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I wrote the poem “Mother Moon” for a competition that featured a variety of tarot cards. I choose the card The Moon. It symbolizes a journey to intuition, dreams, and the unconscious.

Mother Moon

The standing stones are the doors
wide enough for one to pass
beneath the eye of moon’s crescent
the journey inward has begun
from the edge of tarn’s egress
beyond those who seek to feed
I’ll find the strength to plunge within
open the way to the twelfth gate

Sister crayfish hold my hand
you the kin of orb above
lend me strength to take the steps
beyond the stagnant in which I dwell
bound by ego that seeks to stay
in the pools by land’s fair edge
you point the way that I may take
from the mud of bottom’s depths.

Duality meets me on the trail
asking me to choose within
the one to lick the owner’s hand
or other to bite the weaker man
both are honored for their place
their strength derives from how they feed
I’ll seek to balance my tools within
the mind’s mild nature against the wild.

The path is dim under my feet
illumination comes from my dreams
intuition reflects the world
as sun to moon instructs my eyes
passing through the veil of the realms
into a mirrored congress of worlds
the distance is illusion’s game
as I step to touch the tower’s base.

Here I see in black and white
columns from the temple’s mount
cast to ask what I’ll embrace
the dark and light of power’s face
again I see the give fair due
to powers beyond my latitude
embracing both in their due time
finding middle as my fair path.

Through the door I journey forth
perhaps the fool to make this quest
into unknowns beyond this globe
higher spheres are where I walk
Mother Moon accept your child
take me to your breast so I may see
the wisdom of sight within
the gift of my unconsciousness.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161222.
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One of the many things I do is read cards. I don't do it actively now, but for several years I used a Cosmic Tarot deck as my primary tool. The poem “Signposts” reflects on some things I've observed as a reader.


The cards do confess what may come to pass.
The reader intuits the picture's meanings.
Don't mistaken their cues for fixtures of fate.
The veil is still thick when lifelines conflict.

Give time it's fell due, the mystery persists.
The window is small when cards are at play.
Mere months may be seen, if all hold their course.
To know is to change events close at hand.

The cards ask the querent to heed what is shown.
To leap or to dodge matters more in the long.
The moods of the mortal have weight more than gods.
Signposts are fluid when intention holds strong.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160412.
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The royal White Queen asks her subjects to use unbiased intelligence to make judgments in situations, drawing upon every available piece of information. Emotion is put aside when fact and logic are used to make decisions.

The White Queen's Blessing
Poem for Day 074 – 20141206

The White Queen sits
on the cherub chair.
Butterflies at the base
and a bird aloft midair.
Her left hand beckons
the other holds a sword
with one you will be tutored
the other will be your slaughter.
Approach her supplicant
put your emotions aside
tell her your thoughts
and judgment she will betide.
Exact the five W’s
what why where when what
with these your path be clear
the intellect made most true.
Beware the sword
it will cut to reveal truth.
She'll take your head
and hold it in hand.
Be independent in thought
have your own judgment
and the White Queen will bless
with discernment professed.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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The tarot’s major arcana has two cards that represent change. These are Death and The Tower. A difference between the two is that the former can be voluntary while the latter is usually forced. Both evoke transformation in a person’s life.

Transformation can be voluntary or it can be forced. I am at the point in my life that either method would be welcomed for those things that vex my energy and sanity. This week my van provided me this lesson. For months the engine had been loosing radiator fluid. The mostly likely cause was not pleasant. It appeared that a gasket was allowing the cooling fluid to mix with the oil. After months of hoping for the best, but knowing the worst was to come, the engine finally gave up. A valve lifter "click-click-click" sound put the van into the shop. My van’s transformation back to health was forced.

The repair shop tells me that it will run about $1,600 to fix the gasket and address the head issue. This bill will have to be put on credit and paid off later. My highest choice? No. I could have fixed this months ago when I had this money in my pocket. I did not. I wished the problem would not get worst and during the interim time I worried and fretted. Now I fix the problem and receive peace of mind.

