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“Enough” was inspired by the maddening disconnect between what people say they want, what they really want, and how they act when they receive the latter.


I wish I was enough for them
filling lives with luridness
at the same time falling short
with a lack they'll approve
alluring tease bereft of guile
an equal who knows their place
fair to eye to please the lust
still demure to reflect desire

maturity is confidence
blessed when life hits the ropes
an object for the pedestal
prized with a wisdom they proclaim
this is true, except when it's not
fateful youth fills the mind
no gender is safe in their age
when juicy fruit is what they're not

I'd be saint and the whore
which of these would they like?
one to sate a holy book
the other brings pleasure to the loins
both exist to fill this shell
available at a moment's whim
frightening those who realize
the same is found within their mind

strength is blessing for a time
with the source in life's realm
wisdom of a thousand days
attraction hung to tempt a world
sadly these are too much
enough blunt the simple mind
wanting all, demanding less
lest their state be then judged

conquest becomes the fashion
a prize to stalk and then to have
greatest thrill is the chase
anticipation of what comes next
until the quarry has been had
full in hand, revealing all
then the disgust arrives in full
a human being, not the dream

all of these evoke a rage
turned towards object that is craved
when contrary is called out
stating trickery has been found
or the crux is darker still
attempt to have the cake at hand?
power wants to have the tart
to eat the same while in command.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170713.
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A YouTube musical homage to the main characters in “Lost and Delirious” let me to write the poem “I Survive”.

I Survive

I survive, but am I spared
from the sight of the straight
in their bubble so constrained
their breadth of vision is incomplete
disregarding the consequence
of love’s influence most conceived?

Perhaps the best is on their mind
this does little good when I try
their small box has tall walls
ignoring joined infrastructure
when joy is the end result
matched complete note by note.

Denying the biology of my need
with their dogma pressed to page
of what love should always be
regardless of the plumbing found
when the heart is embraced
to find the one that does the same.

Against the backdrop of fearful signs
held so high to show their god
of the truth used to save the world
these definitions are held to breast
of the love they would deny
to me and mine as I survive.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161126.
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The poem “Backwards Downhill” was inspired by a politically based conversation I endured. As a Blue person in a Red state, I have to listen to people talking about the evils of Clinton. I expect my Red neighbors to hate her because of her political leanings. I have to admit I react poorly the general description of “Republican Politician”. This is normality. The conversation then moved to the latest in right-wing conspiracy theories, most of them circling around Clinton being a lying political mobster who assassinates her opponents (and anybody who threatens her). Apparently they don’t read the same “fact checking” pieces I do, but again, to each their own conspiracy Kool-Aid. The conversation hit a low point when Clinton’s appearance was discussed, finally ending with a discussion of how often she has intimate relations with Bill. Clue: both were very negative. I was left wondering, what the heck does this have to do with her being a leader? It was misogyny at its most ugly. Sadly these were people I largely respect, but apparently politics bring out the worse in people.

In my estimation the discussion I heard went backwards and downhill. I’ll admit that my first impression of people is based on external factors. I’m not proud of this. In time I learn more about the person, moving beyond the physical. Gossip about the person would tell me a few things. I would then form my own positive or negative impression of the person’s character based on personal experience. The sequence of events in the conversation I endured was backwards and downhill with discrediting based on association, then gossip, and then physical characteristics. They don’t talk about their favorite (or unfavorite) sports coaches in this way, with salacious speech about appearance and mating suitability. Hence my statement about misogyny.

All-in-all this was a soul numbing, gouge my eyes out, slash my wrists experience. I can only hope that future generations don’t suffer from toxic character judgements of the type I witnessed.

Backwards Downhill

flows backwards
first with insight
then with slurs
above the belt
is the start
in darkest evil
is where it stops.

will occur
when power finds
the ones that hold
this fated world
in their grasp
as angels cry
for souls now lost.

Humanity strives
to be hell bent
even as godly
fully hate
those of difference
marked from them
by tainted thoughts
and warped beliefs.

Tongues salute
matters high
grist for milling
division's yield
to be human
is to disagree
yet something else
will have its fill.

What follows here
matters not
to leader's ease
or follower's choice
when lowest slander
is the means
to attack the one
that you must hate.

Gender defines
those trapped within
as skin color
does the same
scorn's delight
as smugness rolls
from ego's lips.

In the end
I wonder if
I want to be
part of this circus
the big top round
with hate relished
by those who speak
backwards downhill.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160810.
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A friend posted a meme about knowing people by their names or by their actions. I found this to be fascinating. To me “the name” implied really knowing the character of the person, who they were deep down. Actions were on the surface, sometimes good, most often selfish (even if they are good). These thoughts spun into the poem “Monsters Are”.

Monsters Are

Monsters are all I know,
in this they are the norm.
We call each other by our names,
our sins too private to explain.

Idyllic is another world,
where the judges do implore
morality of the highest bar
set for others to explore.

These judges know us by our crimes,
sure to count every slight.
It matters not the reason why
to all the rules we must comply

Our sins are open to their eyes,
seeing all from seat on high.
If only they could really know
the private lives not disclosed.

Our names mean nothing now,
branded marks are on our flesh.
Monsters are as monsters do,
so goes the judges’ dirge.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160127.
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What happens when I have a period of days without dance? I write raw philosophical poems. The poem “Answer” is about the attempt the “fix” the world by focusing on those that are different from ourselves. Something is broken, but it's not the world.

Bonus Poem for Day 172 – 20150621

Do you have that sick feeling,
there is something amiss here?
I'll confirm this if it helps,
but you'll not like the answer I have.

Life askew, turned right sideways,
with me in the crosshair's center.
Make a correction to mend the box,
redress the flaw found in your world.

You could fix me if I were broken,
patch me if I were cracked,
fill the voids with your shame
that I'm not the same as you.

The stain is not on my skin,
the blemish is not in my religion,
the blasphemy is not my sexuality,
look inside if you want the source.

Do you have that sick feeling
that would ease if I were gone?
You give me too much credit,
I'm not the answer you seek.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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One of the challenges to railing against perceived injustices is that a person can become the very thing they detest. I have to keep this in mind as I do my daily blogs. Thankfully my experience is that I can find some divinely human reason for most any "fault" of mankind.

I am reading the book "Where Are You Going?: A Guide to the Spiritual Journey" by Swami Muktananda. He has a story about a holy man and a prostitute that is both instructive and a warning for those who believe they do the right thing. The second story is about two monks and a prostitute. It is based on a story I read several years ago.

The Holy Man and the Prostitute )

The Two Monks and the Prostitute )


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