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Love is great. Love also sucks. I need to remember that.

I’ll Forget

I once learned to love the world
or to point, a single one
capital L with all the bows

guarantees heard in my head
to this piper I walked the line
while the world was found deaf

the end result was too much
in between the wrong and the right
crucified in Hell’s hot fire

love betrayed me at long last
delivering nothing in its taunts
I’ll forget to now survive.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170902.
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“Fallen Hard To Be Loved” was prompted by the quote, “You think you’re in love but you just want to be loved”.

Fallen Hard To Be Loved

I thought I had fallen hard
knee to ground from Cupid’s bow
inflicted with a fondness for
another soul not my own
imagination running wild
believing I had found the one
consider where I had been
longing to move beyond.

The idea came from the blue
in one moment I was quite sane
believing I could live alone
with the want of needing none
then the crush came on hard
feeling passions from the heart
why did I long to move outside
the safety lost when I fell?

This was the dream I held close
avoiding pain brought by love
with the walls of solitude
if only this were the truth
when I missed the greatest fact
what God asked me to now pursue
finding others to satisfy
an urge hard-wired to core’s desire.

I fell in love to be loved
allowing chance to open doors
longing hard to be adored
led to me to another one
wishing they were by my side
beloved found on their lips
of the person I’d be next to
fallen hard to be loved.

2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170709.
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The poem “Mirror Spun” was inspired by the quote, “I think a lot of art is trying to make someone love you”, by Keaton Henson. Poetry does have a side embracing narcissistic self-indulgence. Alternatively poetry is also expressed in an attempt to connect to like-minded people, and in this, share a measure of love.

Mirror Spun

Another day spent on the earth
waking in the sight of God
success ringing with the dawn
another chance to make the art

there is the thing that drives my craft
when I don’t write to vent
in the angst to purge a soul
and that’s to script in quest of love

this revelation is my calling
so I may feel the same within
passion shared to all beloveds
returned in equal is the hope

this dream begins with mere words
spun from thoughts I’d like to share
that others are not alone
in my mirror spun with poems

this achievement comes each day
art’s indulgence finding grace
in the realm beyond my walls
love expressed and then returned

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170612.
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The poem “Cupid Jailed” was inspired by the drawing “Cupid Indicted" found the 1900 book “The Book of old English songs and ballads”.

Cupid Jailed

I found Cupid by the road
prisoner in the stock's firm clamps
in the face of public scorn
this imp of love confined by man
his wings no longer grasped the air
rainbow hues were dimmed by dust
what could have brought him so down low
caged for sins that humans judge.

A messenger is all he was
the agent sent to move two hearts
when the wheels had clicked in place
launch his arrow and make it so
god of love is high praise
though the low is his goal
desire to turn the questing eye
delivered on his missile's tip.

These restraints held him there
until the judge could take the case
some future date the crowd would come
now he and I stood alone
he admitted to no crime
attraction will cross the lines
set by society as a whole
blind only to what it knows.

This envoy known as Eros
is charged with obscenity
when that provoked is all the same
as the norms found in his aim
the hearts still link when he's caged
wounding selves in by love's embrace
though man's officials would argue
fantasies against romance's ways.

Fear not my friends of queer desire
Mars and Venus will have their way
their offspring will throw off his chains
the fire of passion will find its mark
no human banister can decide
pass a judgment that would abide
preventing Cupid from his job.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170601.
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My poem, “The Other World”, was inspired by Benedict Smith’s quote “I asked her if she believed in love, and she smiled and said that it as her most elaborate method of self-hurt”.

The Other World

Excuse me if my words cut deep
when the lines were meant to prick
the conscience sleeping down below
slumbering while a world drowned
I'll lean into the gash
asking for the next few minutes
long enough to read the text
a poem's reflection of your soul.

The slash draws red upon the skin
this is the color shared by all
reminder of the liquid shared
crimson base below gold threads
yet still the colors are confused
gold leads to silver, then to green
imagining reality where none should be
if caring is for the fellow man.

What is the measure for your charge
dictation of what comes before?
all things aligned, in their time done
something's first, the highest goal
expectations writ to book's pages
the clink of coin in a purse
comfort gained, never lost
these are the gild some have lost.

It's fine to stand on the tall hill
until the winds carries the screams
from the eddies below the perch
writhe the sinners of your mind
they are not lesser than your idols
specifically yourself in mirror's frame
blessed by a god you only see
perhaps it's your image you embrace.

