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Welcome to the ghost town of Newell SC. Located right outside of Pelzer SC, you won't find Newell on a map because it does not exist any more. The former town came to our attention when my mate and I noticed some old commercial buildings on the state highway. We talked to the owner of the house across the street and discovered the history of the land.

The original structure of the town was the smaller square building in the picture set below labeled "Post Office". The building was first used as a general store. Later the larger building was constructed, assuming the role of store. The smaller building was then used as a combination print shop and post office. The smallest building on the property was somehow used as a bicycle repair shop. The community of Newell has the distinction of being the first place that kerosene was sold in Anderson County. Afraid of the explosive nature of the new liquid, the grandfather of the current land owner stored the flammable material in the bike shop.

The land is owned by a senior gentleman who repairs bulldozers and antique military equipment. The garage on the property has many of his parts and pieces as do the antique junked vehicles behind the shop. I'll feature the vehicles in another blog entry.

The 183 pictures from Newell can be found in this Flickr picture set.

Click on picture to see more larger image

27 Pictures of Newell )
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This is what a $100 program can do...

(smile) and it was fun playing around with it too!

Original Picture )
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Two Flickr sets from this past weekend...

Laurens City Cemetery - 89 pictures
Though it was a cloudy day, the pictures from the Laurens City cemetery came out pretty good. The overcast seemed to help set the mood for these pictures.

Buildings from the historical community of Newell SC - 183 pictures
This was a fascinating place to visit. Though Newell no longer exists as a location on the map, we took pictures of the original city buildings and spoke to a descendant of the community's founder. I'll post the history of Newell in another blog.

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[livejournal.com profile] wulkwalker has gotten sick with either what I have or some other not-fun bug. I'm over the gastro issues and now have a cold bug that has my energy drained. Blah... Tomorrow I should get new pics of the wolf cubs for an update!
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On 11/12 I was shopping at a local Ingles grocery store. There I had the opportunity to take two pictures of a wonderful sunset behind the colors of a gas station. I think the second picture is the better. For your consideration...

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Buried farm wagon from Pelzer flickr set. Photographer was [livejournal.com profile] wulfwalker!

Flickr sets from the weekend of 11/10:

Laurens Car Rally - 11/10/07
There were two notable cars at this small rally. 23 pictures.

Watts Mills, SC - 11/10/07
I took a tour of my neighborhood. At some point in the future I will post these in a separate blog. 45 pictures.

Abandoned Mill Houses - Watts Mill - 11/10/07
Two abandoned mill houses on the block behind my house. 39 pictures.

Rural Abandoned House - Pelzer SC - 11/11/07
This was a neat find on a late Sunday afternoon. [livejournal.com profile] wulfwalker and I both took pictures. I believe this will become a regular thing for us! She is credited with the ones whose names' begin with "SL". There were some antique farm equipment in a collapsed shed, a murky well, and a farm wagon buried under vines. Neat stuff! 92 pictures.
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Tonight I'm wrestling with a blog entry about the difficulty of using the word 'shaman'. I've got four or five ideas running around and they are so resisting being pinned down in the same article. The upside of the evening is that I'm hanging out with Princess in the front computer room. She is so very much enjoying the attention.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I have some interesting pictures from my and [livejournal.com profile] wulfwalker's journeys this past weekend.

From Pendleton SC, disused 'Lusk Used Cars' building with 'antique' phone number of 4521

Exterior of Storage Silo in Easley SC.
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On 11/03/07 I came upon a small car rally and hash sale in Woodruff SC. The event included a live band, lots of automobile eye candy, and southern cooking. While I can't claim I took advantage of the Southern cooking, I did take the opportunity to take pics of the cars. For your consideration: highlights of the Bethel Lodge car rally.

Really Really Pretty Cars! )
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I took the plunge today in pursuit of my photographic hobby. I am now the owner of a Canon EOS Rebel XTi.

(big smile!)
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I've created a new collection on my flickr web page for cemetery pictures. My first set in this collection is of the Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Laurens SC. This is a fascinating location with internments going back to Revolutionary War soldiers.

The first white settler came to Laurens County in 1754. Laurens County was established in 1785 by the General Assembly. The Rocky Springs Church was begun by Rev. John McCosh in 1780. The oldest marker I found had a died date of 1819 for Andrew Steer born in 1767. There may be older. The existing church building was built in 1920.

I'll post some of the most interesting markers at a later date. There seems to be a lot of history in this wonderful place. Cemeteries are one place that an effort was made to create things that lasted. It seems that the grave marker is a last attempt to say "I was here". I'm excited to document these locations.

A Brief History of Laurens County
Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery entry in Find a Grave

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The remains of the Lauren Mills in Laurens SC is a fascinating location. I toured the site and took 115 pictures. Portions of them will be posted in separate blogs.

Research showed that the mill is featured in a Urban Exploration Resource (UER) web page. In 2004 the mill was undergoing demolition. This great set of pictures shows that state of the building at that time. Though largely removed, the remains of the building are interesting because they both pull back the structure of the building and show a thoroughly deconstructed vision of a once great building.

