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A Tumblr posting by emilyloisrose (https://emilyloisrose.tumblr.com/post/150945655019/heres-the-thing-about-evil-evil-is-not-a-person) inspired me to write the poem “Ourselves”. To paraphrase the inspiration, “Here’s the thing about evil; evil is not a person, it is an idea. – Fear of a vessel seems pointless, when we should not fear the person, but the idea.”. This aligns with my experience of evil both within and without of myself.


Born of selfish needs and deeds
crisis cast unto the masses
survival spurs life in peril
the end result is evil’s burden
if you wonder what is the source
consider where the bane resides
then look to the whole of man
the threads are there to intercept

there is a seed in far past
malice found in history
promoted by the wheel of time
until it finds fresh earth in the now
there it finds the fresh recruits
by temperament or hard abuse
look not to the past and you’ll find
this is the harvest of the worst

seek not the hands from beyond
humanity is sufficient unto itself
to wreck the lives of other ones
with drive to draw the end result
to rationalize is the means
this requires no demon’s bless
the end result of ancestral strife
is enough to fill the heart

fear of vessels is astute
though limited in foresight
protection can turn on itself
goading the thing sought to elude
in this we find ourselves
selfishness bred to lower ends
humanity put to vessels vile
when in the end it is ourselves.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161004.
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Scott Peck, the author of the excellent book “People of the Lie”, defines evil as “I define evil, then, as the exercise of political power -- that is, the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion -- in order to avoid extending one’s self for the purpose of nurturing spiritual growth. Ordinary laziness is nonlove; evil is antilove.”. My poem “Sanctified Evil” explores this thought further.

Sanctified Evil
Poem for Day 296 – 20151024

Of all the evils in the world,
the least is the greatest in your eyes.
So little harm done to you and yours
and yet you fight it with all you have.

One could wonder why this is so,
why you rally against things so small.
The answer is in the words you see,
the definition of evil to you and me.

Evil is the persecution of other men,
wounds physical or mental done to them.
Typically this is done for a gain,
though the amount is often so inane.

There are three things that promote your action,
the evil exacted on those around you.
I wonder if you are aware of them
in your focus to bend the world.

A deadly mix are these three,
feeding on each other in triad glee.
In the end you feel no shame,
your heart and soul sold away.

First there are the fears you have,
those people or ways you don't understand.
A primal response is the natural result,
if only you didn't use it to rule the world.

Secondly you bend your will to other men,
allegiances made for a common goal.
This would be a thing of good
if you did not in turn sell your soul.

Lastly you gain power for its own sake,
fearing a fall from from your higher place.
It matters not how you sustain the height,
humanity be damned to hold the line.

And there you are on the high throne,
claiming you share it with God alone.
The evil you do is the most base kind,
sanctified in fear, debts, and clasping hands.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I'm listening to The Pendergast series book “Brimstone”. The story begins with a murder, seemingly by a cloven hoofed attacker. A character in the book discards the idea that it is the Devil, saying that being that public is not the Devil's nature. I believe this is true. In my estimation people like Karl Rove are the demonic entities walking among us. The poem “Brimstone” is about the devils of this world who control and scheme with the visible princes of the world.

Poem for Day 257 – 20150915

Look not for the Devil,
fiend of The Book
in deepest of shadows
and the hottest of hells.
He's here on this earth,
partner of the most high,
the fixer of problems
and elevator of men.

Look away from the limelight,
behind the leaders of all,
to the one with sly smiles,
and a desire to conspire.
Promotion of darkness
is his deepest desire.
The minions are eager
when help is at hand.

No cut is too deep,
no mud is too dirty,
the game is the thing
for the Lord of the Lies.
Invite him to dinner,
to serve at your side,
the meal will be served
with the enemy expired.

Promotion assured
for the followers of id.
Their master is masked
as his evil is spread.
He's here on this earth,
you'll never know him
unless you seek to exceed
with the help of his kind.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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It's been an interesting day... but I will write about the tale another time. For now I want to share something that I wrote in the past...

I was recently accused of "evil manipulative kitty icon usage". It is I who is innocent. The truly evil ones are the cats!

It is true. Cats are evil transdimensional beings. We are their pawns. Pray for Mercy!

Witness the prophetic words of Spock in Catspaw,
Racial memories.
The cat is the most ruthless ...
most terrifying of animals ...
as far back as the saber-toothed tiger
Witness the visions of the true evil archetype...

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Fear them if you dare!

How do you know it is Dr. Evil's cat?

