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The poem “I Was Nude” is about sleep symbology that I experience from time to time.

I Was Nude

Once again I was nude
within the confines of a dream
none who waked saw my form
would they want to? I don’t know

my body came from vision’s realm
I didn’t mind the fancied shape
stress came from lack of clothes
how did this happen? this I’ll tell

the garments were gone by my hand
one moment there, the next vanished
something pushed me to disrobe
what was the purpose? you’ll never guess

I could breathe when in the buff
something gave when I was stressed
the raiment lost gave me hope
where did that leave me? let’s inspect

in the end I sought to cover
though I longed to walk naked
that was the plan, now find the clothes
why this dream? the answer beckons

here I’m revealed as in dream
a poet’s words is bareness’ cousin
on each day I strip with words
with sleep’s sight as my passion

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170607.
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The poem “Her Intimacy” is about dream I had. The background of the poem is that the dream seemed to be a sequel to one had in the long past. Twice the woman stated that she was sixty-six and that years had passed in her world as they had in my world.

Her Intimacy

Twenty-five have passed
now she’s sixty-six
yet in this world of dream
her beauty is timeless
introductions were made
a beauty women coming forth
to gaze at my naked butt
(remember it was a dream)
the was covered full
with blanket (or large towel)
dancing in the crowd
she knew me from the past
I rolled with the preface
not to turn down friendliness
from there it really weird
as we walked as one
her standing in the back
hiding my exposed bum
then she rode on my back
(my pants had returned)
through the hotel’s rooms
the lobby larger than most
a connection was remembered
when my ex entered
then leaving for late dinner
after the intros were made
pizza parlor fare
time to withdraw to bed
competing with another five
suitors of both sex
for her retired repose
the leader was a dude
I chided him for his pride
that he could be there each night
while stating it was alright
that I would delay my turn
I had waited a quarter century
to meet one still splendid
and could wait until future dream
for the comfort of her intimacy.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170305.
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"Once Dreamt" examines the power and scope of poetry in the poet's life.

Once Dreamt

I once dreamt I was a poem
put to page for all to see
posted to the social blogs
all revealed in black and white
naked for the curious
if only they would deign to read
ramblings of a man once lost
still wandering amongst the words

ponderings profane on the whole
avoided by the pious folks
yet to bland to make a mark
amongst the vaunted avant-garde
the happy mean is meant to be
therapy for the dreaming one
what's been shared is trivial
when compared to the eternal soul

predilections all in a list
insecurities too soon set free
wounds examined in broad day light
the stanzas spoke for those who heard
romance noted where none should be
preoccupation with liberties
humanity bent to suffer low
by the grace of divinity

the dream ended as it begun
with me alone amongst the words
making sense of what came before
by cryptic letters on the wall
seeing patterns in stanzas formed
by consequence of actions done
I am the poem in slumber's grasp
please guide my way when I awake.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170201.
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“Once Dreamt” is about a prophetic poem I had when I was in college. Dreams can be frilly silly, or they can speak to things that are incredibly personal.

Once Dreamt

I once dreamt I was allured
to an object that most demurred
they were repelled to step far away
as I approached to longingly gaze

realization filled my head
awareness kin to creeping dread
what did this mean for a young soul
a message sent from sleeping world?

it was a dream so none did see
what filled my vision behind the veil
yet in my heart thought was conceived
these symbols said my life could change

revelation had tapped my arm
said look here son, don't be alarmed
there's no harm if that’s what you want
slumber cracked the window and showed the door

alternatives were thus revealed
I’m awake I’ll have you know
from the dreams my path was set
and to this day I still walk it.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170105.
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I finished listening to the second and third of Ted Dekker’s Circle Series. The books used the plot device of the hero moving between worlds through the gateway of dreams. It was an interesting listen. Ted does use Christian symbology, shades of C.S. Lewis in the Narnia series. At times it got a little heavy-handed. If that suits you, and you’d like a bit of time / dream travel fantasy, check out the books.

Return to Lunacy

When I awake from the dream
knowing I'm full awake
in the reality's firm grasp
I wonder if I'm still napping.
My confusion is natural
given the madness clearly seen
in the disorder of the realm
beyond the peace of reverie.

What has changed since I slept
this pendulum swing of dire events
as society fights with itself
in schizophrenic dispute?
What's up is also down
the good is also wrong
good people call each other bad
in full sincerity of the waken state.

I pinch myself, it does no good
I still am part of the fold
seeking a way out of here
as siren calls call us in.
There on the rocks is our fate
as certainty again repeats
outside of drowsing times
here in the humans' folly.

I'll sleep forever if I can
end this race to Devil's chant
power found is power given
as ashes of the hollow world.
Know I'm full awake
is bitter sweet compensence
for straying from the sleeping balm
of gentle lunacy in Hypnos' arms.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160622.
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The poem “Monster's Lair” is based on a dream I experienced.