The peace is greatly appreciated. While the change was forced, the peace of mind I attain is not lessened by the delivery method. The Tower event shoulders me with credit debt. A lesson is delivered. I am challenged to look to other places where Death can be embraced before The Tower is issued. May I listen to the lesson in my life!
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You can ask anything when consultation of the card. You can ask why, what, how, when, and where about any issue, decision, or aspect of your inner or external life – past, present, and/or future. Your questions may be specific or general. The tarot can respond to whether you should, can, will, or are.

The What of Tarot )
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The Court Cards
This is the conclusion to my "Tarot and Relationships" article series.

The court cards represent the people or roles played in resolving the question at hand. Typically the gender is much less important than the role or energies presented by a court card. Consider the card to represent the “costume” worn by the person.

All About the Court Cards )
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The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana symbolize the hopes and fears, actions and events, and general daily life events. The appearance of minor arcana cards show how the querent feels, what their objectives are, and how their actions are affecting others. They are most important in their revelation of motives and objectives. This is the “why” part of a relationship. The actions that follow are secondary to the intent behind them. Acting on the presented motives and objectives, the querent can either pursue the existing path or seek to change the energies involved.

A spread dominated by minor arcana indicates an outcome that can be shaped and molded. This is not true when a spread is dominated by major arcana or court cards.

The Suites of the Minor Arcana

There are four traditional elements in the Western metaphysical world. These are: earth, fire, air and water. These elements are the basis of most every magical/metaphysical working and belief. So, it is not surprising that the elements are also present in the Tarot.



Romance Symbology

Traditional Meaning



energy, creativity, passion, and spirit





emotions, relationships, love, and intuition

emotions, feelings




the mind and intellect, communicating, and conflict

indication of trouble and problems




represent money, material matters, and physical well-being

material things

Expressions of the Suites






















Elemental and Gender Associations

Evaluation of relationship questions breaks the suites into two expressions: personal and mental. The personal suites indicate physical and emotional motivations or objectives. The mental suites indicate how the mind works toward motivations and objectives.

It should be noted that mental suites have a male duality and the personal suites have a female duality. This brings clarity to their actions when the nature of male and female energies are considered.





In Charge

For Show

Covering and Hiding

Revealing and Exposing









Roles of the Genders

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Numerological and Relationships

A study of the major and major arcana of the tarot would not be complete without a thorough understanding of the numbers behind the scenes. Numerology, the study and use of numbers, assigns a meaning and nature to each of the numbers from one to nine. Each number has a meaning, and all the cards associated with that number, both in the major and minor arcana, have an interpretation connected to this meaning.

The charts below list the relationship oriented meanings of the numbers. There is value to having an understanding of number theory. Those that have learned the method of associating the numerological meaning of number with the Tarot cards have a short cut to quickly interpreting the cards. This is especially true with the minor arcana. Instead of learning a specific relationship meaning for the forty cards (though this is still a good thing to do), one only needs to know the meaning of the relationship meaning of the number, the relationship quality associated with the suite, and then draw a conclusion from the two.

Stages of the Numbers:






Stimulus, beginnings, opportunity



Uniting, blending pairing



Developing, fruition, wholeness



Accumulation, insight, realization



Reaction, reciprocity, counteraction



Product, evolution, completion



Projection, extension, confrontation



Direction, control, restraint



Relaxation, restoration, satiation



Amplification, multiplication, solution

The numbers can be grouped together to express the cycles that a relationship goes through. The value for recognizing this occurs when there of a majority of a given cycle, pointing at the overall quality of a relationship.

Aces, Twos, Threes – Symbolize the formulate period before the relationship comes into existence.
Four, Fives, Sixes – The cycle that follows a mutual acceptance of the relationship. The relationship forms as a entity with its own identity.
Sevens, Eights and Nines – Relationship is full operative. Relationships purpose is defined and commitments are understood and acted upon.
Ten – Relationship completing one level of the cycle. The interaction must be renewed.

