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Funny things happen when a past relationship is remembered at the cue of a picture, song, or familiar looking person. The happiness may come to mind. Perhaps the rest will also, but it seems the shadows are too often aside, though they were the painful cause of the present.


My heart is stirred by memories
the tune of song or still of pic
asking if I would commit again
seeking what brought me to that place.

Why would I want to bring it back
from the realm of yesterday
the pain, the angst, the loneliness
that came with love I thought I had?

There must have been a reason then
cause to want to twist the frames
flesh to mold, one to the other
seeking heat to meet to the chill.

Laughter echoes in recollection
smiles set with rectus grins
statues set in memory's grave
rapport gone, reflection tainted.

Don't take this for condemnation
the joy was pure inside each moment
just as the wounds were inflicted
accompaniment to past relating.

Now I wonder if roads could reverse
clocks rewound to seek the pleasure
thickets lure with heart's reflection
when the thistles surround the flowers

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170405.
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“The Vex” is about dating for some of us.

The Vex

The whole identity that isn’t half
divided through, more than that
turned to like both here and there
attraction split to see the world

while the breadth is present
not all will catch the eye
predilections strive to bring
the most desired to the gaze

though the lure is split among
the many waking up on the land
they may not return appeal
to the gender you may be

when the truth is revealed
some may turn, others stare
to walk with them is their choice
decision made, preference made

the optimal is in the vex
intersection of three spheres
where the future partner lives
blessed may the hunt progress.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170227.
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“Memories’ Grasp” is about the numbness of relationships against the background pain of memories. Even the most intimate embraces of today are not enough to put aside the dead of yesteryear.

Memories’ Grasp

It comes back as a shadow, relation to the dream
one would be in the light, the other in my sleep
neither I could touch, not in that special way
their distance is not the cause, each fills my life's expanse
nature asks for payment when bodies are embraced
now dead are present, the living in the past.

False echoes are all I have, warmth in the bodies held
sadly they are a ghost, cold as the arctic breeze
color mocks the rainbow's hue when flesh is all I see
disguises meant to trick when tints are turned to gray
the curves are real enough, the lines with passion's pulse
sadly they were prized to be the path from pain.

I forget when it began when the act has found its end
was pleasure my only goal or was it forgetfulness?
the fury blessed one moment, now the present finds reign again
the firmness is discarded when undress finds its shame
the dead will fill its breadth when the pit asks for its due
especially when the numb walk in memories' grasp.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170217.
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I awoke in the morning with the first two lines of the poem “My Mistakes” running through my head. I was thinking of a particularly pleasant experience from the prior night’s social dancing. By the time I finished the poem I realized that mistakes are opportunities for learning, and that “my youth” is as close as the last minute lived. I regret little from being with wonderful friends as they are my teachers today.

My Mistakes

I’m reminded of my youth
the one I lost while confused
in the doldrums of my making
uneducated to the beauty shown
I wonder where I got off track
lost in the weeds of mistakes
lessons placed at my feet
prompts for a life better lived

I knew not how to speak
this is assured misconceptions
trip of tongue, slip of mind
saying words with outside voice
it was enough to tempt quiet
silence held with mouth shut
I’ll instead mull the words
improve the utterance as I learn

my judgment was unhoned
blunders stretching on and on
ignorance bred mistake’s bounty
while stubbornness was fear’s ally
if I knew what I wanted
I would have reached to grab the ring
I’ll now seek what I may
knowing what to leave and what to seize

relationships were close at hand
the best I let slip away
I exaggerate some with those words
“not fully clasped” would be more fair
they come in so many forms
from romance to the best of friends
each one as precious as the rest
to find the mark is my quest

for those who have read this far
I’ll add the twist that blows the mind
the timing is the curve I’ll throw
when distant past was span assumed
instead I speak of the year last past
month or week or yesterday
even hours from this today
each has regrets and lessons I’ll embrace.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170212.
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On Tumblr I found the quote “Let me touch you in all the places”. I used this as a starting point to explore how interactions occur between people. Very rarely are encounters “casual”, even when they are meant to be. Even if you don’t learn something about them you stand the chance of learning something yourself. Relationships go both ways, with the soul better or worst off I the end.

