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“Stuff of Dreams” is about a person who awakes from dreams to a world consumed by the chase of the impossible. Sleep is desired again, if only to dispel the pursued shadows of the waking realm.

Stuff of Dreams

Shadows where none should be
glimpse of shades when I wake
outlier of my dreams
beg for the attention shown
unlikely refugee
from the dawn of where I began
disturb the rest that was my peace
now in the dusk of life’s twilight
cast by lights only I can see
if only I had lived those years
from a distance too far to breach
echoes of a life that passed me by
in this place I could not conceive
beauty glimpsed that stops my breath
filled with cravings I cannot please
from the depths of ancient hunger
if only I did not travel so deep
longing for the way to catch
plunged ahead to find what I seek
never finding the golden prize
surrounded by a forest of trees
on the pedestal in far glade
paths that lure away from safety
across the void of doom’s presence
this traveler will soon perceive
the futility of the attempt
longing for the calm of far valleys
where the shadows are no more
to find again the stuff of dreams

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170102.
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I woke wondering if my waking life is like my dreams, and I'm just too stubborn to see the magic available to me. The poem “Dreams I Could Live” spun from this thought.

Dreams I Could Live

With dreams as real as waking life
so they seemed at the time
makes me wonder if reality
is as fluid as the other side.

Could I have as many friends
even though I don't know them
comfy strangers all and all
never seen another night.

Locations drift in and out
transported miles at the thought
then wondering how to return
is my greatest source of angst.

Passed ones come to visit me
the years then fade away
they are in the room again
I wish they would never leave.

Fears do not linger there
nightmares do not develop
when scenes pass to another
where the dread has expired.

I do suspect life is this way
if I were not so serious
in the waking hours removed
from the dreams I could live.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160402.
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The poem “Meant to Be” is about the state of wistful attraction and the realities of life. The two co-exist, but the latter trumps in the end.

Meant To Be

Fair person, handsome or pretty,
beguile me now with thoughts beyond
realities walked, commitments held
in the world I inhabit instead.
Thoughts tumble one to another,
tumult of a life not yet discovered.
Images spent on fantasy's quest
beyond the reality of life here at hand.

What could be, yet never will,
in this is the blessing still
that I feel, but cannot act
on the life I wish I had.
Dance for me precious one
in my dreams only I can see.
I'll hold you close by and by,
private only to my eyes.

I mean no malice in this thing,
no creep in my lingerings.
These dreaming predilections
will never see the light of day.
I'll not be held by the phantoms,
pretty things of mirage display.
To reality I am fully wed,
held to the things meant to be.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160218.
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The call to know oneself, the beauty and madness, leads to many paths. Some people fully embrace the challenge. Others medicate or thrust outward the unwanted parts of themselves. Others seek to merely exit. The answer lies at the beginning, along with the acknowledgment that you are both terribly alone and living life in an incredibly shared reality. The poem “Seeking Control” is about the struggle, mistepped pitfalls, and grounding reality, of understanding oneself.

Seeking Control
Poem for Day 115 – 20150425

To understand oneself,
the switches and buttons,
tripwires and levers,
is a mixed blessing of knowing
in a world most mysterious.

See your reaction as internal,
a thousand million triggers,
combining in the moment now,
reaching out to an unready world
asking only for your sanity.

What to do when clouds of madness gather,
explosions felt by personal individual,
echoing in hallways self only travels,
the tripwire summons holy terrors,
the switch produces crushing sadness?

Those parts of self are so ugly,
some recourse must be made,
push them out to the outer world,
put the masks on persons other,
and blind yourself to the internal.

Numb the nerves, calm the chaos,
put the world in its place.
Chemicals are the needed salve,
but beware of the crushing hand,
reality exits where fantasy stands.

To depart becomes the fondest wish,
remove the self from the world,
exit stage left, or right, or any,
each is a path of self betrayal,
shortcut to a worldly desertion.

Know life is echoed to each other
mutually mirrored in similarity,
each experience unique in itself,
but life shared is enough,
to see yourself in other's actions.

Others are struggling, resisting fate,
not knowing that the phantoms
are creations of a mind run wild.
Seek the connection, unwanted at first,
to see a commonality of life perverse.

To understand oneself,
the good, bad, and ugly,
to see it in others, invariably unconscious,
is to have the mixed blessing of knowing
hope in the form of common action.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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I've been actively doing photography since 2007. My first contradance pictures were taken in 2008. Look back at these, and then looking to the present, makes me think about the role that pictures have in our shared realities. The ones I took this week seem so real, but images from years past seem real too, but that reality is no more. What is real, and what can pictures tell us?

