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Attraction never completely goes away, even when a relationship is found. The poem “No Longer the Lure” is on this topic.

No Longer the Lure

The choices are varied
in the sea of the crowd
when one stands out
or perhaps the many
the genders are there
and those in between
from poles to the fluid
each has the place.

Attraction is varied
the precursor to more
appeal to a promise
as vows are engaged
when the love is present
the focus is found
attraction is centered
still the eye roves.

The charisma persists
across the wide range
it’s only a notion
that moves on its way
while choices are there
a love found its place
the sea of the many
is no longer the lure.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170525.
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“Spectrum’s Allure” is dedicated to my friends, current and future, who see attraction as a measure of a person’s total sum, not dictated by constraints held by much of society.

Spectrum’s Allure

Kiss the women, love them dear
caress the men, hold them close
to each there own in love’s enchant
connection is the sole account

charisma comes in many forms
it’s not in boxes with tall walls
gender seen is not the grade
nor expression is the gauge

biology is the base of life
not a barrier to stop a love
the x with same and also y
touching either can be blessed

identity may have its say
the plumbing separate from the mind
with the outcome made as beautiful
with integrity just like the cis

expression has its own world
fluid between the then and now
the best of all may fold the frame
of a person declaring grace

the soul at play is the divine’s gift
spectrum’s allure is my draw
to kiss the women, caress the men
and all so many in-betweens.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170506.
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The poem “In The Catacombs” is about the parts of ourselves that are kept from the larger world. These include prejudices, addictions, illnesses, political views, gender identity, sexual orientation, and romantic orientation. I purposely listed these in a rough order of revelation ease. I am also inclined to believe that the last ones most connect people even as they are the things kept from view until the last.

The poem isn’t the classic Valentines Day fare, but I think that truly loving somebody means accepting much of what may lay in their catacombs, especially the stuff way in the back that defines their definition of self and their relations to the world.

In the Catacombs

If I gave you measure to call me out
put a label square on my head
would it shift what you think
about that space inside my mind

catacombs where fields once lay
shadows in the place of sun
bones strewn instead of flowers
I was always this my friend

what has happened in the neat world
with tidiness gone, replaced with dread?
fear's child has shown its face
spawn of assumption's vanity

these are the thoughts that cross my mind
when I consider whether to open doors
allowing others to see the mess
supposed catacombs of the self

allow me to give you a tour
look to those parts that you'd abhor
I'm not saying that you will
(better safe than sorry screams my soul)

there are skeletons that bear a taint
wicked beyond the normal mark
dank artifacts of society
I'd be better off to discard

elsewhere the bones are of disease
of the mind or body each
a challenge faced while I live
overcome to some degree

this room is filled with politics
anatomy of give and take
where I stand may be irksome
this I hear from the other side

the last vaults are what I fear to show
where the bones lay piled on the floor
this is where I am most myself
how I define what God has wrought

who I love and how I romance
predilections expressed in private
how I see myself to be
in terms mind to anatomy

where attraction sparks my eye
with whom I seek to unwind
this and more makes up the sum
hidden deep in the catacombs.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170214.
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Sometimes it is difficult to fully describe the beauty of others. Mere words are not enough. The memory cannot grasp the full image. “Mirror of You” is about this state.

Mirror of You

If I could show you what I see
strength of limb, turn of smile
curves so pleasant to the sight
would you see yourself in these?

mere description is not enough
photos are inadequate
when I attempt to tell the crowd
of the beauty you possess

memory robs the truest form
centered on the focus found
blessings for the mortal soul
when I’m lucky you’re around

no angel sent from heaven high
nor a demon I’d dare entreat
one is from a place I cannot reach
the other would damn my soul

you’re instead the best of all lots
another person of from the earth
perfection where it may exist
flaws where the excitement lives

both in and out, mind and form
emotions pure in their humanity
I’ll share these words as last resort
as a mirror of you to the world.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170122.
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Perhaps getting older has opened me to seeing beauty in the extremes of the world. Wait, I don’t think that’s the normal convention. Just as well! The poem “In the Extreme” is about where beauty and sexiness is found: in the places others would not expect.