All the Places

Pardon my request
let me touch you in all the places
looking beyond the customary
asking for much more
where you are unique in your ways
different from the masks we’re shown to wear
questing for my kind
delights to find behind the folds
where your curtains pulled against the world
my mind craves contact
there I’ll find more about myself
if I listen to the thoughts that blossom
feelings beg their due
emotions shared ask honesty
each with their own sincerity
now I will retreat
I found so much more than I sought
with the touches that struck my soul

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161226.
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The poem “When I” examines the questions asked of those who are dear to our heart at some level. While the poem does lean to the romantic side, a version of these questions can be asked of good friends not recently seen.

When I

When I say I miss you dear
it is because of lack of cheer
present when you are not
no matter what I may want.

When I say where have you been
I wonder why you’ve not been here
location is a personal choice
I’m selfish based on where you are.

When I say how do you feel
it because I want to know
what ticks inside beauty’s core
waiting for me to explore.

When I say what do you want
the earth awaits your beck and call
if I can give then I will send
gifts to bless your every wish.

When I say who do you want
my mind sincerely fills in the blank
of what may come from your mouth
that my name may be the quick response.

When I say when will you come
back to these waiting arms
empty with these questions plenty
looking for answers to complete me.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160717.
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There are people that I see often. Something about them impresses me, and yet I remain distant from them. I suspect people are this way about me. We can't know everyone directly, but we can honor their place in our lives.

Companions in Life
Poem for Day 303 – 20151031

There is some twist of fate,
God's loaded dice in play,
that has us meeting once again
across the turns of the wheel.
Could you be braver than the rest,
more prone to be up front?
I wonder if this is the case
as once again we are face to face.

Acknowledgments made
across the span of others
more important in the moment
but less seen in time's whole.
I don't know if we are friends,
if this moniker would suffice,
we are not as close as this,
but yet there you are in my life.

Your sense of humor does defy
the norms of my close associates.
They may not understand the kitsch,
this matters not as I laugh in response.
I admire you for what you do,
the way you embrace your life,
an example to how I could live
by a person more bold than I.

Whatever the fated frequency,
our encounters sustain me in part,
a connection to worlds removed,
across the space of shared revelry.
I'll gladly play God's game
to see where this will lead.
Mostly strangers, nodding greets,
companions in a thing called life.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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The poem “Love's Journey” is my attempt to share how I view the wide and humbling aspects of love. The aspects of love cannot be put into boxes constructed by religious tomes or restricted by society's most average levels of comfort. Finding love and expressing it can take a person to places both on and off the conventional maps. If only we could all be brave enough to find our way to the happy endings.

Love's Journey
Poem for Day 281 – 20151009

I. Love's Quest

Seeking love's gentle comfort,
so rare a thing amongst the many.
The soul is refreshed by acceptance
of personal proclivities within.

Others wonder at the wide range,
their eyes blind by a narrow reference
of life bent sung to a different song
by choice personal or band leader.

I'll seek my joys with others in my way,
follow my heart to perhaps other lands.
I'll seek my loves in the people resident
where my friends and family cannot follow.

II. Love's Companions

If I find this with gender different,
gender same, or gender fluid,
the thing I seek is the same,
a place to find my peace, rest my head.

The color of skin matters little
when journey's quest is much deeper.
The spark of spirit, lilt of laughter,
crossing shades of dermal difference.

The interests vary mundane and spiritual,
fetishes bizarre and religion varied,
my loves embrace the shared rituals
of a life most uniquely shaped.

III. Love's Expression

My expression of love can vary much,
by pan and demi, mono and poly.
I'll pursue the one or more meant to be
with others who share my propensities.

Love's attraction has different ends,
some are physical, somatic tensile,
seeking resolution in another one
of body shared in base relief.

Others arrive with emotions strong,
but physical relating held at bay,
the need to bond in the corporal
of little substance in our love.

IV. Love's End

In the end I hope to find what I seek
in rare few of those met along the way.
I am a unique creation by nature's hand,
radiant in soul and corrupted in man.

I'll acknowledge that I've met a few,
those who have spent some time with me,
shared more than most by their choice,
and to them I am forever indebted.