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I finally found a book-on-tape by Dean Koontz that I couldn't listen to. Normally I REALLY like his unabridged material. It is witty and creepy at the same time. Well, the book Intensity was just plain creepy. It is about the interplay between the heroine Chyna Shepherd and the serial killer Edgler Foreman Vess. Vess embraces intense situations and only at these times does he feel truly alive. Additionally, he believes is invincible from powers gained in killing his victims. Vess kills for the sheer 'intensity' of it. He believes that life is all about accruing sensation, and that he must live with intensity in order to discover new sensations.

ACK!!! I had to pull out of this whirlwind of egoic destructive satisfaction. It reminded me very much of Scott Peck's writings. Scott Peck is the author of "People of the Lie". I've found this book to be a fascinating examination of evil and its causes. From the wikipedia website:

Evil is described by Peck as "militant ignorance". In this it is close to the original Judeo-Christian concept of "sin" as a consistent process that leads to failure to reach one's true goals.

An evil person:

  • Projects his or her evils and sins onto others and tries to remove them from others
  • Maintains a high level of respectability and lies incessantly in order to do so
  • Is consistent in his or her sins. Evil persons are characterized not so much by the magnitude of their sins, but by their consistency
  • Is unable to think from other people's viewpoints.

Most evil people realize the evil deep within themselves but are unable to tolerate the pain of introspectionor admit to themselves that they are evil. Thus, they constantly runaway from their evil by putting themselves in a position of moral superiority and putting the locus of evil on others. Evil is an extreme form of what Scott Peck, in The Road Less Traveled, calls a character disorder.

To me, this is the kind of evil that animals and nature as a whole cannot reproduce. It takes a thinking entity to cultivate, maintain and project evil unto others. Something to consider. I plan to write more about the connection between intensity, selfishness, and those actions that are considered evil by a majority.

A not evil, yet wonderfully intense, picture... )
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I finished listening to "Dark Rivers of the Heart" by Dean Koontz today. His books always cause me to contemplate life, purpose, power and good/evil. This particular books featured two villains that had different motivations. Roy Miro was a government agent who was also a sociopathic killer. His angle was a strong sense of "compassion" that drove him to want to end the suffering of others. He killed often and randomly, with no sense of guilt. Instead he believed that he was fulfilling a duty to the world as a whole. The other villain was the hero's father. The father was a serial killer who indulged in the deaths as art. Now in prison, the father had previously killed two or three people a year.

The contrast between the two villains occurred at the end of the book. While both villains were evil personified as sociopathic serial killers, the father said that Miro was insane. He said that only insane people kill in a sociopathic way in the pursuit of purpose. Only those who killed for fun were sane. Who was the "worst" killer? Miro dreamed of killing off 90% of the population in pursuit of his perfect world. He was sanitary, caring and "compassionate" in this dogged pursuit of death. The father killed much less often in pursuit of "art" and fun. His crimes were sadistic, messy and had no inherent "redeeming" goals.

Who was more evil? Was one of the evil characters sane and the other insane? Before it can be said, "neither is more evil, both are equally insane", consider that there is a judgment call on people being "more good" (i.e. Mr. Rodgers and Mother Teresa). Food for thought...

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I am finding a disturbing trend in the Dean Koontz I've read and listened to. The main villains are truly evil, but yet they have veins of sanity and "normality". Sometimes they seem more "normal" than the heroes. This is especially true in the book I am now listening to, "Dark Rivers of the Heart".

I am left wondering if regularl people are like this. Do we have things about us that push us to the edge of normality? Are we so unaware of these things that we believe normality surrounds us, but others see something very different? Food for thought...

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I finished reading Al Franken's book, "The Truth with Jokes". The book leaves me dispirited about the motivations of the leadership of this country. The abuse of power and money is amazing. I am left wondering if the combination of Republican politicians and big-business is evil incarnate.

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This is an article excerpt that speaks to the nature of personal shadow and the role of love in integrating the shadow. The much lengthier original article was about the Good and Evil. Nowadays I find myself wrestling with my shadow and find that these words give a clue on who I can deal with my guilt and self-sabotage.

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I am writing this article in response the discussions I’ve seen about the nature of Nature. Opinions range from "use it as you will" to "only good things will come from the earth when you’re in peace with it". The truth is somewhere in between, with bad things happening to good people and bad deeds seeming to go unpunished. What gives? I’ll approach my thoughts from the perspective that nature does have destructive power and a balanced response or understanding is required.

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Don't confuse the lazy, ignorant or 'altruistic' self-serving actions of mankind for malicious evil.
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I feel truly sad when I observe the behavior of those who act for groups. The irony is that the individuals are doing nothing wrong themselves. Their intentions are pure (enough). Somehow the good intentions are subverted and end up harming others as little evils are perpetrated by a larger group dynamic. I can expect this from groups as a whole. My heart is pained when I see people in spiritual groups acting the same way.

