions already exist. They only wait for the physical manifestation. The poem “Dance Foretold” is about these dawns of moving joy.

Dance Foretold

My future is already foretold
I can feel the motion when I'm standing still
my feet are choreographed
preordained to move in the space beyond
the music wraps around my soul
my body seeks rapture on melody’s wing.

I feel the urge to move in sync
indulging toe tap and leg hop as a start
the notes are my body's muse
instructing the heart to move the limbs
pulling strings that none can see
the end result asks for fair company.

The dance floor is my head
sharing space with the world as a whole
I seek one to match the mold
to the beauty I glimpse beyond the veil
we all become the circumstance
partners all in as I imagine the outcome.

I am less than Fred Astaire
though he is the hero I strive to match
I am the most common man
called to the dance by the siren's request
the moves are felt before it’s begun
foretold to step beyond the music’s promise.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161219.
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“Our Need” is both about the proximity of dance and the nature of the dip. It was inspired by a photo I took of two people in a pre-dip position.

Our Need

We begin this mutual consort
arms wrapped, bodies grasped
breath held in expectation
for the drop felt by both

excitement on the edge of self
shared with a willing companion
the outside world put on hold
no others are part of the show

close enough to feel the breath
heat radiating in quick response
gasp from the mouth half closed
flex with the effort blessed

long enough to fill the world
if only until the move is done
to hasten it would be a crime
just enough to share a smile

bodies pressed in our effort
nearness ours in shared consent
others look, it matters not
fulfilling this is our need.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161121.
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The poem “Once Again” is inspired by the truly delightful moments that I have with my dance friends.

Once Again

If I dance
in your arms
I would die
a happy one
this very night
with company
none shall top
leading to
heaven's gate
celestial guide
angelic one
with your smile
and your heart
so close to me
body pressed
as we touch
time stands still
yet not enough
to stop the world
for you must leave
then move beyond
these arms of mine
then I’ll die
expired within
until we dance
once again.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161031.
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I am profoundly thankful for the DJs that give of their time to provide social dance music. Their calling allows us to find some measure of peace in this world. The poem “Spin the Tunes” celebrates the DJ in their spiritual vocation.

Spin The Tunes

Please spin the tunes to sooth my soul
tortured now in sad repose
needed nurture as night needs sun
to chase the dark from my life
as feet find reason to attempt
something more than shuffle’s tramp
moving to the pulsing beat
born of the heavens moving grace.

I’ll life my hands in prayerful arcs
to show my cheer as pulses mark
a heartbeat based on ecstasy
from record’s voice to my feet
with motion’s blessing I then dance
not to sin or break the laws
instead I’ll soar to holy heights
on wings of notes with word’s delight.

So DJ of the purest heart
master of the songs at hand
lists constructed to appeal
to all those in this company
here to praise your fine gifts
each with need as strong as mine
rescue me from misery
play your tunes so I may find
in the dance that you provide
reasons to live and carry on.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161022.
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“Joy of Circumstance” is a poem about the ability of social dance to transcend boundaries. I count as friends people who I truly would not have otherwise.

Joy of Circumstance

I’d never know them in the day
division normal so many ways
count them if you’d like to know
why dance is magic when people meet
encounter on the floor’s space
one of many with shared intent
to move the body to the tunes
when the music sets the mood.

Culture is a history’s path
defined for the person in their tribe
the outsider will never see
the breath of what came before
instead of this the lyrics ask
attention turned to rhythm’s form
legacy of a ten thousand plays
now common to the two of us.

Religion brings God to men
stating rights and wrongs for those
meant to follow a certain path
adherent to the holy fiats
yet the elated finds their way
to join one to another celebrate
movement found in eon’s thoughts
ecstatic glee found in the dual.

Generations ask their due
at decade boundaries reconciled
in divisions from here to there
stating factions based on the years
while bodies move to the notes
glee is found between eras
allied moves with no contempt
for differences marked by tree rings.

The end result is joy’s exclaim
as two are one against the odds
of culture’s hold, religious creed
the turn of the wheel moving forth
a world too large is resolved
as different people mediate
away from things that separate
and towards the joy of circumstance.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161016.
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It can be VERY difficult to ask certain people for a much wanted dance. I suffer from this, and as far as I know, so do most people. The poem "Another Day" reflects on the frustration of the mute voice when a dance awaits one unasked request away.

Another Day

Another day and here I stand
potential partner to the dance
the music starts, the floor is set
yet here I stand as if stuck in place.

No chains are seen on my limbs
no gag restrains my voice to speak
desire would have me leap to you
instead I stand both dumb and mute.

Not quite equals, though close enough
to bend would be the natural course
accommodation would be your grace
if only I would state my case.

To my mind the reasons are
inadequate to this frozen jest
ridicule by an inside voice
with no sense when spoken out.

I'll end my tale of vented woes
with a statement that should be plain
you're not alone if you suffer
when the voice cannot request.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160824.
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The poem “Chords Evoke” is written about the partners that I dance with repetitively. I reflected on commonality of these wonderful people, and realized that I can comfortably talk to them off of the dance floor.

Chords Evoke

The chords evoke the opening
I'll look for you, you for me
to find our hands met in the sound
intentions same as souls consort.
This is not a romantic quest
Cupid's arrows do fall somewhere else
instead I look for common ground
seeking comfort in the sound's surround.

I'll admit I've danced before
perhaps you have, it matters not
what came before had its time
the good and bad and the sublime.
To hold you close is not enough
to know your mind is my desire
to view emotions you hold close
words are shared as I rejoice.