I count myself to be a fortunate one
to find the treasures in the dross of men.
Love's gentle comfort found in the hard and soft
of lives shared amongst those most cherished.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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American acceptance of same sex marriage topped 60% of the polled population. With this is an inferred acceptance of LGBTQ people. How did this happen? A decade ago the percentage of same sex marriage acceptance was 39%. My personal theory focuses on walls being broken down when a person knows somebody who is LGBTQ. These close relationships put a human face to the differences. Prejudices of any stripe are difficult to maintain when faced with shared humanity. The poem “Heart Released” has the very loose theme of rainbow. The rainbow is a bridge between people. I’ve met rainbow people in my life, and it is my fondest hope that I can do the same for others.

Heart Released
Poem for Day 182 – 20150701

Bridge between the worlds,
the intercessor to a heart constrained,
you've worked magic here,
opening the eyes of one who could not see.
Allow me to share
the person I used to be before I met you.
It is a sad tale
of the one who was once lost before I met you.

Life was askew,
fear was my companion when I went abroad.
Strangers faces
were all I met when I walked in the world.
Just slipping away,
my life meant less than nothing to me.
Sorrow filled the space
where soul connections were meant to be.

their cultural norms were foreign to me.
I was distrusting,
fearful of anything new to cloistered me.
Society's hates,
distilled over the many generations,
drip dropped in
to taint that place where good should be.

Once separated,
the gulf between was filled with ignorance.
Only differences,
no commonalities bound you to me.
Disparate groupings,
me and mine separate from you and yours.
I’ve broken from them,
you’re the important difference that drives me.

Now I’ve met you,
the world a better place when you're next to me.
discovered in celebration of the person I am now.
A common world held
in this bridge between the you and the me.
A most happy tale
now that that my heart has been released.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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The lyrics “Father Time” are based on the theme of misfortune. The music would be the “Dead Can Dance” variety and it would be sung in a slower, melancholy, ballad type way. I wrote it while listening to the Agnes Obel internet radio station. The lyrics are about the misfortune of people being attuned to each other in all ways but relative age.

Father Time
Poem for Day 177 – 20150626

If I didn't know you then,
it's only because you weren't here.
No fault of mine, blame Father Time.
If I didn't know you then,
I was that much poorer from that.
No fault of yours, blame Father Time.

Fortune favours the bold,
fortune favours the brave,
Misfortune is all we have,
laid at the feet of Father Time.

I was so much younger then,
the age that you are now,
where's the right in that?
I was so much younger then,
the world did not know you yet,
why did you come after your time?

Fortune favours the bold,
fortune favours the brave,
Misfortune is all we have,
laid at the feet of Father Time.

Now we are left with today,
Saturn laughing at the mortals,
the mismatch in space and time.
Now we are left with today,
together we'll make our own fortune,
correct our own place in time.

Fortune favours the bold,
fortune favours the brave,
Misfortune is all we have,
our luck is now ours to make.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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People enter our lives in different ways. Those meant to stay follow a path much like that of a skipping rock. The first encounter is followed by a second. Others follow, the time between each becoming smaller. Relationships are formed to manage the developing situation. Ultimately the “skipping” ends, and the two form a lasting bond. The timing of this can vary from person to person. The physics of relationships is incredibly complex. The poem “Rock and Water” examines the meeting of people through the lens of the skipping rock analogy.

Rock and Water
Poem for Day 163 – 20150612

Thrown from an unknown distance,
somewhere in time and space,
the rocks meets the first encounter
on the surface of another's space.

First contact met with a splash,
ripples in life project out,
and then the rock leaves again
skyward on a separate path.

Another encounter between the two,
another skip of encounter brief.
The beginning of pattern is set in motion,
above and below are destined to meet

The interval of impact cut in half,
the next by that much, again and again.
A series of bounces of rock and water,
coming more quickly as velocity falters.

The fateful moment is fast approaching,
the separation may no longer persist.
And then what was meant to be happens,
rock settles to water and the two are merged.

The sky left behind, the connection constant.
Two have become one below the surface.
An ending begins the rest of our lives,
rock one with water, surface left behind.

This is my life with those around me,
roles exchanged as rock and water.
Bouncing and sinking, moving and dancing,
so many souls skipping and meeting.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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I am twice as old as many of my dance friends. I see some of the relationship struggles, and then think back to the people that I've met. My thoughts move to the people I am still meeting, and I realize that life's capacity to surprise is only surpassed by the magic of those who are revealed.