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Once upon a time I hoped that spiritual groups could do something to keep the shadows at bay. Maybe some quality of personal or group character could be attained that other groups don't have. Sadly, I see spiritual groups as much at risk for succumbing to the shadows of the group dynamic.

I ask my LJ friends these questions... do the spiritual groups have any moral/character advantage over other groups, or are they merely an imperfect but serviceable vehicle for discovering the divine? If you are or were a member of a spiritual group, what drew you to membership? How did the spiritual group improve your life?
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What is Evil? People attribute everything from bad manners to murder to this apparent opposite of Good. Most of us experience only the mild forms of Evil. These discomforts still exist against all voiced desires otherwise. Why?

I’ve pondered these little evils. Online they include the cold shoulder and the pointed word. The targets are diverse, but there is a common thread amongst these victims of minor evils. The shared trait is that of separation; differences between the peoples leading to harsh treatment.

A fable by Tolstoy )

The gulfs between people promote a lack of understanding and empathy. Tolstoy’s fable has evils originating from hunger, ill temper, transitional love and fear. The Evil of the fable is not an entity. It is instead a condition perpetrated by differences in people’s lives and perceptions. The remedy to evil lies somewhere between closing these differences and accepting the cosmic prevalence of Evil. Acknowledged and recognized, the differences may be purposely decreased between all of us. Those who actively promote differences can be marginalized. All those who wish to embrace a life more free of intentional evils will live with awareness, forgiving themselves for those differences that continue to exist.
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I'm sure I came across this story during my Eastern studies. The tale illustrates the power and choice of perception. Can we trust what is seen? is the obvious always the answer? What is really 'evil' and what is a misviewing of circumstance? I am dealing with these challenges in my own life and thought this spoke well to my heart.

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Recently I wrote about the suffering of people and the situations that damage our psyches. A foundational piece of this examination is the 'evil' people who inflict harm on others. This article will look at the human faces of evil, offering some generalized explanations of why people do evil things.

Many years ago I saw the Clint Eastwood movie, "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly". I think I was a teenager. The film taught me about the morals and intentions of humanity. From it I learned that the "Good" can do harm, the "Bad" can be quite evil by action, but charming in appearance, and the "Ugly" can be evil by action, but harmless/confused in motivation. The result was shades of gray in which the action/motivation interplay of people is rarely completely understood.

To me, the Eastwood movie asked, "why do people do bad things?". This is the question that I find myself blogging about. The responses from my LJ friends indicate a level of pain and injury inflicted upon them by others. Some friends have been bravely forthcoming, sharing periods of deep and prolonged abuse. The sadness of the shared situations, and indeed my own, is that the people who hurt us are not mustache-twisting villains of the movies. The people who do evil to us are families, friends, co-workers, and well-intentioned groups. It would seem that the potential for good, or at the least neutrality, is equal to that of evil. Stuff still happens. If people are not inherently all good or all bad, the evil stuff will occur. It is my opinion that the majority of evil perpetrated upon people is from a grab-bag of unfortunate human states. While the outcomes are easily condemned, the origins can be forgivable in their very sadly comical flavors.

Below is my list of the origins of "Evil People". I will attempt to apply the labels of "Good", "Evil" and "Ugly" to them, with the understanding that no source of suffering is truly "Good", but the intentions may be so.

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An abusive person rarely has only one of these factors. The classic example would be the parent abusing the child. The parent may be expressing bored/sickness/stress/tough-times/rage. Any sum mix of human faces of evil is more toxic than its separate parts. The influences of evil can feed on each other, amplifying one another.

The list of human origins of evil is by no means complete. The eighteen points I've listed are a good starting point. The mixing of these root causes leads too an infinite variety of "reasons". All is not lost. I'm a BIG believer in self-awareness. We humans do mean, stupid things to each other. Awareness of motivation, desires, and intention allows us to STOP before the outward expression of an evil act occurs. The self-regulation of awareness can turn the evil action to an ugly one. The ugly act can be shift to good. Or perhaps, just maybe, we don't act out at all. It is a mix of choice, not-choice, and bad luck. It is also all part of the human experience. Love it or lump it, we're here for the ride.

Evil Cats

Jan. 30th, 2007 09:27 am
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I was recently accused of "evil manipulative kitty icon usage". It is I who is innocent. The truly evil ones are the cats!

It is true. Cats are evil transdimensional beings. We are their pawns. Pray for Mercy!