Monster's Lair

Welcome to the monster's lair
where innocents die under moon's dim glare.
The inhabitants can be strange
though after nightfall they become more deadly.
Fighting will be the only way
you'll see daylight after most perish.

The evening passes with much running
as common objects become death's instruments.
The placid ones will not object
when it is they or you in this unkind contest.
Letter openers become dire sickles
as heads are lopped off of walking dead.

The aftermath distresses me
loved ones are missing and must be found.
The aftermath offers no answers
as locals deny all in the light of day.
To stay is the only choice
it is at risk of becoming one of them.

Now I live in the monster's lair
with no memory of nights' events.
I wonder if I am still sane
this could be debatable because I stayed.
To become a creature is the way
to survive in the depths of nightmare's grip.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160501.
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I had a dream about being invited to a dinner celebration in a town I had never seen before. By the end the dream I was riding a cow across a field in order to escape from a probable massacre. Does this sound familiar? The cow part aside, it is very roughly the plot to “Two Thousand Maniacs!”. A latter dream that night had a strange twist. The main host for the dinner called and said he was upset that I left early. I told him that I had freaked out and left out of fear. I don't know if he accepted my apology, but I would have done it again.

Two Thousand

Please don't invite me to the picnic
the one with the smiling faces and long knives
tables piled high high with festive fare
my friends and I served as main course.

The day started out simple enough
stranded in the country with broken ride
with locals eager for some company
at annual celebration of comradery.

So much time had been spent
making the town ready for the festival
a gala of decadence by simple people
a sign of their observance of greater purpose.

Sabbath or funeral clothes were worn
the former we assumed to our error
surely they did not dress handsome for visitors
even if they said they did it only once a year.

Through a twisted path we were led
past halls set waiting banquet
at these we did not tarry long
until we arrived at a hall for our sup.

Potato salad stood by deviled egg
fried chicken next to candy ham.
Strangely our hosts paid more attention
to us than the spread made for them.

I separated from the group
did not eat any of the offered food
suspecting that I would sleep
too soon after eating the cole slaw.

Out the back door I escaped
down alleys until I reached the woods
through the rows of planted trees
I made my way to far safety.

The day started out simple enough
I did not realize in the end
I'd ride a cow to not be a meal
but that's a poem for another time.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160417.
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Due warning, the poem / lyrics “This Waking Daydream” is about sleeping erotic dreams. This is a bit more explicitly racy than my normal camouflaged fare! I consider these lyrics because of the five syllable lines. A sexy little tune would turn this right into a song.

This Waking Daydream
Poem for Day 321 – 20151118

I dreamt of your touch
a simple caress
no strings attached
in the realm outside
this waking daydream.

Another face shown
the fondle the same
producing pleasure
in the realm beyond
this waking daydream.

Pardon indulgence
my proclivity
for the fey pleasure
in the realm apart
this waking daydream.

I'll sleep again
hope to encounter
the last libertine
in the realm behind
this waking daydream.

This waking daydream
leaving it behind
this waking daydream
on the other side
this waking daydream.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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Our dreams are portals to meeting those lost to the waking life. Illusions? Yes, but still there is joy in such a small visitation.

To Dream in My Sleep
Poem for Day 269 – 20150927

To dream in my sleep,
not the waking kind,
is my deepest wish.
My dear awaits there,
in deepest shadow,
of sleeper's quest.

where mind's shadows
echo my desires
in hallucinations
of life's mirage.
Experienced by
my traveling self
through the longing
of past made present.

There you reside,
wearing another's
face, one or many,
portrayed against
stages of the past,
or those imagined,
when we meet again.

Hold my questing hand,
connect my cold lips,
absent from your arms,
this survivor's soul.
Find me and keep me,
here in reverie
of oblivion.

To dream in my sleep,
to never awake,
with the one I lost
so long ago.
May I always dream
of the one too soon
taken before me.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I am planning a short poetry book named “Girl Who Traveled Dreams”. I wrote the following poem as the introduction to book. It is brief, heart felt, and speaks to the other poems.

Girl Who Traveled Dreams
Bonus Poem for Day 234 – 20150822

She traveled through dreams
on the rainbow streams.
Cast the colored spell,
stepped into sleep,
intent on the journey
to the other side.

Heartfelt spell was cast
on my younger self.
Magic's child of grace,
first love of my life,
walked in my world
now in memories.

Twenty years have gone
and still the way is clear.
Walk my trance at night,
touch my poems by day,
you visit as a ghost,
girl who traveled dreams.

