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The poem “Blessing All” was written in the spirit of my very visceral reaction to the book / movie “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Set in a near-future New England, in a totalitarian theocracy which has overthrown the United States government, the novel explores themes of women in subjugation and the various means by which they gain individualism and independence. Add this this the stories of women being abused by existing Complementarianism (a theological view held by some in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, that men and women have different but complementary roles and responsibilities in marriage, family life, religious leadership, and elsewhere), it is no wonder that my poem is very raw.

Blessing All

It's the wettest dream
put for forth by a patriarch
wishing to fulfill their appetites
while the female must submit
happiness is the highest goal
not for all, just his own
as the man rules all beheld
with his deity blessing all.

Look to pages of holy books
dogmas passed down by the elders
there you'll find the proof
asking gracious to kowtow
or should I say graciously
there may be no thankfulness
when little can be denied
to head of house, religious boss.

A universal order must exist
with one on top, if that's their wish
submission is the natural course
this domination is home grown
humility is asked by his god
the mate's interests before his own
this is the theory put to test
when pleasure is taken with hot lust.

The yoke is kind, the load is light
dinner at 5:00 please the good wife
delivered up for the master's whim
based on welfare's pleasure and power's boon
in all things, praise the church
apologies cover transgressions' hurts
foul temptation is power's gift
easily satisfied by a velvet fist.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170428.
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The poem “Jesus Made Them Hot” was written for a contest that asked “write a poem mixing religious and secular images and all that jazz into one poem”. The contest host stated “this is your hall pass”. I’ll take them at their word!

Jesus Made Them Hot

They said that Jesus made them hot
with perfect love and perfect trust
wait that was my other lover
the Wiccan who worshiped in the buff

I asked my Christian why this was so
what qualities provoked the chemistry
they said look to the ancient truths
and then apply them between the silk sheets

first be faithful that bodies gush
when rapt attention is put forth
though unseen at the start
the end will come at long last

send the prayers to heavenly father
asking for aid in foreplay’s pleasure
off to a great start helps towards the end
any assistance is better than none

the blessed son was the most wise
quoting scripture to teach the lost ones
red letter text could be the last word
regarding the love of all fellow men

I’d humble myself to gifts of the flesh
on my bent knee I offered pleasure
yes ma’am, yes sir, what can I do
to solicit climax at the end of our play?

with patience I waited for apex’s peak
they asked to pace with due diligence
not rushing or racing to my own end
this is what he would want in the bed

lastly insisted on charity’s bliss
giving the all towards coital joy
to give and not take was the highest goal
put forth by their savior as bodies were pressed

I asked them how they came to my bed
they answer was simple: I was then led
to be with another with these attributes
I was as hot as Jesus was pure.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170409.
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Thoughts about appropriation connected with articles about the political compromises of the religious groups. Good motivations are turned foul as the steering is taken over by those worship power as their true divinity. The outcome of these ponderings is the poem "Priests of Gods".

Priests of Gods

If they could rise from dusty graves
interned by hands in the years of old
would they know the way we praise
in the way of gods they knew?
the priests are young upon this earth
the acolytes are breaths of wind
the gods look down to shake their heads
wondering at the whims of man

this generation holds a line
hallowed idols are their guide
ego mixed with fear's prodding
that all that matters is the gain
principalities of the earth
ruling over the unwashed ones
appeasing rabble now unleashed
while building their power base

the good and evil mix as one
common goals spoil hallowed grounds
taint of demon would be less foul
than compromise for power's guile
whispering that means are blessed
no matter who or what is grasped
when all that matters falls in place
the end a curse, perdition found

appropriation becomes the norm
the highest goals brought so low
by usurpers crowing good
when in their hearts they pollute
the principles of ancestors
who may have had the same clay feet
yet who are we to hold up high
examples of the priests of gods?

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170222.
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The poem "Politic's Lament" is an imagined tale about the 2016 political environment. I've never been a big fan of ideology overwhelming the mechanism of government. In three parts, the poem speaks to what has passed, what is now, and what may come to be.

Politic's Lament

Part I - Pulpits

When support is mana sent,
the life blood of the politic,
dynasty's will tremble there
on the edge of future's dare.

Ideology was the source,
connector of the lesser ones.
Now the arm no longer twists
behind the backs of supplicants.

The anointed goals of yesteryear,
crusaders sent to foreign lands,
are now tarnished with decay
nurtured by broken promises.

Priests in temples made of stone
ruled with meager compromise.
Principle was held aloft,
and thus the walls crumbled down.