Pictures Proof
Poem for Day 045 – 20150215

In the moment,
all things seem eternal,
nothing more or less
than what we have now.
Nobody has gotten older,
no one has left this place.
Could it really be this way
or am I only wishing it were?

Recent pictures are my ally,
whispering their white lie:
nothing is changing here,
everything is as it was!
Last week, last month,
these pictures echo the now.
Fissures appear in the wall
between the now and then.

The veil has been raised,
but the fabric is thin,
cracks in our shared space,
with more pictures the clue.
We were younger once,
with people now absent by our side.
Do pictures reveal another moment,
as eternal as the one now have?

Reality is etched in sand,
on the time's tide swept beach.
It confirmed to you and me
by camera's remembering eye.
Calm the mind, all is well,
the moment is eternal nigh,
change is the only constant,
pictures proof of moments shared.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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Living in the moment, it is hard to do sometimes! I find that intuition provides a powerful tool for finding the place to be in the now.

Bird of the Moment
Poem for Day 017 - 20150117

Where I've been, where I'm going,
two sides of life's coin revealed,
heads, look to the past,
tails, forward to a future unknown.

Coin flips to stand on side.
Neither direction shall answer the cast.
The moment, now, is where I stand,
in between future's life and past's death.

Black and white ravens, Odin's allies,
what message do you bring this day
to me on the crossroads of roads intertwined
underneath the high noon sun?

"You have caught us in your coin,
Our message is this, heed your cast:
Look not to the future,
return not to the past".

In between worlds, single eye on the path,
stake the moment for my own.
call allies for the eternal hunt,
wolf and raven come here to me.

Thank the coin and praise the bird,
wise auguries of synchronicity,
bend the space and fold the time,
cast light to dark and move ever on.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I watched the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special. It touched on the reality of dreams. This got me thinking about how the difference between dreams and a waking reality can indistinguishable. That turns about to be a poem for another day. The poem “Dreaming Another Reality” is about the differences between the waking world and the dream world. For some people, those old(er), the dream world is a very different place from the waking world. This poem speaks to those differences.

Dreaming Another Reality
Poem for Day 94 – 20141226

Dream transports me
in ways most magical.
Dreams are my portal
to worlds I want to visit.

Time becomes a pathway
traveled on a whim.
I witness places from long ago
and they are reality now.

I walk with no pain.
There are no limits physically.
Age is a passing vision,
it has no function in this place.

A cast of characters meet me,
some are now long gone.
Speak to me with voices now mute,
I hear you now in this reality.

I do things that I wish
because they are possible now.
The bucket list is complete
in this dimension less discrete.

Lastly I am the hero,
fighting monsters and aliens.
I may join them to make peace,
but in the end I always win.

Could I stay here, in this place?
No, sadly I must retreat.
The magic cannot last
and to reality I must pass back.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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A poem about a spiritual path that few attempt. It does not seeking "enlightenment" as a religious or spiritual goal the way Buddhists and Hindus do, as his focus is on serving others. Enlightenment comes with time, with the scars proving attainment.

Separate Reality
Poem for Day 81 – 20141213

See the sacred world:
the physical and spiritual combined.
No barrier between
the worlds of dream and reality.
Reach out to the beyond:
underworld, upperworld.
Each integrated
to the inner realm, master of all.

Live the unity,
embracing the whole of the world.
Serve the unity,
servant to all of the community.
Walk the middle road,
share the vision with the people.
Perform the vision
in forms of art, music, and dance.

At the end of the day,
retreat to that separate reality.
Dreaming of a world
that spans God's totality.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I enjoy watching CSI Miami. Overall, the stories are intriguing, and the lead women actors are quite attractive. This enjoyment comes with a price, sometimes steep. I find myself completely disengaging my thinking brain, the one that figures out the realities of time-space continuums. The watching of the show demands that I engage a willing suspension of disbelief, meaning that I believe the use of fantastic or non-realistic elements. The simple way to say this is that I believe “it's in the script”.

Why do shows like CSI Miami push the limits of reality, and why do I go along with it? The answers are intriguing because they point to the larger picture of how we relate to the world. The screenwriters for CSI Miami push the implausible story lines in order to spin out a quick story. They need a story that is both action packed, enjoyable, and quick. The real world is rarely all three. Check out “The First 48” if you want to see more true police work. The REAL stories of police work are a long series of “hurry up and wait” moments, have lots of frustrating moments, and are very rarely quick to conclusion.

