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“Hold Ourselves” was inspired by a meme that contained the line, “Sometimes we need to hold ourselves”.

Hold Ourselves

Sometimes we need to hold ourselves
lest the world pulls us apart
grasping hands that only know
consuming hunger for a soul

find the center of the storm
Where the demons may well lurk
they're made plain in this place
without the noise to hide behind

once confronted deep inside
they have no place to run and hide
except to ask to be a part
of the thing they undermined

sanity's found in the calm
where darkness is made a friend
conquered in the holy quest
to live a life free from pain.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170711.
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A friend posted a meme that said:

-She said "don't get too close.  It's dark inside.  It's where my demons hid.
-And I answered: "Get too close, there is a hell inside of me, it's where your demons can live".
I replied:  I can relate. Fortunately darkness is as darkness does. But woe be me if an attractive hell appears and my demons have a place to roost.

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There are people who very much believe in the battle between demons and God, with the soldiers of Christianity acting as the warriors of exorcism and demonic banishment. This is now promoted on national TV with television shows like Paranormal State and A Haunting. The demons are portrayed as evil, filled with Satanic power. They can only be pushed aside by prayers and dogmatic commandments by the Holy Hitmen. Fair enough...

Were does that leave people like myself who don't believe in the overarching power of Christianity and the presumption that there is a ongoing war between Satan and God? Does my disbelief make me a pawn of Satan, an open target of the infernal demons, or something else? Any thoughts on this???



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