Pulpits that once led the way,
talking heads that bent at knee,
cannot stem the changing tide
as currents take them for the ride.

Part II - The Creature

When the goals of vocal groups,
short in number, long in words,
made most sour the common well
the people looked to a dark hero.

A creature now roams the land,
uncontrolled from faith's redoubts.
It knows the hearts of damaged souls,
draws its strength from their demise.

Never mind danger's smell,
the ugly words and inflicted wounds.
The sheep are led towards the light,
be it train or holy land.

Blaspheme would be tolerant
if the sheep were left to be.
Instead they are lead astray
from anger's controlling grace.

With the sheep there goes the flock,
with no flock the shop will flop.
The party ends with a whimper,
victim of its own shrill banter.

Part III - Roaches

The roaches will retreat
from the villagers’ vented rage.
Survival is the requisite
when power is the only game.

The creature will have its way,
dressed in silks as critics bay.
In the end the bonfire waits
for the evils brought this day.

Their masters will wait a day,
week or decade, it matters not.
Allegiances will be swapped
as regimes are overthrown.

Anger will blend to doubt,
the populace then most contrite.
They were duped by the dark forces,
victims all in pure hindsight.

A new dawn will shine its light
on both good and bad in God's hands.
The roaches will then reappear,
the Lord's work must still be done.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160219.
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A friend shared a photo of the Trump advertising van. There were several campaign phrases proclaimed to all observers. The one that stuck out for me was “Defend Religious Liberty”. This inspired me to write a poem of the same name.

Defend Religious Liberty

Please protect my freedom,
is this your true intent?
Forgive my cynic thoughts
when I see this trite catchphrase.

When you defend liberty,
the religious type you say,
is this for all the people
or just the ones you prey?

Liberty can be privilege,
perhaps this is what you mean.
Protecting the rights of few
while many will be oppressed.

Defending will be imposed,
enforced by database.
Villains are the majority
seeking to live in peace.

Religion is for the holy,
all other are heathens.
The litmus test will given
from the blessed pulpits.

The outcome will be a terror
for all those but the same
as your core supporters
while others are quick erased.

Allow me to plead my case,
if you could instead,
protect the American jobs
and leave the spiritual to us.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160206.
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The religions and spiritual paths of the world offer the remedial path for the human condition. The poem “My Humanity” is an examination of these paths.

My Humanity
Poem for Day 306 – 20151103

Pardon me while I trip,
sway under the weight of the world,
making the cardinal mistake
of revealing my humanity.

I look to the spiritual paths,
the search for something larger,
a place I can find retreat
from the place I find myself.

The holy book duly states
that mistakes are human based,
salvation is found in groveling,
admitting this lowly condition.

The enlightened ones project
that faults are the steps
towards an ascension fully shared,
when will the rest of us spiral up?

The eastern mystics sincerely state
that attachment is suffering,
stepping off the wheel is the path,
denial is the solution to earthly pain.

I wonder if there is a fit,
a modality that is my salve.
In my search I turn to these teachers,
the architects of the salvation prospective.

There I find lofty leaders with feet of clay,
signposts offering an unvisited destination,
bent by the weight of the world,
with their humanity fully revealed.

My trips are now seen as the natural
outcome to my inhabitation of earthly realm.
They are no longer mistakes that I make,
instead they are God's face on my humanity.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I truly do not understand those with cloistered belief structures. I am speaking of those who fear the larger part of the world because THEY have the true calling, and everyone else is lost. While religion tends in this direction, the world of politics is not immune to this phenomenon. Often the two cross, the hybrid is worst than it's separate parts.

One True Faith
Poem for Day 268 – 20150926

Faith is the only benchmark
of those of same wane heart
and similar dogmatic mind,
clustered to serve their own.

Show only love for the chosen ones,
turn your back on the other ones
in pursuit of a personal faith
contrary to your fellow men.

You'll know them by their works,
their comfort to ones like them.
You'll see their sincerity
in persecution of the other ones.

They glorify the ones just like them,
on a pedestal for all to see,
then wonder why the world reacts
with attacks against the one true faith.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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The lyrics “Trans-Mortality-Morality” are an editorial statement of some religion's fascination with the beyond and the fallen nature of this world. While their number is few, their profile is everywhere in this electronically connected world. Some of these same people are heavily critical of people who are experiencing other trans identity crisis. The irony is palpable.

Bonus Poem for Day 170 – 20150619

I've I were a bit deader,
if I were a bit better,
that would be the red letter day,
best of the worlds cause I'm a trans.