Witness the prophetic words of Spock in Catspaw,
Racial memories.
The cat is the most ruthless ...
most terrifying of animals ...
as far back as the saber-toothed tiger
Witness the visions of the true evil archetype...

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Fear them if you dare!
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Only because Professor Chaos was not an option!

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Neither! Does this make me unpredictable? Perhaps...
Are you Good or Evil?
You are half evil, and half good. The perfect balance!
'Are You Good or Evil?'
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Two events have come together to cause me to ponder. The first was a Dutch originating NPR radio show on the placement of a plaque for Dutch survivors of German WWII concentration camp. I can't seem to find a web link for it at this time. One of the survivors was asked what she felt towards the German people. Her response (paraphrasing) was "how could they be so stupid to follow their leaders?" Sometimes I feel this way in these modern times. I look at rational, intelligent human beings, and wonder why the heck they follow whom they do, and do the things they do. I was at a point of tears listening to the NPR show.

I was near weeping in retrospection of the evil of man. I know... in other blogs I decry the existence of something called Evil. I am revamping the word here, lowering it to a lower case state, to reflect human-on-human evil. In his book, "People of the Lie", Dr. Peck's definition of evil is the use of power to destroy the spiritual growth of another. Peck further defines evil as “that force residing either inside or outside of human beings that seeks to kill life and liveliness".

I believe that the recognition of evil springs from it's contrasting behavior with other human expressions. There are times when life is ended in order for transformations to occur. The outcome is the differentiation between the evil destruction of life and the transformative destruction of life. Outcome springs from intention. Thus, there is room to say that there are human intentions that are inherently evil, by Peck's definition. The outcome of the Holocaust cannot be seen as transformative. The intentions of the Holocaust are not defendable as good. IMO, there is a natural conclusion that the Holocaust was an evil thing.

So, I've been left in a place that had me doubting the sanity of the world (again). I could not come up with a good "why" for the stupidity of people. Again, this stupidity is not a thing of the past. There are people in my own society that would burn my shamanic loving butt at the stake if they could get away with it. It would be for my own good... to save my soul. I tell myself that people don't get these ideas on their own. They have help from a leadership or group. Where is the sanity here?

A LJ friend had a posting today pointing at the article about Philip Zimbardo, known for his famous Stanford Prison Experiment in the early 70s. Philip states,

"You could put virtually anybody in it and you're going to get this kind of evil behavior," he continued. "The Pentagon and the military say that the Abu Ghraib scandal is the result of a few bad apples in an otherwise good barrel. That's the dispositional analysis. The social psychologist in me, and the consensus among many of my colleagues in experimental social psychology, says that's the wrong analysis. It's not the bad apples, it's the bad barrels that corrupt good people. Understanding the abuses at this Iraqi prison starts with an analysis of both the situational and systematic forces operating on those soldiers working the night shift in that 'little shop of horrors.'"

This puts a perspective on bad leaders, stupid people, and so on. Something to think about as I continue to form my world vision.
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I am getting ready to write a paper about the dynamics of sexuality. The core of my "morality" thoughts are in the following article. I would love to get everyone’s' opinions and feedback on this view of Natural Law vs. Man’s Law. This is being cross-posted on my blog so I can get the great feedback from my friends.

I think in the same vein as those who see the world being a place of connected spirit/energy/vibration. Dogma does not exist here. The rule is indeed survival. That said, we are spiritual beings in human bodies, and to survive a society/tribe makes agreements that are held to be harmonious to the society as a whole. Moral issues spring up from the misinterpretation of these agreements as being dogma instead of just the "really good idea" that they are.

An example is that it is a "really good idea" not to stick body parts into fire for extended periods of time. This can be moralized to state that fire is evil, and must be avoided because of its destructive nature. This kind of attitude comes about by those people who weren't smart enough get their extremities out of fires before harm befell them. Are there some people in every society that need protection that is "extreme" by other people's measures? Sure. Does that mean that society must vilify the things that are protected against? NO!

A last thought. In a diverse natural world that does not have dogmatic definitions of good and evil, and the measurement of the distance that you should put between yourself and something else is the relative harmony/disharmony that the object presents, there is the question of what society can/should do. In the natural law there is no "un-natural" act. How could there be? There are very destructive and disharmonious acts though. A mass-murder is is not un-natural. Killing is something that we are capable of, and who is to judge the motivations behind these actions? That said, a society can deem a mass-murderer as being destructive and dis-harmonious to a tribe/society, and the mass-murderer will be put down for the safety of the larger group. Is this "moral" or just good management?

Feedback? Opinions? Agreements? Disagreements?


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