In the Extreme

Predilections lead me there
to extremes both short and tall
shades that span a spectrum wide
gender can be compromised
as words roll hot to comply
matching what I fancy for
I'll tell you more of what I like

character is the litmus test
sexiness none can deny
this terra firma is the start
same or opposite both apply
androgyny is the reward
when intimacy finds it course
before the gender can decide
what is pleasant to my eye

back to height my interests lead
tall so fine, I'll proceed
seeing one at eye-to-eye
or even higher is delight
oh so short is nice to hold
as delicate as a china bowl
grown to speak with mature mind
small enough to dip in kind

attitude can peak my eye
the barb of language invites my mind
whips and chains by words evoke
pleasant thoughts the same provoke
delivered with a side of sass
just add some snark to spice it up
hot tamale, kimchi's burn
speak the mind with acid tongue

so many colors fill the world
at the ends I'll explore
each its own pleasant tone
dark to ginger I'll implore
intense is better I'll admit
when I look to fill the niche
compliment my pallid tint
add the hues from rainbow's curve.

oh so many adventures lay ahead
beyond the common everyday
what I am, where I've been
who I seek beyond these realms
my predilections look beyond
to the ones you'd not think
lift my heart, skip a beat
shocking they may seem to be
interest me in the extreme.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161209.
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It seems like I’m surrounded by people more beautiful and handsome than ever I’ve seen in my life. The continuing appreciation of them prompted me to write the poem “Dear Attraction”.

Dear Attraction

Dear attraction
my most close friend
you tease my heart
with nothingness
you yank libido
down empty halls
why must you linger
and haunt me so?

The choice was made
you had your say
now you've revolted
against that day
with further pokings
prompts to dash
with no direction
the walls too high.

That ship has sailed
to a distant shore
there you should stay
tease me no more
with whispered jests
of what could be
when none of that
is in this realm.

Yet still you prattle
look at the curve
background chatter
see the smile
the static drones
feel the firm
this does no good
when line is drawn.

Dear attraction
I'll say this last
Mother Nature
is quite the tease
Father Time
with jester hat
and you're their gift
I'll always have.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161019.
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The poem “Undone” is about a form of lust, the one that erupts when a vacant personal space is breached and the memory of a sensual life returns.


Some would call it lust
I would say the same
yet I state my case
aloud for you to hear
please now redefine
this longing I feel
handed by the Lord
and not demon sourced
at first it was mute
nothing to be seen
vacant in the midst
as this life prescribed
you were just a face
pretty as the rest
standing in the room
waiting to confuse
my lonely retreat
from a too cold world
this quiet despair
hunger for a touch
awaken by you
only suggested
such a simple thing
saying of the words.

Attention given
by apparition
in angel's disguise
and imp's delight
to a lonely one
no longer forlorn
too weak to regret
what happens next
longing to indulge
follow the whispers
where the fates may lead
where the voice is found
should I look upward
for temptation's source
or downward to Hell
to find the true way
away from the lusting
relief is the same
echoes of needing
arrive in the now
morals suspended
this is what's asked
temptation arrives
again I am undone.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160805.
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Humbert is a poem about the unreliable narrator of a book by Vladamire Nabokov. I sought to bend the famous book to a farming / harvesting allegory.


Humbert walked the path extreme
a man who sought the forbidden
the taboo of the quested fruit
did not sway him from his fall.

The harvest was not due
in the orchard out of bounds
yet the shadows called to him
asking for a man to sin.

Now reaper should withdraw
to wait a season or maybe more
finding those worthy of glean
without impact of God's disdain.

I wonder if he was possessed
this farmhand bent to Satan's plan
because he plucked from his belt
a sickle meant for other plants.

In the grove too private for
two souls meant to be apart
he strove to find uneasy peace
for the fire that burned inward.

The repast was bitter sweet
the crop bruised by this treatment
maturity should have swayed
the yeoman from this horrid place.

Humbert was a fallen man
poor example for the rest of us
struggling to find their harvest
in the groves of life's passage.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160715.
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I was looking through Tumblr for a poem idea and found inspiration in the image of a heartfelt kiss. The poem “Soft Impact” is the outcome of this inspiration.

Soft Impact

I did imagine the kiss
the proximity to another one
passion's fruit of two blessed
with lips to meet in congress.

It's been too long in coming
too sudden to take a breath
too long far from your lips
now well met in firm embrace.

I can feel my head spin
by beauty's close proximity
to swoon would be a mistake
if I'm to remain with my beau.