I'll lay my head down
after I cast these words.
Sleep a special dream
awake in this world.
To dream of her return
from the other side.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I'm at a point in my dancing that I do have moments when I wonder “how did get here with such a marvelous partner?”. My partners WANT to dance with me. Very Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” stuff.

Dance Dream Again
Poem for Day 121 – 20150502

I had that dream again,
the one that I welcome,
but find most disturbed.
I had that dream tonight,
and I'll tell it to you.

It is one of dance,
and I am to be the lead,
with you a partner in crime.
I'd be with no other,
but what I am to do?

How did I get here?
How do I respond to beauty
in my arms, couples at my side?
How do I dance, can I dance,
with one as lovely as you?

The others know what to do,
leads cajoling the magical moves.
Followers responding with glee,
consummate masters of their destiny,
and I am just plain confused.

You are beauty incarnate,
Venus herself would be jealous.
One of such many in this dance,
but the first amongst equals,
sheltered safe in my arms.

But wait, I know this song,
this melody comes to mind.
My feet remember familiar steps,
to guide you by my side
to be your dancing paramour.

I dreamt of dancing,
fleet of foot, light of heart,
with a lovely lady by my side.
People around, focusing me,
with you in my arms complete.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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Again I am inspired by a picture I took. This time it was a spontaneous vision of a fairy queen as she created one of her subjects. Harley truly had a haunting look, one that inspires art.

Fairy Queen
Poem for Day 093 – 20150403

Fairy Queen, keeper of memories,
take mine away through gentle sleep.
Here next to your mound in woods deep,
I'll hope to retreat to your gentle reach.

Send your daughters to my side,
to witness my vigil in forest glen.
Where are you royalty fae?
I need your aid in my deep despair.

You exist in a realm far from here,
portals of dream are entry there.
I bring my burdens to your doorstep,
to lie down as your eyes gaze at me.

Your eyes follow me as I stride
across phantom fields in my mind.
Twisting paths lead me astray,
but still I press on to your side.

Monsters of mind threaten me,
creations of fear and dread.
Chasing me through hidden groves,
as I strive to pierce your veil.

Deeper into dream, struggling on,
your minions flank at my sides.
I draw nearer to your high castle
my burdens lessen with each step.

Finally I reach your threshold,
Fairy Queen, keeper of memories,
I lay them down at your feet,
trial of my journey put to peace.

I was released from memories,
you took them in hand.
My shadow fades from the mound,
as my body leaves earthly realm.

I lay by the mound in woods deep,
but no longer look for me there.
I've found the way to my true place,
free to live life in the land of dreams.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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I watched the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special. It touched on the reality of dreams. This got me thinking about how the difference between dreams and a waking reality can indistinguishable. That turns about to be a poem for another day. The poem “Dreaming Another Reality” is about the differences between the waking world and the dream world. For some people, those old(er), the dream world is a very different place from the waking world. This poem speaks to those differences.

Dreaming Another Reality
Poem for Day 94 – 20141226

Dream transports me
in ways most magical.
Dreams are my portal
to worlds I want to visit.

Time becomes a pathway
traveled on a whim.
I witness places from long ago
and they are reality now.

I walk with no pain.
There are no limits physically.
Age is a passing vision,
it has no function in this place.

A cast of characters meet me,
some are now long gone.
Speak to me with voices now mute,
I hear you now in this reality.

I do things that I wish
because they are possible now.
The bucket list is complete
in this dimension less discrete.

Lastly I am the hero,
fighting monsters and aliens.
I may join them to make peace,
but in the end I always win.

Could I stay here, in this place?
No, sadly I must retreat.
The magic cannot last
and to reality I must pass back.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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Dreams are lost to trauma of all types. The hardships can occur in earliest childhood forgotten. The result is a fragmenting of the soul into scattered pieces. The dream is no more, lost to the injury of the moment. This is not irrevocable, but it takes a special person to return a person’s dream.

Bring Back the Dream
Poem for Day 82 – 20141214

Bring me back the dream
of things that used to be.
Bring me the information
to reshape my foundation.

Speak to my power animal
seek nature's wisdom imparted.
See my pattern unfold
as my purpose becomes tangible.

Remove the negative,
extract those parts not needed.
They only hold me back
from my life's purpose succeeding.

So many fragments scattered
through trauma and drama alike.
Pick up the pieces for me
and return them to bring me peace.

Restore the balance,
seek my most precious thing.
Return to me my soul
through sacred parts conjoining.

Rattle the bonds closed.
Seal the returned pieces.
You made me whole again
so the dreamer may dream again.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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The poem “The Red King's Way” about seeking yourself in the mirror of others. Things maybe learned about others, or yourself, but the results can be befuddling. You may seek a way back to willful ignorance. The imagery in the poem is borrowed from a celebrated story by Lewis Carroll.