Destiny's Destination
Poem for Day 141 – 20150521

When I was a younger man,
believing I knew of my fate,
with life's mates on this road,
I was the fool with much to learn.
Now I am as young as I will be,
with supposed wisdom earned.
I feel my destiny in the wind,
blown to land I know not where.

I witness a cast of many,
so diverse in variety.
The more I've seen, the less I know
of my connection to the world.
Beauty surrounds me, blinding me,
so many have come and have gone,
parade of others I could desire,
close out hand, out of heart's reach.

A spark seen in twilight's echoes,
the one I did not expect to see,
gift of the gods, seen by only me,
where have you been my missing half?
Faint time left, but still enough
to make a place together here.
My life's unexpected partner,
beauty bequest to this humble man.

I thank my blessings this morn,
you are more than I deserve,
that be said, I will accept
destiny's destination of my heart.
If I could take another path,
and up in in another place,
sorrow would be my companion
because I would not be with you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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My poem “Life in Black and White” started out as a statement about black and white photography. It took a turn, and the poem became a statement about something else. This time I will leave it to the reader to discern the meaning. Even if you don’t, the lyrical eight-beat lines are enjoyable by themselves. Enjoy!

Life in Black and White
Poem for Day 139 – 20150519

Life indulged in the black and white
like lyrics sung in the French tongue,
life’s exotic statements made plain,
mysterious and familiar made the same.
We are meant to dance in black and white,
fear not my love, this is our night.
We will visit again that far realm,
where we can sate our thirsty tastes

Another place, leached of color’s touch.
Do you have the heart to travel there?
Are we strong enough to sustain
ourselves in shades of spectrum gray?
When color is washed from the scene,
shapes and contrast take the life’s stage.
Shadows extend from the background,
make plain the sacred of God’s plan.

Another time, much like our own,
with different rules to us unknown.
Frenzied motion frozen in time
as dancers connect to combine.
Essence of life distilled to us,
all others removed from this view,
shadows move in a background hidden,
nothing to us now forbidden.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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One person can change the entirety of a life experience. Everything that comes after is different. It takes but a single spark to reveal a larger radiance. Walls crumble, moats are filled, and a truer expanse of life is revealed. 'Lady of Night' is a lyrical expression of these thoughts.

Lady of Night
Poem for Day 134 – 20150514

Lady of Night, contrast my day.
In your arms I begin to live.
Open my eyes, chase my judgment,
previously a fool, I am born again.
I trusted my tribe, towed the line.
Now I'm free to find my own way,
destination here by your side,
with nowhere else I'd rather be.

Night and day, my life has changed,
In this place I am remade,
born again, past stripped away.

Lady of Night, disrobe me now,
shed my armor, put it aside.
Draw my breath, my unease removed,
your eyes pools of dark destiny.
You've discovered my humanity,
hidden within too many chains.
These cast aside, left on the ground,
I am yours this time, soul laid bare.

Night and day, my life has changed,
In this place I am remade,
born again, past stripped away.

Lady of Night, turn their heads.
I care not what they have to say.
They look and do not see beauty,
always present, worn with grace and ease.
You are the night, I am the day,
no longer separate as we play,
I am with you, and you with me,
nothing else matters in this place.

Night and day, my life has changed,
In this place I am remade,
born again, past stripped away,
born again, past stripped away.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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Online social media has created the opportunity to maintain friendships with people who were met in passing, or perhaps, never met in person at all. The poem “Miss You” is about the depth of relationship maintained in the digital space.

Miss You
Poem for Day 111 – 20150421

How can I say I miss you
when we've never met?
How can I miss your touch
while miles stretch between us?

The days pass, too many to count,
you've been important in my life,
since time long ago, and still I wait,
I am here and you are there.

I've never heard your voice,
not even a whispered mutter,
but your words echo loud in my mind,
substitute for vocal utterings.

Your welfare matters to me,
though we have no shared interests,
other than a desire for the best
to be visited up you distant companion.

Our mutual future is still unknown,
and yet I plan, or should I say long,
for us to continue on, miles separated,
while I continue to miss you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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The poem “Invisible Threads” is about our unilateral connections with the world. They are indistinct, sometimes invisible, but this does not lessen their authenticity.