This living is merely temporary,
something I do before I'm dead.
Forced on me by the evil one,
my place is dead by the one's side.
I'm sinning like there's no end,
but that's not who I really am.
The evil one tricked me one day,
led astray from my real purity.

I'm a trans in this mortal world,
not meant to be amongst living ones.
I'm a trans in this evil world,
soul too enlightened for the like of you.

I'll bide my time waiting patiently,
knowing that bus will find me.
It has a gift, my termination,
lifting me to the arms of the one.
Avoidance of all is my goal,
perfection just out of reach.
I will become pure as driven snow,
only my humanity left to besmirch me.

I'm a trans in this mortal world,
not meant to be amongst living ones.
I'm a trans in this evil world,
soul too enlightened for the like of you.

I'm a trans, just a trans,
this I will gladly admit and embrace.
Mortality, morality,
just a trans in this too mortal world.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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For your consideration, the poem “Handmaidens” is a frank examination of dogmatic influence on the souls of women.

Bonus Poem for Day 156 – 20150605

Revenants of religion's call
ask for their due in this time.
Echoes of two thousand years,
press down on lives lived today.
Handmaidens to the distant past
asked to bend knee to the ghosts.

With freedom from the taint of sin,
captives seek escape from the chains.
Dogmas stamped in the holy books,
the same ripped across youthful hearts.
Desires expressed in the shadows
when the bright ones will not approve.

White washed robes worn by the faithful
conceal hearts bled dry by contempt.
Hate the sin the faithful declare,
damn the sinner to a fate the same.
Weep for sisters of beauty hidden,
handmaidens to the distant past.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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A friend shared information on the nature of Dharma and I had an interesting reaction. The following is an abbreviation of what my friend shared:

“Dharma encapsulates those great laws and disciplines that uphold, sustain, and ultimately lead humanity to the sublime heights of worldly and spiritual glory. The words “religion” and “dharma” denote two entirely different concepts and perspectives. Dharma makes God manifest in the human heart, not in an anthropomorphic form, but as the absolute and universal One in whom all diversities reside in perfect harmony. “

My friend then shared the following words that define the essence of Dharma: Harmony, The Way, Righteousness, Compassion, Natural Law, Essential Nature, Morality, Truth, Teachings, Tradition, Philosophy, Order, Flow, Spirituality, Religion, Wisdom, Purest Insight, Divine, Conformity, Cosmic Norm, Blueprint, Inherent Nature, Intrinsic Nature, Law of Being, and Duty.

Now onto my interesting reaction. To me, some of these words should not be in this list. Why? These words could, and often do, cross over to the flawed human expression of religion:

Natural Law, Morality, Truth, Teachings, Tradition, Order, Religion, Wisdom, Duty

I suppose anything can be corrupted when intent is not aligned with the true nature of divinity, and with Dharma. Are the words flawed and should they be absent from a list of qualities of Dharma? Absolutely not! I see the flaw is within me. The lesson here is that it is MY reaction to these words. I have an unhealthy or unreasonable emotional connection to these words. My next challenge is to determine why they have that emotional hook in me. Ah! A good challenge.

More on Dharma for those who are interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dharma .


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I’m almost finished reading “unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity...and Why It Matters” by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons. It is a fascinating and educational read. First published in 2007, and based on research data collected soon before then, the book lays out the reasons behind the negatively reputation of Christians, especially among young Americans. The research showed that Christians are best known for what they are against, and not what they are for.

I found the book to be fascinating because it clearly points out the pitfalls that any group may face. There were six themes identified, and these themes are the ones that block people from seeing a group’s true message. These are the themes that raise skepticism and objections by outsiders.

• Hypocritical
• Too focuses on convincing others
• Extreme focus on one topic
• Sheltered
• Too political
• Judgmental

These themes do not apply only to the sharing of Christianity. Any compassion based group, one with a purposeful message to share, can fall victim to these themes. Do you find it difficult to share your compassionate viewpoint? This is a mirror to look into. The authors offer share numerous anecdotal stories to provide personal insight. They also offer solutions that address the issues behind the themes, and the solutions can be applied to many groups.

Check this book out if you are a Christian struggling with presenting your vision to an unreceptive world. Present what you are for and not what you are against. People may listen! Also check out this book if you want to genuinely live life, free of the themes presented by the authors. Filter the words through your own open heart as you seek personal improvement. The world can only benefit!

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Spirituality and sexuality are intertwined in the human experience. I've indulged in some. I've danced around the others. This blog entry is about a root commonality of seeming incongruent spiritual path: the sexual narrative.