Could I wish for more than this
will the boon be mine to take
from the lips' soft impact
to the bodies' flesh to flesh?

I don't know the other side
where the kiss may lead
it is too soon to know the way
when lips come out to play.

I'll be glad to linger here
on edge of heart's content
eager to find the outcome
of our lips' soft impact.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160628.
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A Tumblr posting inspired me to write “Clouds Above”... that and a few of the gazes I've encountered during my years of dancing.

Clouds Above

In the eyes I lost myself
unexpected twist of fate
perhaps blue or maybe brown
this depth of soul not yet revealed.

I know there is another self
inside the windows reflecting back
the gulf I wonder if I can breach
depths to plumb in our good time.

I soar as only birds may dare
when basking in the sun's delights
your eyes are my anchor point
in the clouds above the earth.

From these heights I wonder if
sight is true or illusion's gift
this narrative your gaze imparts
chapters written on my heart.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160623.
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I took a political poll that pegged me as being socially progressive. I am not on this side of the fence because of blanket liberal social crusading. I am actually conservative in some areas, these being gun control, purpose of military, and personal responsibility. I am instead socially progressive in allowing people to have control over their lives in the areas of relating to others. It bothers me when dictums on the compatibilities of race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, lifestyle choices, and social status are carved in stone with a fervor approaching religion. I am further bothered when religion is doing the carving. We are all different. The norm is the exception. It is hard enough to find a person with which there is mutual affection. While the guardians believe their barriers are there to protect, the small safeguards realized for them and theirs are a detriment to a larger society.

Cute in Diversity

If I thought you were cute
would that damn my soul?
If I thought you were sexy
would the damnation go double?
Our connection is troubled
by standards of common codes
yet there is an attraction
that others may not understand.

Life is too short to walk away
from a shining glow in my shade
where the gloom threatens me
pulling at my sanity.
To be together for just at time
to put alone by the side
I'll rejoice that I'm not blind
to the unity beyond pure sight.

I'm not saying we should marry
this may not be possible
I'm just saying you're the bomb
that this fuse would love to light.
The explosion can fill the world
or light the ember in my soul
it is up to us to find the measure
of this attraction others quarrel.

It is enough to smile in respect
towards a gem found in the rough
when smile is returned by another one
seeing beyond the walls of truth.
This truth is only a comfort zone
for those who seek to make a world
with measures bent to their model
of who they are and what they want.

We climb the walls to look over edge
at the beauty found in the queer
in the strange and in the weird
these are words to our ears.
Our larger truth lays outside of fences
erected by those who feel the normal
when the bigger truth is found
in the breadth of diversity.

Unlikely attraction is the end
laughing in the face of detriments
be they age or race, status or gender,
you've become a world to me.
With gravitation beyond the mark
of standards set by guardians
I'll voice my preference on this day
to tell you that cute fills my sway.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160612.
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I danced with a friend who smelled of Nag Champa, an Indian incense with the ingredients of various resins and sandalwood. Encountering it was a very pleasant surprise as I often burned sticks of the incense many years ago.

Nag Champa

She smelled of Nag Champa
with a look blessed by magic
as the fragrance that hovered
over beauty's enchantment.

Her smile was earth's delight
grounded in pleasure's kindness
granted to those she met
with blessings of a hallowed space.

The sandalwood spoke two tongues
solemn in celebration's voice
mischief in mockery of pious things
entwined as breath of her sexiness.

The sacred was held in duality
humanity asked to rise above
frailty evoked by life's hardship
achieved through strength of self revealed to all

My memories moved to older times
when the aroma was part of life
by the younger self I was
evoked by the one in the now.

Meditation was the end result
thoughts of continued bliss
with the one who carried forth
the redolence of gods' incense.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160605.
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The poem “We Could” is about the possibilities of relationships. The magic of connecting to another begins with accepting who they are, and then allow it to be part of your life.

We Could

You could be the black one, the white one,
the red, brown or mauve one.
It doesn’t matter which one to me,
our skin is not the beauty made.
We could be the sky's rainbow,
passions shared from colors' spread.

You could be my bestest bud,
the one I truly long to kiss.
Hands to roam, mouths to press,
flesh to press in resonance.
We could be close enough to touch,
to make love, to lose ourselves again.