Invisible Threads
Poem for Day 023 - 20150123

I thought I was alone,
so few faces in front of me.
I thought I could undue
this reality of only me.

Feel a tug, invisible thread,
across the web of life.
Far person, sight unseen,
holds me in their hands.

Could this be authentic?
Where is the proof for this?
I see nobody in front of me,
no stamp of authenticity.

Do I speak to you?
I do not know.
My life is shared
if I touch your soul.

The thread quivers again,
a connection unnoticed before.
Shyness is your refrain,
but the connection is there all the same.

I thought I was alone,
and now I know I’m not.
Invisible threads, looping out,
impacting reality far from me.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I've found that social dancing provides glimpses into how relationships should work. My latest ah-ha relates to the contradance swing. This swing is very similar to a ballroom swing, with the shoulders parallel with your partner and the arms held firm but not rigid. When swinging, the partners move as one. This sounds simple, but the rest of the story speaks to how relationships are handled.

Swings can include extra moves, with the twirl being the most common addition. The gent typically leads the lady into a twirl when starting or ending a swing. The time allowed for the overall swing dictates the amount of time taken up by these optional twirls. While the twirls come in several forms, the purpose is twofold: showing mastery of the dance by the gent and providing the lady with some spice in the swing.

So, we have a swing and we have the flourishes before and / or after the swing. What does this have to do with relationships? The swing is the mainstay of a dance relationship. It is the period of time that you are most connected to your partner. A typical set of moves is 64 beast long. Lots of things can happen during this 64 beats, with partner swing is only going to last 8 or 16 beats of this time. In the end, a swing with a dance partner you really enjoy is only a small part of the entire dance sequence. A swing is meant to be treasured, just as relationships. The time allocated to this is only a fraction of all the time available.

My realization was that the flourishes are a distraction. A swing only lasts for 8 or 16 beats of the available 64 beats, and then your dance partner leaves your arms. A twirl before and after a swing can reduce the swing to 8 or even 4 beats of music. This unwanted reduction of quality time with a partner is executed for the sake of twirls that are motivated by vanity or habit. Ah! Here is the heart of my thoughts. I was glad to learn how to do decent twirls, adding flourishes to my dance, but now I know they come at a price.

An informal poll of accomplished female dancers has informed me that the ladies would prefer to have a solid, well executed swing, over a series of dizzying flourishes. I agree with the poll results. I've come to treasure a swing that is smoothly executed by both parties. The smooth swing is a result of a mutual effort between the dancers. The swing is a dance relationship, and just as the flourishes can jar or shorten a swing, the flashy distractions of life can impact a social relationship.

Now I minimize the twirls I perform, especially if I very much enjoy being with a dance partner. I want to enjoy the heart of the swing and not rob myself of the moment by the unnecessary twirling about. A social relation should be given the same treatment. Every relationship has a place in which the partners are synchronized in their actions. The flourishes of life, as flashy as they may be, take away from the connection. A smooth swing is effortless. It appears simple, but the ease originates from a lot of cooperation and understanding on the part of the partners. Relationships are like this too. Appreciate the times that relationships are working well. Don't distract yourself with social equivalents of twirls.

The time you have available with your partner, be it in dance or elsewhere, is short relative to the rest of life. I've cut back on the twirls and the reward has been wonderful. Look to your personal life and see where you can focus on simplifying the flourishes while you focus on the magic of relationships.

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Recently I was talking to a fellow dancer about aspects of contradancing. She shared with me something I didn't know: that guys really needed to improve their giving weight during dances. I thought this was a basic given, but she said no. The guys could do the dips and spins, but the basics of giving weight can be lacking. She has been dancing the male part of the dances and commented that women, as a whole, give better weight. This game me food for thought!

Writing about contra topics like this seems to echo a talk about interpersonal relations. See if you can spot the links between giving weight and supporting a relationships. And away we go!

Giving weight is important for several reasons: keeping the dancers connected and communicating, making other dancers feel safe while keeping them safe, and providing momentum for their moves. All of these are incredibly important for contra to be enjoyable to all involved.

Giving weight is a constant thing. Most every contra move involves the time and correct amount of giving weight. I'm serious about this. Even the simple moves can and should have weight given. The weight given before and after a complicated move provides your partner with the knowledge that you will be there, and in fact you are. Focus on the little moves as you give weight to those around you.

