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“Scales Upset” is about the critical voices only heard in our heads.

Scales Upset

Can I be right within my wrong
to redeem what’s been lost?
asks the voices held within
behind the mask I present
thoughts compete, the good and bad
mix to ugly in sadder times
while in the glad the smile prevails
hiding angst from other men.

No forgiveness will be had
while notions swirl within my head
echo chamber that does not mute
when the screams invoke within
the harshest critic is myself
berating actions not yet expressed
stealing sleep from my night
adding misery when sun is high.

The phantoms of remembered past
array in lines against the light
deepest dark becomes my life
while the question has no reply
I wonder if the end is near
paying for my inner sins
this would be fit, karma’s way
to balance scales that I’ve upset.

2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170702.
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The poem “Like Icarus” references the mythology of Icarus, the man who fell to earth after his waxen wings melted by flying too close to the sun. The speaker of the poem is foretelling his fall from debaucherous ways, by route of wrongful passions or misdirected emotions.

Like Icarus

Like Icarus I will fly
sometimes I ascend too high
buoyed by attraction’s bliss
or too low by lustful quests
steering to the depths below
bob of body, line of loin
all of this I'll pursue
wings spread to find my way
fire and water foreshadow doom.

Passions blaze from fire's embrace
hot to merge, too bold for good
longing only for revelry
the party all may now attend
excluding kin of morality
inhibitions cast aside
debauchery will be the flare
melting the wax of my wings.

Emotions rule from water's flood
mist kicked up as loves unfurled
in lusty forms of desire's quest
devotion absent with craving's search
hungers spring form from base feelings
not looking back, only front
with sad outcome to my flight
leaden soaking of my wings.

Brother Icarus you were my guide
with fates shared in our time
flying high or flying low
each has a due gods will accuse
Icarus we’ll race to see
who will crash to earth again
though in my case I’ll remain
in the pits of hell that day.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170111.
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I am finding aging to be such a funny thing.  Life really treats those 30 and under with kid gloves.  Living forever seems to be an option.  Then the third decade arrives.  Thirty is associated with a person's Saturn return, and the classic meaning of this time is "life's bills come due".  Metabolisms slow down.  Tanning and smoking start to show up on the skin.  This continues through 40 and then it can accelerate. 

The forties seem to be a really mixed bag for adults.  Hair is lost and weight is gained.   The abuse from athletic adventures of the past show up in achy backs and joints.   Fifties and beyond?  That is waiting for me in just two years. 

All through this are a mixture of physical appearance and physical ability.   Mental and emotional health are tested.  The quantity and quality of life are both a friend and an enemy. 

The outcome?  It can be so different, both karmic and random.  Which will impact us more?  Is there a choice?  We'll see.
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I had a blog entry about quality of life being enhanced by the use of intuition. A wonderfully insight friend responded to this saying "Oh, I don't know. I know a lot of other people who live their lives by intuition and get into just as much trouble and totally screw up their lives. ;P"

Good point! I love it when I get to speak on a subject more. So, why do terribly intuitive people have trouble in their lives? This is a cousin to the question "why do bad things happen to good people?". For your consideration... the reasons why intuitive people have screwed lives:

  • Sh*t happens and life goes sideways in really big ways. Sometimes intuitive people are at the wrong place at the wrong time. It happens because there is a big game plan going on. Does this mean intuitive people are just along for the ride? I don't think so. Consider the attack of the World Trade Center. Many people were killed because of the big picture, but some number of intuitive people managed to not show up at work because they were not part of the picture that day. Intuition still has it power, but the big picture can sneak up on you.
  • Karma is a b*tch. Archetypical "Tower" type events happen in our lives when karma and life catches up with us. Intuition can keep us jumping, out of the way of big stuff, but eventually life will catch up with you if you are running a karmic tab. Intuition is not a get out of jail free card if a person has it coming.
  • People are lazy and don't pay attention to their intuition enough of the time.
  • People are fearful and don't pay attention to intuition in some areas of their lives. I can attest to this one. There are areas of my life that I really really really should turn on the intuition full blast and get busy. Do I? Nope, and the karmic side of life will eventually run me over.
  • People can be naturally intuitive but have lack skills on how to use it on a day to day basis. Why? I don't know, but I've known professional readers that had screwy lives. This reason feels "right" for them.   They could kick butt in a tarot reading, but a simple "yes / no" intuitive query into their own lives was not a skill they used aggressively.