Ivory towers with lone residents
fortunates seek the frosty air
with no taint by the lost
drifting up from hell's domain
the stench is scattered by money's breeze
the hurricane that lifts the boats
to a shore that few should see
shared disaster seen as reprieve.

When red is ocean's hue
my words seek to disabuse
those with skin too thick to feel
with images from the other world
when red is spilled at time's course
no matter how remote a life became
I hope my words found a place
to be considered before the end.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170512.
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The poem “Forger’s Lament” was written against the prompt, “Small and Beautiful”.

Forger’s Lament

In the space of small
mere inches wide
lay beauty’s face
in portrait’s frame

with likeness true
copy imbued
with love’s imprint
last image’s grief

the final likeness
not my love
forger’s lament

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170504.
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The poem “Is the Ocean” was prompted by a poem title “The Girls Who is the Ocean”. I opened up the gender and then explored the tug between possibilities and unrequitedness.

Is the Ocean

The one who is the ocean
or was by my memories
the breadth I loved to walk aside
or drown in sum ecstasy

the former I lived by the day
proximity to the surf’s invite
fury in the rush to the shore
submission in foam’s withdrawal

the latter was only in my dreams
submersion leading to bliss
the gateway was sleep’s restraint
with shadows as residents

there everything is a shade
be the dream in moon or sun
the shine of sun does not aid
when outcomes are the same

I awake from the visions
as the waves touch my feet
horizon calls, sand to ground
part of my life, then and now.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170422.
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The poem “Songs Remembered” was written for a poetry competition that featured lovers, songs, and the wind.

Songs Remembered

Where are you past lover
seductress of the kiss long gone?
that world that once was my focus
is now empty without your charm

where are you forever partner
from the span of songs remembered?
the tunes aren't quite the same
with the heart of the music now gone

my questions linger in the air
the breeze my only companion
matching an internal melody
all that’s left in touch and sound.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170406.
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“Lessons Honored” was far too easy to write. Sometimes I wish I could struggle through a poetic theme. I would if it were something that I did not have a frame of reference in.

Lessons Honored

The more I love the less I know
of why I seek to extend my soul
beyond the bounds of mortal flesh
to another person seeking same
this may seem plain on the face
you’d be right to say this thing
that all should find another one
to share a life on this globe.

This is my puzzle, hex to unwind
of distraction and properness
what to do when life serves up
attraction tainted from the first?
from predilection to life lessons shared
the reasons are diverse for charm’s progress
yet these are marred by questioning
launched from the mind to dodge distress.

Where past lessons should inform
compiling notes on connecting hearts
(this does happen, it is true)
a tome of fears is writ as well
A moves to B, but then to C
with the latter pain’s designee
the last remembered more in time
than that with joy instead of pain.

I’ve harped on pain, life’s travail
while ignoring the truth revealed
by writ of lessons, knowledge passed
the less I know, that mentioned
it’s born of seeking more than self
asking who may fill the void
finding walls imposed by self
by lessons honored in the mind.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170327.
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A meme from the film “Juno” inspired me to write the poem “With Every Thought”.

With Every Thought

I think I’m in love with you
perhaps I can share what comes
with the very thought of…

more than the fantasy
beyond the myths of poets
the one I’m blessed to know
being present in your company
for a moment in the beginning
an accident I’ll gladly accept
longer as our paths crossed
until you’re always in my mind
taking what life will present

hearing your smile in laughter’s bliss
inside the eyes as the refrain
the heart home of rapture’s mirth
joy in the light and the dark
sorrow asking for kindness blessed
grins rejoicing when all is well
charm through sound and from gaze

lastly I’ll reveal the best
feeling you touch my hand
knowing there is so much more
not needing beyond the moment
(still so much desired, yes please yes)
lean one body against another one
(yours to mine and versa-vice)
then lips to kiss, tongue to press
so very nice, thank you much

so many ways, each tumbling
together in the sum of you
into love with every thought.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170306.
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“Tears to the Earth” is another poem about breadth of love across barriers constructed by society.