I recently read a blog that started with the paragraph:

Witches (along with many other denominations of Paganism) view sex as sacred. The Charge of the Goddess says that all acts of love and pleasure are rituals of the Goddess, and not only do I believe that to be true, it's one of the things that drew me to this religion. In many ways, we're more open about sex (some of us say that we're more "sex positive") than the members of many/most other religions. Similarly, we're more likely to be quite accepting of QLTBG, etc. sex/sexuality/identity, polyamory, public nudity, and various less-than-mainstream forms of sexual expression than the members of many other religions. Our on-line discussions and our festivals and conferences often reflect this reality.

This got me thinking about expressions of sexuality and the shadow sides of religions. I found the first sentence to be especially interesting. A quick search on Google revealed a tantric oriented article that said:

Why is sex sacred? The dictionary defines sacred as "made or declared holy, dedicated or devoted exclusively to a use, purpose, or person worthy of reverence or respect." The word itself comes from the Latin, sacra meaning "sacred, holy, consecrated," that is, blessed or revered. The noun (singular) is sacrum, meaning a holy thing or place.

Another Google plunge found a Christian oriented page that said:

Sacred sex should be "rooted in a sacrificial dying to yourself in such a way that means laying your will, pride and needs on the altar while considering the other as more important than yourself. ...The two partners share much more than some moments of passion. They share their secrets, their hearts' DNA, their fears, their hopes, their failures and even so much as their 'treasures of darkness and hidden wealth of secret places.'"

The long of the short of it is that pagan's don't have the market cornered on believing sexuality is sacred. There are many spiritual paths that feature their stand on sexuality front and center. The reasoning seems simple enough. People think about sex. Sex is a motivational driver. Any spiritual path worth anything will address the topic, and do so in a way that satisfies those who will embrace the path.

This gets really interesting when you consider the message of each spiritual path, and then consider where it seeks to connect with the follower. We are all wired a little differently, with varying fears, desires and convictions.  Every spiritual path has a narrative that hooks and feeds the adherents. Does your spiritual path have a sexual narrative that you connect with?
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I work in a cubicle, with a window(!), but still a cubicle. I get to over hear all kinds of conversations. One recently focused on religious attitudes towards a minority group. I was left thinking, “if they only knew”. I work well with my co-workers, and a bit of knowledge would potentially create a divide, and this got me thinking about differences.

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I hold in my heart the hope that the many healthy differences, melding into a web of dependent cooperation, can outweigh the mean spirited differences lurking so close to the surface in our society. We are challenged to live and work together, and I believe our unstated differences, our individual places of strength, are buttress against all manner of divisive attitudes.
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I sometimes wonder about the sanity of the rational mind. The rational mind says, "because it is so!' Bizarrely, the rational mind bears the off springs of religious dogma, politics and moralities that spread across these landscapes. I know people are well meaning, mostly, but the embracing of the rational "because it is right" or "I am serving X" produces toxic bile and discontent. What is a person to do?

I find MUSIC to be my salve. I like songs with words, but sometimes they cross over to the rational "it should be X" realm. Songs without words are a divine expression. They transcend the rational and speak a language that shows the face of true beauty. Even songs with words are a blessing in that the writers often turn away the norms of the rational, speaking of the world in terms of what it is instead of what it should be. Musicians are divine rebels, and I love them dearly.
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I’ve become aware that are several types of death wishes. The form I have is the “let’s just get out of here please” type. The other type of death wish is a desire for an specific form of afterlife. This topic is both interesting and quite scary to me for reasons I will share. I'm putting the rest behind a cut because of the focus on Dominionists' beliefs.

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This article follows my "Faith and Religion" article. I believe that a grasp on how religions can be compared would lend tolerance to people's views of other's beliefs.

What is Comparative Religion Studies?

An Editorial Note on comparisons:

Calvin: "Hey Dad, know what I figured out? The meaning of words isn't a fixed thing! Any word can mean anything! By giving words new meanings, ordinary English can become an exclusionary code! Two generations can be divided by the same language! To that end, I'll be inventing new definitions for common words, so we'll be unable to communicate. Don't you think that's totally spam? It's lubricated! Well, I'm phasing." Dad: "Marvy. Fab. Far out." --Calvin & Hobbes cartoon.

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A illuminating article by [livejournal.com profile] iskender prompted me to dig this essay on Faith and Religion out of my teaching archives.


An understanding of world religions follows an understanding of the definition and origins of religion. Mankind is drawn to follow many religions for numbed comfort, but the question an enlightened person should first is: Why? We will next explore faith, religion and their connection. From there we will see how the religious paths of the world can be properly explored by those of differing beliefs.

