Oct. 13th, 2008 10:08 pm
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The labradors are getting SO big. Here are a couple of pictures showing their size now:

Boomer executing a classic pointer pose...

Didn't they used to be the same size???

Fun Fun!

Sep. 17th, 2008 10:56 pm
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I spent another exciting evening organizing the new house tonight. The big project today involved setting up cabinets and shelving in the laundry area. This is the last of the furniture to move around in the basement, so now I can start going through the many boxes pulled from all the storage buildings.

Doggies run, including a very young Boomer (labrador puppy)
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This is a picture of the always lovely [livejournal.com profile] wulfwalker with all of her (and my) dogs. She is throwing some treats into the air. Wayah and Rowen are quick to respond to an opportunity for yummies! The two black labs and Bear the wolf-dog juvenile are scheduled to move to Laurens to live with me in October! (yeah!)

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Tobey sometimes misses out on food treats/scraps when they are served up in the yard. This was not the case yesterday. Tobey was VERY motivated to get the first of the bread scraps as these two photographs prove:


Tobey says, 'Mine!!!' )
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[livejournal.com profile] wulfwalker and I drove around today looking for an abandoned location photographic project. Sadly, we didn't find anything. The abandoned mill I thought was in Easley is probably in Anderson instead. Oh well, as I told [livejournal.com profile] wulfwalker, we learned where not to look for locations. Where are all the good places??? (smile).

I did get pictures of doggies today... each day the labs chase Tobey for a bit. Below is an example of the chase...

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Disclaimer: I know dogs can be very aggressive and attack people. There are very good dogs and there are very bad dogs. In the middle are scared and mentally whacked dogs. Some breeds are generally better with children and other pets than other breeds. With that said...

I found a website today that listed “Deadly Dogs - The Most Potentially Violent Dogs to Own”. The ranking was sorted by most to least US fatalities.

Top Seven... )

Dishonorable Mention... )

This list caught my eye because the top seven included Malamute and Chow Chow along with the ‘dishonorable mention’ including Wolf Hybrid. My lovely mate has Malamute/Wolf mixes and a Chow Chow. Am I in horrible danger? Probably not. The comments on the original website pointed out that bad dogs are often nurtured instead of natured. Breeds do have tendencies and their owners need to be aware of these traits. The wolf/malamute mix needs firm but loving discipline, lest they assert an alpha pull on their owners.

The other thing that caught my eye was the pictures that the person used for the dogs. The Dalmatian got a really bum wrap when it comes to a pictorial image. Shoot, I’d never have one if this was the typical behavior!

Scary looking dalmatian... )

The Chow Chow did not fair much better...

Demon Chow Chow! )

Oh well... I suppose personal experience is the best teacher for confirming or dispelling the perceptions of others.
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Max is the lone chow chow who has the honor of living with [livejournal.com profile] wulfwalker's wolf-dogs. Sometimes it is not an easy life, but Max is mondo chill, and he gets by pretty good. This is a picture of Max waiting for a treat while Wayah checks for the ground of any dropped goodies and Chakotay just hangs out...

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Rowen and his father Chakotay are both shedding down to their third layer of fur. [livejournal.com profile] wulfwalker brushed some of this off and it ended up looking like snow on the ground. Here is a picture of Rowen sitting amongst the furry residue!


Shedding Glamour Shot... )

Cool picture of Rowen and Wayah running! )
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Yahoo! Boomer (front) and Wayah (rear) run. You can see Tobey in the back chasing Gulliver...

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Sometimes the kitties sit on the hill above the yard. On Sunday Arwen took the place of dog taunter, perhaps unintentionally...


So Close Yet So Far! (Thank Goodness!!!) )
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[livejournal.com profile] wulfwalker and I ran around today to some stores and took pictures at the abandoned Woodruff school. I'll not be able to upload them today, so I'll leave you instead with this cute pictures of the wolf-dog cubs visiting inside the house for the first time (12/16/07).

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The wolf-dogs, chow and labs are eager to run out into the yard for the day...

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The labradors are getting bigger and bigger! They are still getting along with their foster family, though their foster mother is a tough cookie! Gulliver really seeks human company for comfort. His brother Boomer does so as well, but not nearly as much as Gulliver. The past weekend Wayah was in heat, requiring us to keep the dogs in the pen in order to keep the peace. The flickr set of the dogs in their usual home is here. Wayah and her son Bear were photographed out in the main yard. Bear has a boo-boo on his nose from his mother aggressively disciplining him.

Below is a picture of the now larger Gulliver. That is mud on his nose. He and his brother seem to now perpetually have this bit of yard 'cosmetic'. LOL...

Gulliver the Black Labrador Puppy - IMG_0845

Let's Run!

Apr. 19th, 2008 10:28 am
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I've been seeking to capture pictures of the dogs in movement and found the keys are good lighting and a fast shutter speed. At some point I'll post a collection of "best of" running pictures, but for now I leave you with this one showing what seems like a mismatched race...

Wayah and Tobey Run!

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Gulliver and Boomer have been growing and growing... they are becoming monster puppies!

Labrador Puppies! )
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I took pictures of the labrador puppies and the rest of the dogs. The one I am featuring below includes Max and one of the puppies. Both pups are in the mode of licking the other dog's faces. Max tolerates it, but he does not look very parental in the picture...

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I have to share this picture of Wulfwalker's dogs running and playing. This is an incredible picture because if features one of new labrador puppies, two of the wolf-dogs (Rowen and Wayah) and Tobey the Poodle. It is part of a larger picture set I took on Tuesday.

One really has to smile when you see the energy and vitality in the dog's faces and bodies.

Dogs Running


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