The Red King's Way
Poem for Day 071 – 20141203

Peer the red king's way
and wonder what is there
beware curious viewer
what may be reflected back.
Consider him your mirror
echoing what you want
He can be what you want
while he is everything not.

His deep still waters
years in the making
repeat the surface image
while hiding deeper secrets.
Look there you are
swimming in the depths
part of his dreaming
reflecting on the surface silver.

The future is remembered
the past is forgotten
the present is cast back
in reflections most harsh.
These can be your unmaking
an unbirthday of sorts
as you ponder the mirror
staring back at your soul.

Take on the crown of lies
the gnarled twist of fates
see yourself in waters rushed
rubbing the stone most smooth.
He will hold your hand
eyes reflecting your gaze
the journey has begun
a party is held on your behalf.

Seek the words of wisdom
strewn in the rabble of logic
bantered by fools
and spoken by pawns most royal.
Messengers and sheep
shout for your attention
running by the stream
and speak of banded feathers.

Shake the red queen
disrupt the artful balance
the king will awake
and the journey will end.
Return up from the depths
to surface most placid
turned away from the vision
of your most curious dream.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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I wrote the poem “I Awoke” as a free form exercise. As usual, there is a twist to the poem. I swear I channel M. Night Shyamalan. Anyway, after finishing the poem I looked for a quote that spoke to what others said about dreaming. I found that Carl Jung said the following about Mandalas:

"The 'squaring of the circle' is one of the many archetypal motifs which form the basic patterns of our dreams and fantasies. But it is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the most important of them from the functional point of view. Indeed, it could even be called the archetype of wholeness."

Go Jung and your archetypes! It seems that I tapped right into his stream of thought with the last line of the poem. Now, what can I do with this realization?

I Awoke
Poem for Day 067 – 20141129

I awoke in a world
full of interesting people.
I knew none of them
but I was completely at ease.
I was not my own age
because I defined by action instead.
Pain was not a companion.
People acted with civility.

Would I trade this world
for the dream that haunts me so?
My dream is of pain
of my person and society.
My dream is of discourse.
Unremorseful hatred rules.
I am glad that I could awake
and escape that nightmare.

Now I walk around naked,
my clothes vanished in a blink.
My vehicles change shape
as I drive from the back seat.
I visit places long gone
and other places only existing
in my blessed awakened state.
This is the world I awoke in.

Maybe I'll go back
to that dream world later.
Maybe I'll return to
that sleeping nightmare.
For now I will live
in the world awakened.
For now I will live
in a place that completes me.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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There are people who visit us only in our dreams. Sometimes the encounters are pleasant, fond reunions in a sleeping realm. Other times the encounters are terse and unwelcomed, even though dreams are the only place the people may be met.

That Dream
Poem for Day 017 - 20141010

I had that dream again,
you know the one.
You appear from beyond,
a ghost made most plain.
I miss you so much,
enough for my heart to ache.
You're not there while I wake,
instead you visit in my sleep.

The dream is infrequent,
for this I am most glad.
I feel raving mad.
This is my deep secret.
Why only in my dreams?
My heart feels broken.
My tears are emotion streaming.
Your heart is emotion frozen.


I am so glad to see you.
Please don't visit me again.
I wish no dream preview
of a future so constrained.
Please visit me again,
in my slumber resting place.
Just please, next time,
Say that you love me once again.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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This morning I had yet another set of dreams that did not align with the realities of my waking world. I dreamt that I was trying to calm a baby half the size of my hand.  The baby's face actually transformed into a splotch of red when it got angry.  Eventually the baby got up and then grew in size.  It walked to an adjacent room and found its mother.  It then spoke to the mother and said that somebody wanted to kiss me.  I remembered that the mother and daughter had said that earlier in the dream.  WHAT?  The father and son were standing behind the mother, and my companion said it would be a good time to go. 

I clearly have some psychological things going on here... thank you dream for letting me know!
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I had an interesting dream this morning.  I had a dream about a fellow blogger referring to me in a post.  I tried reading the posting in the dream, but this did not work.  I instead had to listen to the post, and it came through clearly.  It was about a non-expert acting as an expert.  I think the exact wording was something about a sales representative acting like a scientist.  Wonderful.  One paranoia fear of people with low(er) self-esteem is the thought "when will they discover that I'm not that good?" Is my dream coming from that or is it a message?  Hmmm....
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So I dreamed that I was hanging with my parents and a group of people / friends.  I had hamburger meat wrapped around one foot.  I was asked to go and get ice and two other things from the store.  I then put on my shoes and wrapped hamburger meat around the shoes.  It didn't go real well.  The coverage was awful and it looked a mess.  I guess I didn't have enough for the job. 

OK... what is up with that?  Who wraps hamburger meat around their feet?  This dream symbology is getting too strange.


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