This brings us to larger picture. Our minds struggle against the grind of reality. We crave excitement, but only want it in manageable chunks. We would love to live some glam version of life, and we do get this in small segments. Living for the weekend / holiday / whatever becomes the norm. What if that is not enough? The really creative escape occurs when life transcends the grind of reality when we start creating our own willing suspension of belief. Getting by becomes easier when we live in a life constructed from fantastic or non-realistic elements. We know the non-reality is there, but it is ignored in order to have peace with the rest of the script.

Reality is tough. Truly living is tough. I applaud my friends who pull off real living. I suspect that most of the time I am in my personal CSI Miami. My excuse? It is in the script.

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“Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"
-- said by film character Paul Bradford, was later popularized by Adam Savage of MythBusters

I'm am having the opportunity to watch a person with a very power reality field distortion capability.  The upside of this ability?  Other people's opinions, plans and overall desires don't matter.  Full mutable steam ahead.  Anything is possible if the personal reality dictates it.   The downside to this ability?  We'll get to that latter. 

Everyone has a small reality field distortion.  It is the human condition.  Most of the time this manifests through the inner dialogue or fantasy thoughts.    On T.V. shows we see a character body slam a despised boss, and then in the next shot they are standing there thinking about doing the action while they soak up the abuse.   This is a weak reality field distortion.    Other people have stronger reality field distortions, and these can be incredibly powerful in shaping the outward reality.  There is still enough connection with a larger reality, thus supporting a common foundation of experience. Still this pales in in the face of true power.

And then there are the people who are entirely comfortable with rejecting everyone's reality as they substitute their own.  Nothing is impossible because reality is as reality is imagined.  The really powerful practitioners of this can shift their realities while they invent pasts that explain the present and project their reality into the future by using ephemeral promises.  Entire discussions and events can be fabricated from the ether as the present moment is shaped to their liking.  Some may say this is a defensive action, but the masters of reality field distortion know that it is merely their right to mold the moment to their will.

Is there a downside to this ability?  Sadly there are accusations of  lying or being out of touch with the larger reality.  The reality master is called a delusional two-faced manipulator.  Sad.  Mere mortals are only jealous that they cannot realize godhood. 

Anyway... I've never met such an apparent master before, so please pardon my marveling at their abilities!

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I finished listening to the audio book "Flashback" by Dan Simmons.  The Washington Post review of the book gives it decent marks, but calls it out for have right-wing leaning.  I don't disagree with that statement.  There were portions that grated on my nerves, but on the whole the book was well enough written.

The end of the book raised the interesting concept of a dreaming world replacing the waking world.  The movies and series "Ghost in the Shell" presented this mixing of realities, with each possibly more real than the other.  These got me thinking about realness of reality.  Back to the book Flashback.   

The book is named after a drug that allows people to relive, verbatim, past experiences.  Flashback 2 was a new version of the drug that allowed a person to live fantasy lives not restricted by their actual past experiences.  Use of the drugs has the person in a unconscious dreamlike state.  People did this either at home or in "Flashback Caves", buildings with cots where people flashbacked while they are watched over by the proprietors of the establishments.   People could Flash, relive the past, for hours at a time, but they eventually had to wake to eat and do other things required to continue their waking lives.  The Japanese developed Flashback 2 and created liquid suspension tanks in which people could experience their experienced lives under the hand of Flashback 2.  There was no need to wake up.  Their physical bodies wasted away in the suspended tank as automatically nutrients were delivered and wastes taken away.   Meanwhile, the person experienced a perfect fantasy world.

The ending had a big twist.  The hero fought for his life as he was being taken away to be executed.  He was knocked out, only to awake in the safety of the Republic of Texas.  The head villain was toppled and all was well.  The explanations were plausible and everything was OK.  Next chapter... the hero awakes in the suspension tank, a prisoner of the Japanese.   The rescue was a fantasy, a product of Flashback 2.  His captors purposely brought him out of the Flashback 2 dreamed reality only to punish him.  Awashed in despair, the hero drifted back into unconsciousness.    But wait...  the hero awakes from a recurring nightmare of being in the suspension tank.  His apparent waking reality is a world in which the villain is defeated and the forces of right continue on.  Or do they? Or is it?