Tears to the Earth

When sorrow weeps in gulfs too far
between those who are meant to meet
enchantment spurned for decency
by a society that knows not of love
the rules set high are evil's child
when tears could flow for joyous cause

this is my wish for those with chance
to find another dear to their heart
no matter the form the other has
if both consent to the embrace
the world should choose let it be
instead of decrying biology

Procustes would have his say
perhaps he does when some object
only one blueprint will comply
meld the flesh to set way
the bed of iron with options set
this or that, no mix or match

puzzle pieces are thought to fit
only one way to reveal true love
if the box is only picture viable
sadly nature is more complex
tapestry changing as lips touch
gender is second to love's embrace

when passion struggles to find its own
the match of souls have need of more
beyond the sorrows of dogma's text
the path forward must be had
the tears imparted to the earth
should be of joy sprung from love.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170303.
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The poem “An Endless” was inspired by the quote found on Tumbr: “You are slowly receding from my memory like a dust drifting into the wind. I shall write you tonight. For this is how I will remember us. This is how we would grow infinite. –J.DG”

As Endless

I'll write you down before we fade
note our love before it is lost
scattered in the wind of time
like dust drifting in the breeze
memories only in ink's breath
whispered to page by move of hand
pen to paper to seal the tomb
forever resting there to live

if only this were enough
to hold the moment against the tide
surging from the ocean's span
toppling castles built from hearts
a mile deep and a thousand wide
with only words as an island
above the span of forever more
a love of two interred to words

the infinite is our womb
our joining a mote adrift
yet in the teeth of the gale
above the depths fathoms deep
lettered in my hopeful script
cast before we are swept
tossed by gusts or drown by waves
as endless our passions feel.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170301.
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The poem “Unwritten” began with seeing the title in a Tumblr posting. I thought about what it could mean, and the resulting poem almost wrote itself.


Unwritten could mean two things
the absence marked by void’s presence
or taking back what has been put
my words of passion lay somewhere there
in this duality of the null or the oust
perhaps the muse will explain

the first asks for creation’s touch
cosmos too large to put to words
genesis of the edge performed
the latter was put to the page
committed for all to see
then removed from consciousness

so when I say my love for you
has been unwritten in poetic terms
you’ll wonder where it may lay
does it still wait in shadows long
or has it been removed from authorship?
the muse may know, will they tell?

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170224.
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A friend shared the six word story “You know loving you wasn’t easy”. I began the poem “Yes It Was” with the first two lines, “It wasn’t easy / (yes it was)”. From there I followed a free form exploration, confirming that love is terribly easy and very confusing.

Yes It Was

It wasn’t easy
(yes it was)
to fully love you
(above the lust)
to move beyond
the stumbling steps
(mine alone)
heading toward
the plunge into
(free fall plunge)
the loss of self
to find the sum
(there you were)
of two from ones
to move beyond
the safety zone
(what did I do?)
into bliss, into joy
outside of lines
drawn for myself
(what was the reason?)
erased to show
where we combined
lost from view
where I began
and you ceased
(now I am I lost)
except because
without since
excluding hence
barring being
omit thereby
excuse ergo
(mutter stop)
nonsense yes
there I was
here I am
just so easy
(yes it was)
loving you.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170209.
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Poetry is best written when it is inspired by the poet's life. The poem "Three Small Words" is about a statement of felt fact that I cannot say, yet I found a way to express it through lyrical declaration.

Three Small Words

I dare not say those three small words
now almost slipped as I spoke my mind
they'd tip the my world with no recourse
but to be one with the syllables
each one innocent on its own
dire criminals when they are combined
a truth too raw to be let loose
I'll look to them to find the cause.

The first is one designated
the ninth letter of the alphabet
singular expression of being's self
referring to speaker of utterance
what role it has is not my choice
in this pronoun always capital
victim or rouge is optional
each in its time as the words progress.

I'll skip past the second to the last
focus of my sentence now addressed
fully present at this time
though not in person, just in the mind
my focus removes all the world
I'm pretty sure it was there before
now a single point is all I view
as my mind turns to the deepest truth.

Romance is in the middle phrase
this deep affection is edge of fact
though if I look for Cupid's dart
I'll fast admit that adoration was the start
I've fallen oh so far
I hope the bottom will never come
four letters have sealed my fate
a door will open if I merge the thought.

I'll not combine the tender words
It would be easy to tumble forth
express sentiment for another to hear
still I hold my tongue against the urge
I make this choice before I release
no greater thing I'll ever find
more than enough to arrest my heart
this statement held prisoner from both of us.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170118.
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“When I Wake” is about the pain of unrequited love as the thoughts of the other too fully occupy the sufferer.