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Faith provides the energy, religion provides the framework, and the result is a spiritual force that works on the behalf of the believer. The joining of these into the word “religious faith” now refers to some that is alive and is a tool for divine worship and recognition.
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I've believe that any comprehensive religion will have answers to the really "big" questions of life. The answers to these questions contribute order and comfort to people's lives. The Beliefnet quiz had the following "big" question in their survey:
What is the number and nature of the deity (God, gods, higher power)?

Are there human incarnation(s) of God (or of gods/goddesses)?

What are the origins of the physical universe and life on earth?

What happens to humans after death?

Why is there terrible wrongdoing in the world?

Why is there so much suffering in the world?
These would make for an interesting meme...
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This time I didn't come up as a satanic buddhist. Now I'm a buddhist with islamic/pagan leanings. There was a period in my life that I considered moving over to Buddhism as a spiritual path. I chose shamanism instead. The islamic thing has come up before. One of these days I need to find out why.

You scored as Buddhism. Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Buddhism. Do more research on Buddhism and possibly consider becoming Buddhist, if you are not already.

In Buddhism, there are Four Noble Truths: (1) Life is suffering. (2) All suffering is caused by ignorance of the nature of reality and the craving, attachment, and grasping that result from such ignorance. (3) Suffering can be ended by overcoming ignorance and attachment. (4) The path to the suppression of suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path, which consists of right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right-mindedness, and right contemplation. These eight are usually divided into three categories that base the Buddhist faith: morality, wisdom, and samadhi, or concentration. In Buddhism, there is no hierarchy, nor caste system; the Buddha taught that one's spiritual worth is not based on birth.




















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
created with QuizFarm.com
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On a pagan oriented LJ group I found a message that made me both react and think, a good combination. The entry referenced a webpage written by a generic Christian who went to Wiccan and then to Pentecostal. She now proselytizes to those who can be turned away from Wicca. My first reaction was comment on the blanket assumptions the proselytizing message contained. My second reaction was to think about the nature of the message, one of a personal experience, is a first-person commentary. This brought me back from roundly condemning the world for this one person's expression of life experience.

The first-person commentary is a common format for tales of spiritual change, growth and adventure. Often the names of the author's associates are changed or the occurrences happen in a place and time distance. The events cannot be verified in a scientific way. Indeed, this is the nature of the personal experience. Carlos Castaneda is a excellent example of this phenomenon. He published many books about his experiences in the Mexican shamanic world. While the books contained many details about people, places and events, the ability to verify these experiences has not been possible as Castaneda chose to shroud his life in mystery. I read all of Castaneda’s books. They did richly inform my spiritual life, giving me glimpses into the possibilities of shamanism. According to his words, Castaneda’s life was one of spiritual adventure.

The tales were inspiring, prompting me to read other author's stories of shamanic initiation and change. I continued to do this for several years. The settings, beings and magicks in each story varied. The common thread was one of shedding of the past, spiritual growth by struggle, opening of new realities, adapting of spiritual tools, and ascension to a place of power/responsibility. Again, this was inspiring, but there was something missing. I realized that the stories were about other people's lives. While my eyes were opened to opportunities, my own life was not truly enriched by merely reading these stories.

I was reading these books during the incubating period of my shamanic walk. A dear friend of mine would ask, "what are YOU doing?". Her point was that reading about all these other people did not necessarily mean that my life was developing. In time I put aside this form of shamanic literature. Reading the "personal stories" of others, in the first-person narrative format, only told me about what others were doing. The words they shared were their own. The experiences they had were fantastic and unprovable. It was time for me to have my own fantastic and unprovable experiences. My shamanic path continued.

This brings back to my second reaction to the proselytizing message. The message was personal. While it contained echoes of a larger school of spiritual beliefs, the story was only one person's expression of their own experiences. My cynical condemnation of an entire group was not a valid response. The world has it's share of people creating characters to express an ideological agenda. The world is more full of people who are sincere and real, expressing their first-person life stories. On the other hand, the unquestioning accepting embrace of an entire group based on only one life story is not valid. It is up to me to both validate and create my own life story. In my story the cynical condemnation would be replaced with discerning judgment. In my story my unquestioning accepting embrace would be replaced with the wisdom of personal knowledge.

Now, my own life journey has become paramount to me. I see the stories of others as mirrors to my life. While other people's stories inform me, it is my life's own prism by which I discern the world. I rejoice in the educational interactions with others even while I seek to discover who I truly am, who I truly am destined to be.

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