The hero has one trick that helps him prove that the victorious reality is the real reality.  He purposely cuts himself in a painful way.  The scars on his arm show that this has been an ongoing practice, probably being reenacted after each nightmare.  The pain tell him which reality is real.  He rationalizes that no Flashback 2 fantasy would feature such pain.

I really connected with this.  I enjoy dreaming.  My dreams are full of excitement and adventure, though often the excitement comes from being in some kind of peril.  The dreams seem real while I am in their hold.  There is one declarative difference between these fond dreams and waking reality, and that difference is pain.  I don't have the back pain, tetanus, and other getting older ailments in my dreams.  My dreams are, for the most part, pain free.   I find it humorous that the old test of dreaming or not is pinching oneself.  The pinch is a minor form of pain check.  I suspect it is too minor, but the real life pains and aches I live with now are very convincing, and I wonder how the world of Ghost in the Shell would address this twist of realities.

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Super Heroes
Music and lyrics by Richard O'Brien.

Brad Majors:
I've done a lot
God knows I've tried
To find the truth
I've even lied
But all I know
Is down inside I'm


Janet Weiss:
And super heroes
Come to feast
To taste the flesh
Not yet deceased
And all I know
Is still the beast is


And crawling on the planet's face
Some insects called the human race
Lost in time, and lost in space
And meaning

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I'm listening to the book-on-tape version of "The Alienist" by Caleb Carr. This unusual murder mystery got me thinking about the different worlds of human experience. I also thought about the importance of the diverse human experience.

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What is the self? Is there a higher self, a self free of egoism that called fully associated with a capital "S"? This article includes my thoughts on where the local self ends and where the Self may begin.

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Some people only know of the Self because others have spoke of it. For others, the Self is directly experienced in those times of knowing and creativity outside of the realms of precursor experience and randomness. What is your own experience?
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Recently I had the opportunity to take a conscious altering substance. The experience reminded me of one of the aspects of the shamanist's path. I was able to see sounds, especially musical sounds. The music was transformed into shades that I could see with my mind's eye. It was really more of a seeing, as I could also feel the texture of the music. The result was pretty awesome as I played my American Indian flute to the accompaniment of my friend's recorder. The shift in awareness prompted me to want to write about the shifting of awareness in the shamanic experience.

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Synesthesia, the crossing of sensory perceptions, is a valuable tool for the shamanist as they explore the vibrational realms of reality. The importance of cross-sensory perception is that it allows for those realms not available to the physical or mental sense to become open to the shamanist. Though the realms that the shamanist will visit can be put into loose categories, there is no actual demarcation when the shamanist experiences them as realities based on range of subtle and varied vibrations. The only differences the realms may have are the patterns of existence defined by the realm's unique properties and the shamanist's relationship to the realm. The experiencing of the realms via cross-sensory perceptions is a beginning. The shamanist's relationship with the landscape and inhabitants is the next juncture. The shamanist will explore vibrational realms via cross-sensory visions. Their relationships in and with the realms then guide the shamanist's reach and influence.
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I am working on an article about the vibrational realms of the shamanist's world. As a prelude to this, I am posting some past thoughts about the nature of reality. Is magic possible? What is possible when the world is more than mechanisms? These are my thoughts...

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Because I'm interested in expanded realities...

The Seven Gates of Dreaming

Summarized from "The Art of Dreaming'' by Carlos Castaneda.

First Gate:
You reach the first gate when you become aware you are falling asleep or have a gigantically real dream. You cross the first gate when you are able to sustain the sight of any item in your dream.

In order to offset the evanescent quality of dreams, sorcerers have devised the use of the starting point item. Every time you isolate it and look at it, you get a surge of energy. The most convenient thing to use is your hands (which follows naturally from looking for your hands in your dreams).

Second Gate:
You cross the second gate when you are able to change from dream to dream. For example, you wake up from a dream in another dream or use an item of your dream to trigger another dream.

Third Gate:
You reach the third gate when you dream yourself asleep. You cross the third gate by moving your energy body after having done so. At the third gate you begin to merge your dreaming reality with the reality of the daily world.

Fourth Gate:
At the fourth gate, the energy body travels to specific, concrete places either in this world, out of this world, or places that exist only in the intent of others.