Did I miss anything? Can you think of a reason why intuitive people have screwy lives?
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I've been wanting to write about magic, particulary from the shamanic perspective. A recent question on [livejournal.com profile] nonfluffypagans provoked me to some thoughts about the use of magic. I will do a blog on the nature of magic (source, karma, etc.), both general and shamanic, at another time(s).

The original poster said:
Do You Invoke a Magical Remedy When You've Been Injured?
Let's say that a person has wronged you in some way. You believe that it was an unjust act. You are pursuing your various legal options for remedy, but you want to do more. You want to have justice done, and balance restored, by initiating a magical act against the person responsible for harming you. Do you? Should you?
What is justice and balance? There are paradoxes here that could drive a person crazy or give them complete freedom of action. Ah... that is good stuff for another blog entry. For now I will focus on the possible actions one could take as a remedy to a wronging or attack.

I see responsive magical acts being divided into these areas:
  1. do nothing - karma and balance will work themselves out in time

  2. healing - this is good for self and may reach out to postively help the person doing the attack

  3. defense - deflects/grounds actions of other with minimal (enough) impact on self (one hopes!)

  4. justice - a tricky thing as it can impact both self and other

  5. retribution - should/could be eye-for-eye; karma can impact self even as other takes the brunt

  6. attack - grossly unbalanced retribution or unilateral pre-emptive strike on person after a retribution and before they attack again; damn the karma!
The list is in a sequence that of karmic "impact" on the person casting the magical act. A person still under attack could consider a healing or defensive action. This would be reasonable. Post-attack magic work would be healing and justice, but I have to say that seeking justice is a two-sided sword. Justice can reach back and have unanticipated but deserved treatment to the 'victim' if they had a part in the creating or maintaining the altercation.

Does anybody else have anything to add or detract from my possible magical responses to wrongings?
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Why do bad things happen to good people? Better yet, why are the damaged people allowed to do harm to the innocents? A response to my article about "It Is Probably You" brought to light the very real possibility that people are acting inappropriately because of past damage that they neither sought out nor asked for. I struggle with this in my own life. I'll share more in another article, but for now, I share one theory about why this sh*t goes on.

They say… there are those who believe that we sign-up for "life lessons" prior to entering our physical lives. The spiritual/astral aspects of ourselves are gung-ho to learn all that we can. They know that the physical world is both temporary and instructive. So, some souls go crazy on the "tough life" menu. The soul is then incarnated in what Abraham-Hicks calls the "25,000 foot drop". This analogy says that the initiation of life lessons is like being dropped out of an airplane, at 25,000 feet, without a parachute. The individual then gets to figure out how the heck they will survive the fall, survive life itself, with gravity stacked against them. People born into dysfunctional and damaged families experience this. The baby and young child can't do much about the scars left during those early years. Healing becomes a challenge of adulthood. The divine answer to "this is f*cking BS" is "but you asked for it, live and learn!". Sigh. I get frustrated by this. A particularly "funny" version of the 25,000 foot drop is the child who has a "normal" childhood, insulated from the bad stuff in the world. Some part of life knowledge was left out, and then the individual later bumps into bad people. While the life-lesson learning "thrill" of the terminal velocity plunge begins late, the results can require just as much healing as any childhood trauma.

I have to say that I've experienced both of the 25,000 foot drop scenarios. All I can say is, "thanks God/Higher Self, it's been real, maybe fun, but not real fun". I'm a big Depeche Mode fan. I really connected with the chorus in their song "Blasphemous Rumours",

I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours
But I think that gods got a sick sense of humor
And when I die I expect to find him laughing

The incredible irony that I sense, after I die, it will be me who will be laughing. Shoot, I'm almost laughing now.

Anyway, I'll touch on this in future articles. Does anybody have any other theories about why we set ourselves up for such happy happy, joy joy in life?


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