You could be my girl-boy-friend,
it really doesn't matter which.
Never mind the gender here,
Cupid's arrows persevere.
We could open bare our souls
as these lips meet in sweet embrace.

You could strive to be yourself,
this is what I want the most.
A little this, a little that,
a treasure found is my reward.
We could be whatever comes
of love's expression in the world.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160220.
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The poem “Meant to Be” is about the state of wistful attraction and the realities of life. The two co-exist, but the latter trumps in the end.

Meant To Be

Fair person, handsome or pretty,
beguile me now with thoughts beyond
realities walked, commitments held
in the world I inhabit instead.
Thoughts tumble one to another,
tumult of a life not yet discovered.
Images spent on fantasy's quest
beyond the reality of life here at hand.

What could be, yet never will,
in this is the blessing still
that I feel, but cannot act
on the life I wish I had.
Dance for me precious one
in my dreams only I can see.
I'll hold you close by and by,
private only to my eyes.

I mean no malice in this thing,
no creep in my lingerings.
These dreaming predilections
will never see the light of day.
I'll not be held by the phantoms,
pretty things of mirage display.
To reality I am fully wed,
held to the things meant to be.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160218.
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Beauty comes in many forms. The greatest of beauties has multiple aspects, each more lovely than the last.

Beauty as a Fox

Fox spirit of my dreams
enchantress of desires
made discreet in the now.

Resident of my fondest dreams
bending dark in extreme
after dusk's merry meet.

Is this cunning I detect
through the fold of your dress
in the wiles of your smile?

The physical does express
responsiveness fleet of foot
blessings of your supple form.

Perhaps you've seen beyond
my quiet nature on display
which my eyes sly deny.

You are the trickster in the end
skirting though darkened mists
are my dreams your only stop?

Be on your way lovely one
you encourage action in my heart
with your beauty as a fox.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160117.
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“You Stand Out” is a poem about attraction. It speaks to both the first blush and the continued fascination of one person for another.

You Stand Out

I wonder why you stand out
from the breadth of human kind.
Attraction is too small a word
to share how I feel for you.

I wish I could convey
the impact you have on me today.
I'll weave some lines to explain
why my interest is proclaimed.

Sirens call their haunting song
when I hear your lovely voice.
Nature takes my breathe away
when I see your fetching face.

Your tender touch electrifies,
in response I feel alive.
My heart does take a leap,
your company is complete.

This combination is so rare,
only angels can compare.
You are here and they are not,
your radiance is heaven sent.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160109.
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I’ve admitted on prior occasion that I am addicted to beauty. I am glad it is part of the human condition as I take inspiration and a degree of fortitude from God’s brush strokes in my world. The poem “Beauty is the Cause” is a tongue-in-cheek review of my feelings, though I must admit, it is not too far from the truth.

Beauty is the Cause
Poem for Day 327 – 20151124

This poem is my ramblings
of a man struck down by you.
You captivate my senses
as only a goddess may do.

Forgive me if I compare
your beauty to all things.
The world pales by far
when you by my side.

If I was half as handsome
as you are once as pretty,
I'd be twice as handsome
as any man alive.

It is a chemical reaction,
just like that bad cocaine.
Don't think me the druggy,
that's what Harvard has to say.

My breath is taken away,
I don't know when I'll breathe.
Perhaps when you take your leave
my breath will return to me.

If I were an character
of anime screen portrayed
my nose would bleed and bleed
when I see your face today.

My words come to their end,
I’ve quite stammered on.
Forgive this fool his actions,
your beauty is the cause.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I find attraction to be a magical and powerful mystery. The poem “To Each Their Own” is an observation of those things that trigger and support attraction. The list is not all inclusive. I can admit that I have a thing for noses. Some shapes are very attractive. In the end we do pursue a unique collection of “tastes”, and with luck, we encounter people who match our desires.

To Each Their Own
Poem for Day 280 – 20151008

To each their own is the phrase
defining the inclinations
of a life lived most honestly
on the shores of predilection.
The destinations will baffle some,
this matters little when we alone
in this world seeking beauty in our midst
and finding it in patterns of our own.

The ships sail by of gender same
or gender different, each their own,
proclivity of attraction steers
likings in ways personal to describe.
All the curves both hard and soft,
subtle and pronounced in their shape,
draw the eye as interest manifests
focuses on the physical constructs.