Go to sleep in a certain position, then in dreaming, dream that you lie down in the same position and fall asleep again. This is called the twin positions and it solidifies your dreaming attention. The second dream is intending in the second attention: the only way to cross the fourth gate of dreaming.
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This year I saw an episode of Total Recall 2070. Part of this distant future are alpha androids. These androids are very nearly human. The hero android is searching for his origins as part of the plot. In the episode I saw he was examining a mind control chip. He had a recognition that the chip was based on the same technology as his own brain circuits. He admitted that he did previously know that he had a knowledge of his own circuit designs, and exposure to the chip had awakened that part of him that knew what the chips looked like. Without a reference he did not know what they were. When asked how this could be, he said that the alpha androids suffered from the same that that humans suffer from, one of illusion.

I thought this was an incredible analogy. We humans are not unlike this fictional futuristic android. Using our classical minds, we match what we perceive to what we know. Patterns are confirmed and an interpretation of what we perceive is formed. There is another element to our minds also. This is the quantum element. From this element the leaps of logic, ah-has, and intuitive insights are obtained. The quantum element is not found in a diagram. Instead it is merely experienced. The android’s recognition of the circuit, the piercing of this illusion without the benefit of a table or diagram, was a quantum moment.

Escher's 'Print Gallery' (http://www.artchive.com/artchive/E/escher/escher_gallery.jpg.html) is an example of a "tangled hierarchy". The classical pattern recognizing mind sees a vista of images. The classical flow of the picture collapses when the observer judges the perspectives and finds that the flow is an illusion/paradox. There is a blank space in the middle of the picture. It is in this place that the possibilities of the picture simultaneously exist. It is a blank place where the quantum jump to a realization of the drawing’s incongruency takes place. This realization is one of the true perception of the drawing’s reality. In this place there are no judgments of far/near, gallery/harbor, beauty/mountain. This is the place that exists outside of the boxes, awaiting invitation of perception into whatever box the viewer may choose to use.

The challenge of both the seeking person is to expand the possibilities of your boxes to those quantum places. Life will be more fully and truly interpreted this place. As the classical options of interpretation are built with experience and the warehousing of possible views, the quantum perception leads us to a place in which there is not just one interpretation. There is more than one recognition of reality. There is a paradox here. Some observations are more true. Some observations are more false. More true and more false to what? More this and more that to a multi-world vision of reality.
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The Pretender and the Integrated Life

Recently an e-mail list I am on asked, "why do people pretend to be something they are not?" I offered up some answers that seemed insightful. Reflection on my answers has caused me to want to say a bit more on this topic. I had left out mentioning balance as I addressed why people pretend, or more directly, why people are out of touch with their surroundings. The aura of pretending, deluding oneself, arises when reality does not fit well to a person's behavior. I will look at this topic in this article.

I am blessed at this time with teachers who have directly and indirectly instructed me on the balancing of life. Their lives are neither easy nor are they comfortable, but they do live with an ease of mind foreign to many people. I was fascinated with this and wished to learn more. My own life lacked the same ease of mind. The answer to improving my own lot in life was to achieve a more balanced state. How? I've begun work on this, and I would like to share some of my discoveries.

Before I talk about balance I'd like to return to the original thought. Why do people pretend? The perception that a person is pretending derives from the observation that their actions and thoughts do not fit the reality of the situation. Why does this happen? The cause is twofold. Both are based on desires and both come from the ego. Firstly, there is the desire to achieve a condition or state that does not meet with reality. Secondly, the reality has shifted away from a truthful state, and the person is attempting to hold onto the old frame of reference.

The result of pretending is the living in a wishful fantasy world. There are two paths to this place. The first path occurs when a person holds onto the past. They will inevitably have a desire to maintain the now disjointed reality. One follows another. This is especially challenging as the pretending is based on a past truth that has now slipped away. It was grounded, but it is now baseless. It has become a fantasy world of pretended results. The second path to pretending is purely based on the desire for a world not grounded on reality. There is not past truth in this case. The motivation to pretend springs purely from personal desires and aspirations. In the end both paths lead to fantasy worlds.

Caution is called for here. Not all aspirations are fantasy. Striving for what is not yet is the driving force behind creation. Likewise, not all pasts have died. Many are merely slumbering, afflicted by neglect or passivity. Indeed, many relationships are salvaged by remembering the truth that grounded them originally. How does a person determine when there is pretending and where there is room in reality for something new or a return to the old? The answer is also two-fold, and the answer brings us back to the idea of balance.

Discernment of the reality, the truthfulness of it, is done so with the eyes of integrity and the tools of balance. Integrity is essential to separate illusion from those things with value and meaning. Balance is essential to returning conditions to a state of non-pretending. Negative words lack consciousness, so I will substitute the word "integrated living" for non-pretending. The integration speaks to being properly connected, in harmony with the surroundings around us. Integrated living is self-perpetuating because this is where reality really is.