The two towers in the left picture are all that is left of the original four towers. The picture on the right is an antique picture of the mill. The towers at the left of the postcard are those still present today. The one in the back of the building is the tower I explored with my camera. This tower was constructed with a stairwell and elevator. The elevator is an addition not present in the postcard. The top of the tower was some kind of storeroom with the shelved bins still present.

Climbing the Stairwell Tower )
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This is a two story abandoned house on HWY 221 south of Laurens. A complete set of pictures is in this flickr set. There is also a large shed and adjoining office type building. The house was stoutly locked up and there were no windows uncovered by either building supplies or vines. Still, this is a fascinating study in structure. There are double doors on both the front and back porches. This collection of pics starts at the front porch and walks around the house.

Pics of SC Abandoned House )
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Today I toured the remains of the Laurens Mill in Laurens SC. I got some incredible pictures and posted them in this Flickr set. Research showed that the mill is featured in a Urban Exploration Resource (UER) web page. In 2004 the mill was undergoing demolition. This great set of pictures shows that state of the building at that time. There are portions of the mill still standing in 2007. In the "before" and "after" pictures below note the position of the one smokestack on the property.

I will present a more complete set of pictures in the future. Do check out my flickr set. There are still some amazing features to the destroyed building, partially because there has been so much already taken away from it.

2004, 2007 and Historical Pictures )

History of the Mill )
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My love of photography extends from a fascination of lines and spaces. I think my focus on abandoned places is partially explained by this. An abandoned place has its original lines of function and utility. The building existed for a reason and had a life defined by that purpose. An abandoned building has new lines of decay from the press of time and elements. The result is a picture that has unique lines that straddle worlds of life and death (aka change).

I've looked around my house to see interesting lines. The picture below is of a bulletin board above my desk. I've run it through a graphics program with an 'oil painting' tweak. The picture is an interesting study in lines, elements and space. I also placed a frame around the picture. The frame is a bit cheesy. I think I'll leave that off in future pics. For your consideration...

Bulletin Board with Cats and Turtles
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Recently I stopped in the historical portion of Woodruff SC to check out a yard sale. There was a very interesting building next door with moss on one side of the roof. Upon closer inspection I found there were some very rurally constructed storage/barn buildings in the rear yard of the house. These are a rare find even in a small(ish) town like Woodruff. The main house was an antique store. Now it seems to just be used for storage. I suspect that the next owner will tear down the sheds, these worn relics of the past, thus truly urbanizing the property.

More Pictures of Barn Type Building )
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My lovely mate and I attended an antiques festival on the weekend of 10/13. We had some interesting experiences interacting with the dealers. I've sold used books at festivals and on line for about three years. There is an incredible thrill to finding a book that is hard to find, valuable, or just really really neat. Truth is that I might be addicted to the shopping experience, but heck, one could be addicted to worst! (smile)

Some books are kept and other books are sold. In the process of selling used books I learned a lot about buying low and selling high. This is the key to antiques biz in general. So here is the story. My mate is talking to a dealer about a old dentist's office cabinet. There are lots of little drawers that could be used for storing the many beautiful things my mate has. The dealer says he wants $5,000 for it. Ok, fair enough. It is old and rare enough. Later the dealer says that he has looked up the value of the cabinet and it is worth around $12,000 elsewhere. I think my mate and I did a collective roll of the eyes in response. Later we talked about this experience.

It seem cheesy of the dealer to casual mention the 'possible' value of the cabinet. My mate pointed out that a similar cabinet may be worth that if it were fully restored and in pristine condition. The cabinet we saw in Easley was a good enough condition, but the doors stuck a little and the finish could have been restored. Only then would it bump up to the higher value. My mate estimated that it may cost another $1,000 to do the full restoration. In theory a good investment, but this all hinged on the word of the dealer and his evaluation of the cabinet at hand vs. a theoretical one. This seems like an expensive game. Was the dealer dishonest? No. Was he being a little tricky? Let's call that 'cheesy' and say yes.

The following pictures are of a mural that another dealer had. He said he purchased it at auction. He also said that he thought it was very old. I looked at the backing material and it looked like modern enough plywood. Not impressive. The mural has an odd signature and no date. Does anybody have an idea if this is indeed a modern piece?

The Mural )
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I'm wiped today. My feeling of craziness drove me to clean up the kitchen and bedroom in a hope that the improved environment would help my sanity...

For my blog today I will present something really neat I saw at the Antique festival this past weekend.  This is an antique Murphy bed. The bottom opens up and the bed from comes out.

Antique Murphy Bed - neat! )
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My lovely mate and I attended the Easley's Antiques on Main event in Easley SC. All of the fifty five pictures are here on Flickr. I've featured a few of them below.

Nine Pics from Easley )
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Northside School in Woodruff SC. A portion of the upper story seems to have had a fire, destroying two classrooms and leaving the adjacent hallway in ruins. A notable feature of the school is a large auditorium. All of the pictures are featured in this Flickr picture set.

Abandoned School )
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My lovely mate and I went up to Asheville North Carolina for a weekend trip. All the pictures I took are here on Flickr.  These are some of my favorites. They tend to be pictures with interesting angles and lines.  There was also that super model that I met in Asheville...

Downtime Asheville

More Pics )


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