Into your arms I've finally stepped
a void is no more in my heart
to be filled by close consort
to be led by whispers sought.
Connections made where space once was
emptiness that we longed to fill
to another dance we’ll now meet
the chords invite our joined repeat.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160815.
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In swing dancing I have my “regular” partners that I very much enjoy dancing with. There is a familiarity of moves and understanding of my partner’s abilities. The poem “Dance Companion” is about this dynamic.

Dance Companion

Companion to a dozen dances
I’ve lost count, it doesn’t matter
each time stood on its own
the tunes were ours to embellish.

Our hands sought familiar ground
fingertips meet and move to palms
caress would be too strong a term
when touch is again memory’s charm.

Moves learned by repetition
fueled by one unto the other
their abilities and my skills
combining as our styles unwind.

Each dance is the journey’s path
winding through emotion’s pleasure
not from lust or craving longing
instead of comfort found together.

You may ask me why I frolic
to find another is not my goal
luck has joined us once again
lead and follow to the dance.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160731.
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The poem “Dance’s Grace” is a poetic examination of the nature of motion in dance.

Dance's Grace

Child of motion
kin of time
art so raw
it bends the mind
to lift the soul
above the mire
is body's quest
of heartfelt goal
rhythm's lead
is body's guide
be standing up
or sitting down
companion close
or none at all
this focal point
is all your own
as power flows
along straight line
or relaxed curve
intention sprints
through the work
to spiral round
in the well
of nature's place
to meet our self
through dance's grace.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160729.
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The poem “Intimacy Given” was inspired by thoughts about the “sleaze swing” found in contradancing. I saw examples of it while going through the 2016 Spring LEAF photos. The sleaze swing is a cousin to many other forms of up close and personal dance moves. For example, I had quite a shock when I attended a workshop on blues “strutting”. I’m pretty sure it is illegal in some North Carolina counties, especially those close to the capital. Baby Jesus would be flat as a pancake. The balboa, a dance now experiencing a resurgence, begins with very close torso contact. There are variations of the balboa that move to more open positions, but the classic version is very close and personal. What’s up with this?

The truth of the matter is broader than these specific examples. Intimate dance moves have been around forever, and this is for a reason. Dance provides a means for responsible partners to experience togetherness that is so often lacking in societal interactions. This connection is tempered by the length of the dance, the required relation (trust!!!) with the partner, and the need to switch partners. While forms of sleaze dancing may seem scandalous, they still are only an echo of true intimacy.

Intimacy Given

Intimacy given is an ancient fare
forever waiting to be graced
shared in dance with comfort sourced
by those who seek the human touch.

How are these partners chosen when
the dance asks for a willing twin
to give and take in stepped congress
as music moves two souls to prance?

Consider that there are no strangers
these ones know the other's tastes
as predilections are so weighed
before the dance begins its play.

Each is rewarded in their way
for trust extended into the fray
of a world too cold to bear
when touch is absent from the skin.

Mimicry is this the sole focus
as urges move below the surface
reminders of what we want to be
a drop of water taken from the sea.

Let your judgement hold its tongue
remember that this dance is sham
though the thirst has relief
it is pale measure for hunger's ease.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160720.
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Our local swing dance teacher kids that beginning leads are not capable of speaking to their partner and dancing at the same time. There is some truth to this, as even experienced leads have to shush up to stay on point. There is another conversation always going on during a dance, and that’s between the pulse (beat) of the music and the dancers. It takes experience to both interact with the pulse, the voice of the music, and speak back with harmonious dance steps. This is difficult to teach. It comes with natural ability or experience (or both). I am tickled to pieces when a beginner dancer can do this. They may say my leading had something to do with the magic on the floor, but I am only half of the couple. More credit goes to their hearing the pulse of the song.

Dance Cadence

I may not step the fancy way
or kick like Fred Astaire
still I manage to compliment
my partner in our joined dance.
My secret is not complicated
based on arcane secrets handed down
I instead listen to the pulse
guiding our way through the tune.

Look to the beat to step the feet
there may be more than one
choose a muse to create the dance
partner of we two in sync.
The music shows the way
a path both lead and follow take
listen with the ears to find
the passage the dance will wind.

Stray not from the bouncing ball
accenting the timing for all
watch it jump as we respond
springing to the piper's song.
We'll follow without a stumble
no matter what hijinks I may try
because I am at the master's call
servant to the dance cadence.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160705.
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The social dance scene has a diverse group of participants. Many are devout in there beliefs. This is evident by observing the posting on their social accounts. The poem “Our God” is about the unity found in dance by people from diverse, but devout, spiritual paths.

Our God

Dance is the denominator
for the divine loosely shared
when feet touch the earth
and angels look from high.

Hearts find their measure
in each other's arms
as peace finds it place
in the conquered divide.

The unlike are well met
as walls fall away
a shared habitation
by those who dwell within.

The thread finds its mark
winding through all of those
who seek to connect
when division is thrown.

In place of strong difference
is a stronger good will
seen in partner's eyes
as the soul is revealed.

Love is the message
respect shares the words
the ecstatic finds safe harbor
while the dance shows our God.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160701.
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There is a physical challenge to celebrating life through social dancing. It is a workout like no other, with sweating and aching that most people would not embrace through any other activity. I know from personal experience that it takes a near collapse or major pain to not respond to dance's delight.

Dance Delight

Soul is willing
the body weak
melodies lure
we must move.
A song familiar
or one that's new
it doesn’t matter
when pulse does beat.

Discord of body
the broken part
why the weakness
in the perfect place.
Knees do ache
back complains
no room for this
the dance insists.

Sweat on skin
garments soaked
no need to stop
this carnival.
Pride aside
find the muse
celebration is
the only goal.

Beyond the pain
there is the joy
finding space
to express the bliss.
The soul ascends
as bodies whine
this is the way
of dance delight.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160626.


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