The word integrity gets a lot of use in the discussion of morals, ethics, cleanness, hygiene, etc, and I will explain how I am using the term. I am presenting it as a lens for determining the path out of pretending, and the way of keeping in integrated living. Integrity is directly linked to respect and truthfulness. When we respect the connections in life, and are truthful about where we stand in the connections, integrity will follow. Respect moves us away from the mindset of rampant desire. Integrity provides the compass for traveling the high road, and staying on it.

There is an enemy to integrity that I must mention now. Enemy is a strong word, but often it is appropriate. Other times the word enemy stands as reminder that we are to be on guard. The enemy is the drama of life extending from the desires of pretending. A false reality must be created to support the world of pretending. Drama is both the result and vehicle of this world. Through drama, our entertainment media serves us pretend worlds. As a culture we are very comfortable with spinning a drama around ourselves to satisfy our desires. A robust drama is not benign to it's surroundings. There must be action, romance, danger, suspense, and of course, actors. Everyone is given a role in the drama of pretending. Everyone and everything has a part and place. We extend our own personal dramas onto the world, thus distorting reality through it's the lens of pretending. Drama is an enemy to integrity because drama is not driven by respecting the reality of the world. Instead, drama plays by it's own rules. As such, drama must go to extraordinary means to trump the realities around it.

How does a person escape from their dramas and embrace integrity through balance? The first step sounds very easy but can be quite difficult. There is help here, but often it is not appreciated. The second step used balance, and the third step takes a lifetime. I will examine the steps one by one.

The first step asks a person to recognize their own dramas. It asks them to be aware of how the world is interacting with them. This is not easy. Dramas can take on a life of their own. The clues to seeing the painted backdrops and worthless props of the drama lay in where we suffer. Being out of sync with reality will lead to suffering. Clothing that is too small for a person will rub and chafe. A car that is underpowered for a steep hill will move slowly and overheat. Life should be examined to see where suffering exists. What makes you feel bad? How do you compensate through the personal dramas to attempt to feel better. The stage of drama seems empty and hollow compared to the richness of reality. The points where the two touch, and are in conflict, are where we will hurt. The suffering will become a companion as the journey to integrity is taken. Here the dramas of life are revealed.

The second step is to achieve balance with people and events in life. Balance places a person in harmonious placement with the environment. The path of balance can be very long or very short. We all pretend to differentiating amounts, and the distance we are from integrated living will determine the suffering experienced as balance is achieved. Awareness of the surroundings is essential to achieving balance. Where is the balancing point? Communication with the self and those around the self are mandatory. The true surroundings of life will be revealed with suffering as the guide. The suffering decreases as balance is achieved. Within the center point of balance is the integrity with life. The journey is not easy. A life very much out of balance will take time to correct. Small steps are made and balance is reestablished each time. Surroundings that are themselves dramatic will be abandoned for the sake of personal growth. Likewise, those who feed our past dramas are left behind. The relation to all the people and events must be examined.
The final step to an integrated life is an ongoing one. The world is an every changing place, and to maintain integrity we must change to stay in balance with the world. Ever vigilant of drama, using suffering as an alarm, the integrated life is aware when pretending seeks to gain a foothold. The world will shift. We will shift, with our center maintained in balance. People will come and people will go. Places will come into our lives and move away. Pretending could be used to hold them there. It will not, as we know the price that is truly paid. The price is a disconnection from those things that are real, and hence a disconnection with the realization of divinity present in ourselves and the world.

As a final note I have to advise that a person finding integrity in balance will be judged as a pretender by those who are firmly entrenched in their own dramas and pretendings. Do not loose heart. It is a terribly time and energy consuming activity to worry about what other people think. It can be confusing as to whom has the most integrity, who's life is the least pretended. The secret to keeping integrity is in the realizing that the individual can only be faithful to their balanced path. When balance is maintained with the world, the world will joyfully mirror the internal integrity. In time, those who criticize will fall away and the prize of joy, outside of all those things that bring temporary pain or pleasure, will be realized.
Seek your own integrity. Judge lightly others as they are own their own paths. See the dramas of others as mirrors of your own. Those dramas of other people, the ones that stand out to you, are signposts of where your own dramas lay. Thank others for the sacred teachers they are. "Why do people pretend to be something they are not?" They are struggling just as you are. Honor them, respect them, and continue on your own path to integrity through balance. Namaste!


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