When I Wake

When I awake you're still there
standing next to my lonely bed
the same place when I reclined
when sleep was my redoubt
yet now I must leave that land
to face the one that haunts my life
I ask you ghost of romance lost
will you ever leave my mind?

Lopsided would describe our words
your voice is mute because I supply
the sounds that fill the empty void
when you're a phantom in my head
I can feel your skin beneath my hands
fingertips trace the curves below
garments meant to be removed
already gone since they're not real.

Desire has summoned you here today
sprung from a love that's betrayed
when one has fallen and the other not
balance gone between you and me
in fairness the ghost is mine to own
only known to my fevered mind
as false as the passions soiled
on stoney ground my hunger falls.

Now you stand next to my side
daily revenant of misplaced love
a grip around my heart is too strong
I ask you to leave and you're still here
unrequited is the saddest state
another day has passed confused
I'll lay my head now to sleep
please be gone when next I wake.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170109.
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The poem “Say the Same” is dedicated to couples who struggle to tell each other that a unting love has taken them victim, and that the next steps are waiting in a shared journey.

Say the Same

If I told you I was in love
really not kidding, the real thing
would you believe my fervent phrase
spoken by one with so much to lose?
to declare those three heartfelt words
opens a door through which I must then proceed
sharing the stage with another
the next act in a land populated by two.

In the past I could lie to myself
say I didn’t need the company
with all the trials this would incur
the aggravations when I deny the joys
though this hollow is felt within
no other was needed to feel complete
this I tell myself as I try
to find a reason to hold my tongue.

Now my heart is filled with joy
with a single person held responsible
a balloon would fly to the moon
if delight in you were its helium
soaring high into the sky
beyond my reach, into waiting arms
elation asks too much from me
does this glee mean you would say the same?

In my mind the thoughts are consumed
filled with visions of what could befall
two people who confess their hearts
of falling far beyond the comfortable
to be in love is not enough
if unreturned is to be its fate
so my flame, the one I adore
please say the same, if not before.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170108.
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The poem “Majesty” was written for a competition about romance during the winter.


The cold is king beneath the trees
its mighty court hung with snow
winter on the throne of frost
nature bends to sovereign reign
I am it’s subject as is my love
walking close arm in arm
painted trails are our path
reverentially draped in white.

Audience is asked by two
nobility please hear our plea
to warm our hearts at time of hoar
the white and gray surrounding us
we need the comfort of the warmth
far beyond the brace of clothes
seeking heat found in pure bliss
when congress finds the celebrants.

Drape our bodies in cloaks of rime
we’ll find our warmth in the contact
as you bless us now exempt
from Jack’s attention as we fuse
the trumpets echo in forest’s realm
voices share our joy combined
not to stay, this moment’s hold
our majesty was in your court.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170107.
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I use to fall too easily into love. I’d dance on the edge, enjoying the view, and then BAM. The truly heinous part of the experience is that I would find myself in that place of being in love before I was fully aware it had happened. I’m not speaking of loving a person. I am speaking of the act of energetically connecting to another, and doing so in such a way that release is never fully realized except under pain of something stronger, like hate. Now I guard myself, loving freely, but refusing to tiptoe to the chasm of falling in love.

Fell Too Deep

I fell too deep in love
ground vanished in a blink
into devotion’s arms
before I knew I'd tripped
a tumble helped by Cupid
his arrow in my side
in state I'll remain
until he takes it back.

I gave my heart away
surprised that it was gone
when I looked to see
the hole now in its place
it was a sleight of hand
magician's most sly trick
to make this hollow
another must fully sate.

I found lunacy when
sanity slipped its leash
chasing dreams
that made devils blush
as angels fitted me
with madman's chains
constraints only fit for
love's darkest dreams.

I'm now stuck in this pit
wondering where the exit is
feeling nothing where my heart
used to beat to compliment
my mind escaped to dream of one
with cobwebs left to silent scream
love, sweet love, be gone my friend
remove your barbs, set me free.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170104.
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“Lost to the Sky” is a rhyming exercise about the excesses of passion exiling the affected.

Lost to the Sky

We loved with passions I’ll not lie
in the garden of grace conceived
burning too bright for paradise
our ardor doomed two to leave
in the end the gates opened wide
into the wilderness we did flee
walking where the crows would fly
across the plains of stunted trees
filled with bones of those who died
where rocks grew more than weeds
our hearts flagged as spirits tried
to find a place to again believe
that the world may please comply
so dreams of lovers will not die
when Eden is lost to the sky.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161229.


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