Focusing on weight will keep your dance partners safer. Good weight from the male role will give the female role the confidence to try their own fancy moves because they know the other person will be there to catch them as they fly through space. The female roles will trust you when the fancy dips are performed because they know you have their safety in mind.

A really magical part of giving weight is the momentum it provides other dancers, those in the male and female roles. Contra is about movement, and some really sweet moves happen when dancers propel each other across the floor. This aspect of giving weight is one that is hard to explain, and really fun to experience.

My fellow dancer shared another secret, and this is a big one! Guys, your partners and neighbors really really enjoy a dance with proper weight given. How much? They might enjoy a competent demonstration of weight over fancy dips and spins. Nail down those basics and everyone will enjoy the advanced moves even more!

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I shared my nine thoughts about the perfect contra swing, and then ended the list with the remark that the makings of a perfect contra swing sounded like things that defined a perfect relationship. I pondered this over a lunchtime meal of fish, shrimp, french fries and hush puppies at my local Captain D's.

In reality there are so many types of contra swings, almost as many as the types of relationships we experience in our social world. Each contra swing, and relationship, can be perfect unto itself. The secret to achieving this realizing the appropriateness of the situation. I adapt my contra swing style to a host of factors. These include the experience level of my partner and my closeness to the person. The factors of experience and closeness offer a multitude of situations that I have to adapt my swing to, and they are as applicable in the social relationship world as they are to the contra swing.

Experience is a funny thing when it comes to contra. People come to contra with prior dance experience or no experience. Some partners are naturally nimble on their feet while others push themselves to learn. The resulting dance abilities can give me pleasure, pain, or somewhere in between. My poor aching back aside, I have a contract with my partner to give them the best possible swing that I can, with “best” being driven by their abilities. I may have to slow it WAY down for a beginning dancer. I may have to make it simple, with no fancy flourishes, but that does not prevent a perfect swing from occurring. For others I turn on the flourishes, and remember that I have real responsibility to keep them safe and on time. In the end, if they smile, and I smile because I am not in pain, than a perfect swing can be achieved.

Closeness to my dance partner is a BIG factor in the type of swing I use, and from that, how perfect the swing is for the moment. I've danced with everyone from my significant other to somebody who is dancing contra for the first time. I don't swing the same with everyone, and for good reason! There is potential for the perfect swing in the entire closeness continuum, and the key to finding the perfection is honoring myself and them. I dance real close with my significant other, pretty darn close with friends that I know well, and a respectful distance from people I don't know well. This range is tweaked to accommodate the preferences of my partners. I may have a friend that loves the arm's length speed swing. I'm good with that. A beginner may move in close during a swing. I adjust as much as I can, and then roll with the swing. All of the above can be perfect.

Before I close I want to touch on where things go wrong, and swings are very much not perfect. The clues are in topics of experience and closeness. Things go imperfect when moves are used that are inappropriate to a partner's experience level. The partner becomes flustered and disturbed when they are tossed about, feeling like they are completely out of control. Swings that favor a touch of familiarity, meaning intimacy, are inappropriate when sprung on a person who is not ready for that level of swing commitment! Neither unwanted complexity nor intimacy are typically done out of malice, but adopting a “one size fits all” swing is the sure path to move from perfect swing to imperfect swing.

Looping back to where I start, I was struck by the fact that a replacement of “swing” with “relationship” would turn my list of perfect swing qualities into a manual on relationships. Further, in the paragraphs above, if you change the word “dancing” to “relating”, and “swing” to “encounter”, you get a discourse on relating. These are words of wisdom that I use in both my dancing and my relationships. I belove all my dance partners and all the wonderful people I meet through life. There are SO many different perfect swings and SO many different perfect relationships. I am gifted with many.
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Do you want to make a difference? Strive to create! The effort will reward you with new relationships. You will become connected to places, people, symbols, ideas, and more. The relationships will enrich your life, and unbeknownst to you, reach out and touch the souls of many others. Don’t underestimate the impact of your creations.

I need to remember this sentiment whenever I feel small and alone. While the outcome of my creative efforts is mostly invisible to me, the resulting connections are powerful in their ephemeral nature.


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