Special attention should be given to those numbers that are a multiple of two. As two is the beginning energy of pairing, and relationships are very much about pairing, this is something to look at deeper.

Consider the building of pairing energies:






1 x 2 = 2

Response x Reaction



2 x 2 = 4

Reaction x Reaction



3 x 2 = 6

Result x Reaction



4 x 2 = 8

Reflection x Reaction



5 x 2 = 10

Reappraisal x Reaction


This gives five possible states for a relationship as it builds in energy. Each suite reacts differently to the outcomes as the “two” pairing energy builds.
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Love and money seem to be the most common questions put to the divinatory powers of the tarot. These notes will examine the nuances of reading the tarot for relationships. While the common, traditional methods work sufficiently for relationship matters, there are some rules of thumb and alternative meanings for cards that supply better answers to those looking for love.

The traditional tarot deck is comprised of major and minor arcana cards. Within the minor arcana are four suites and each suite has number cards (1-10) and court cards. Each division (major/minor/suite/court) has a different emphasis and energy. The result is more to learn, but the end result is a very powerful tool for discerning the twisted avenues of love and life.

The Major Arcana

The major arcana symbolize basic and universal factors in the question at hand. These universal factors should not be considered good, bad, or ugly anymore than the sunset, a hurricane, or the tides. Given their universal nature, the major arcana is not driven by personal motivations or objectives, and there is a very limited ability to alter them within the framework of a relationship. In contrast, the minor arcana illustrates everyday life issues that the querent has power over.

The limited ability for personal choice and change sounds scary, but the affect of the major arcana is usually less than the minor arcana. While the major arcana holds much energy with its archetypes, that full energy is not burdened by the individual. An analogy is that the major arcana is like a Presidential election, and the minor arcana is like deciding whether or not to call-in sick to work. The election is really big in scope, but has much less affect on the immediate present than the decision to go to work or not. When seen in this context, the querent should work be aware of the factors shown by the major arcana, but not feel pressured to change the message presented. Relationship action, a very personal event, is best achieved by working with the minor arcana.

Major Arcana Table )
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One of the things I do is read tarot cards. The spread below is one of the ones I like to do when a person wants to know the big picture or does not have a specific question. For your consideration...

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Minor Arcana --WANDS


Seed Thought

Ace of Wands

The creative forces of the universe

Two of Wands

Forgiveness establishes control

Three of Wands

Strength of character

Four of Wands


Five of Wands

Personality versus Soul

Six of Wands


Seven of Wands

The courage of your Spiritual convictions

Eight of Wands

Go with the flow

Nine of Wands

Strength in Spirit

Ten of Wands

The burden of knowledge

Page of Wands

Intuitive knowledge

Knight of Wands

The Christ Consciousness

Queen of Wands


King of Wands


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Past Life Spreads I: Focusing

Here is a spread that I use for focusing a more in-depth past life reading and also to answer fairly simple questions such as "Did I know this person in a past life" or "I went to such-and-such a place and it seemed very familiar - have I been there before in a past life?" Before beginning a past life reading, there is often a need to determine how long ago the issue or relationship originated and identify critical lifetimes that affect the development of
the issue before doing an in-depth reading on the question.

The focusing reading is done by first removing the Fool (or any other card you would like to use as a significator for the question) from the deck and setting it aside. Then nine cards are drawn from the deck, and the Fool is mixed into them. The Fool represents the point at which the question originated. The cards are laid out into three rows of three. The top row represents the current lifetime. The right-hand card represents the beginning of the relationship or the first encounter with the question in this lifetime, the middle card the middle years or more mature part of the relationship, the left-hand card the end or later years of this lifetime or the relationship in this lifetime. The middle row represents several recent past lifetimes, and the bottom row represents several older lifetimes. The cards move into the more distant past as you move to the right and downward.

When the Fool appears, the next card is placed on top of it. If the fool appears in the top row, that would suggested that the relationship or origin of the question originated in this lifetime, rather than a past life. If the Fool appears in one of the bottom two rows, then the question originated in a past life. Cards above and to the left of the fool represent lifetimes associated with the question, cards to the right and below the Fool can be discarded, as they do not pertain to the question.

Start by determining the position of the Fool, then read the cards above and to the left of the Fool in sequential order, from oldest to youngest, starting with the card that is paired with the Fool. In the upper row, there may be one or two cards that represent things which haven't happened yet (i.e., the future of the issue or relationship in this lifetime, if the person is young or the relationship is a new one). Reading the cards in this order will provide a brief synopsis of the person's experiences with the question in past lifetimes and in this lifetime. Occasionally, this reading will be all that is needed. Usually though, this reading will point out areas that can be further explored - either in this lifetime or in past lifetimes, that will help shed light on the situation.

One minor interpretation note - the lifetime in which the Fool appears is sometimes the first lifetime in which they first encountered the person or issue, and sometimes is the lifetime before that, where the soul completed a previous cycle and set themselves up for this experience to happen next. You can usually tell this by the card that appears above the Fool. For example, if it is Judgment or Death, or the 10 of Pentacles, or something like that, there's a good chance that that lifetime was spent finishing up whatever else they were doing, and it was between lifetimes that the decision was made to try to initiate this relationship.
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Tarot, karma and reincarnation have no special link. Tarot is merely a tool, a good tool, that can be used to explore the realm of karma and reincarnation. The advantage of tarot over astrology and numerology is the ability to tap deep into the intuition to discover answers. This presents both a difficult challenge and a wonderful opportunity. As spreads are the voice of the tarot, two will be presented next for further exploration. The proper use of spreads on the potentially tricky and paradoxical questions of karma/fate and reincarnation requires planning, practice, and a will to listen to answers that aren’t expected.

Next part... some spreads to work with.
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Tarot Spreads

Questions are often structured in the tarot through a spread, or layout. This is a symbolic pattern of positions, each with a given meaning. A card-symbol is selected for each of these positions and interpreted in relation to the assigned meaning of the position. Individual spreads lend themselves to different questions.

A spread is like a map. It is a preplanned structure that the seemingly random, but synchronous events, can fall. The maps can be very defined or very rough. An analogy is if one considers the position of Greenville SC to Atlanta GA. The “mapping” between the two can be at these possible levels:

. They exist (this is a very valid starting point!)
. They exist in this dimension
. They exist on planet Earth
. They exist in the United States
. They exist in the Southeastern part of the United States
. Greenville is north of Atlanta
. They are both located on HWY 85
. … and so on

The more defined the spread, the more specific the answer will be. The drawback of a very specific spread is that the universe does not like to be pigeonholed. The right question and the right spread is important. Spirit, however, may or may not cooperate fully with the intended “map”, and if other information is supplied, the answer will make no sense if plugged into a question with the supplied “map”.

Why will Spirit seem to not cooperate? There are a variety of ways to get a “wrong” or non-understandable answer.

  • The question is not important compared to something else going on in the querent’s life. The analogy is that the querent is asking what color shoes they are wearing while a truck bears down on them.

  • The answer seems wrong, but only because the person is just not open to hearing the reply. The querent wants to hear another answer.

  • The parameters of the question were too largely defined, and the results have many people/places/feelings/events. It becomes difficult to know what specifically the cards are saying.

  • The parameters of the question were too small, and the answer is bigger than the box provided.

  • Multiple questions were asked, and multiple answers are given. Confusion results.

  • The question has been asked many times, and Spirit is just tired of answering. Another tact is being tried by the spiritual guides/soul, and we haven’t figured it out yet.

And there are more. This is only a sampling. Practice and being open to the voice of the divine are the paths through these difficulties.


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