So many tints of the witching eyes,
doorways to deep desires evoked
on alters of gaze's windows
striking straight to my very soul.
Hair long or short, of colors specific,
can turn the head without thought.
I'll follow my scarlet disposition,
you may have a different fondness.

Discern the most beautiful mind
by the bearer's lovely cerebral ways.
By action of written or spoken art,
the intellect shines with fondness.
Last but not least the spiritual path,
revelations of the soul's journey,
to seek and quest for larger thing
triggers a passion for a similar soul.

Gentle reader this is a sample
of humanity's preferred partialities.
There are so many more,
some of the norm and others bizarre.
To each their own remains the phrase
of attraction's mystery in our midst.
Seek your personal proclivity
as you pursue your propensity.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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From 2007... and still true!  I've since married this wonderful lady!

I find that attraction is a mysterious element that defies planning and rationality. I suspect there are "triggers" that tweek the interest in a potential partner. Sometimes these are obvious. Other times they just sneak up on you.

Case in point. Chelsea Autumn is the Vice President of Matching for Millionaire's Club. She has a wonderful body, but I think it is her face that stands out for me. Her hair color has been all over the map, but she's super cute no matter the shade. Ahhh... long distance lust. It almost makes me want to become a millionaire just to meet her!

Super sexy mate... eat your heart out Chelsea!
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I want to write about the attraction, how attraction butts up against societal movements, and the “manners” of attraction. This is mixed bag, but I'd like to try to tackle them all at once. Hopefully the outcome will give you food for thought about a topic that seems to be part of our personality DNA.

What is attraction? I prefer the fancy word “predilection”. By definition predilection is “a tendency to think favorably of something in particular; partiality; preference: a predilection for Bach”. To use this word in a sentence: I believe that people have attraction predilections. There are some things about people that are instantly attractive. These predilections are hard-wired into us, and the attraction is manifested when a person with the trait(s) is viewed. We find some people instantly attractive because of specific physical facts about a person rather than mysterious unknowables.

Multiple traits can be the subject of predilections. I found a list (http://www.spencergreenberg.com/2011/08/demystifying-the-magic-of-attraction/#.U97qIWP1pyI) of predilection associated physical characteristics. The website listed the following: Facial features, Body structure (including gender), Scent, Eye contact, Similarity/Group membership, Status, Value, Warmth/Interest, and Touch. I can attest to being impacted by some of these! Why? I believe that I am impacted because my predilections are so specific. Strangers are instantly attractive to me. I can attest that I once knew a guy that found hat wearing women to be instantly attractive. We all know people who seem to go for “types”. Their romantic inclinations seem to hit on a common set of body / personality features. I don't believe there is anything mysterious here.

I was moved to write this article because a friend shared a blog entry titled “6 Things I Don’t Understand About The Fat Acceptance Movement” (http://thoughtcatalog.com/carolyn-hall/2014/04/6-things-i-dont-understand-about-the-fat-acceptance-movement/). I approve of societal movements that motivate people to feel better about themselves. I also applaud societal education. The internet is a wonderful avenue for this. I also believe that pendulums swing, and sometimes they swing too far. I connected with the article's point 'People are allowed to not be attracted to certain body types'. Translation: it is OK to not be attracted to all people. I don't believe that shaming people into being attracted to all people is a doable proposition. People have predilections when it comes to who they are attracted to. Personal attraction not really a statement about overall attractiveness. Predilections are just that, a personal thing, and it is not possible for societal movements to modify predilections via a campaign of shame-based right-thinking.

I'll illustrate the with a poor analogy. I have a very strong preference for unsweetened tea. Most Southerners seem to like sweet tea. Many “are you a Southerner?” memes use this as a benchmark. What if I run into an “It is OK to be a Southerner” societal movement? It is OK! Then, what if I am shamed for enjoying unsweetened tea. I must not be a true Southerner! I must think Southerners who drink sweet tea are wrong, or I don't support them. Yep, this isn't the best analogy in the world, but it does show how personal preferences are not inherently evil, and that coercive methods of convincing changing personal preferences aren't cool.

Lastly I want to talk about the manners of attraction predilections. I've gotten myself into some dangerous territory here. A predilection could be used to excuse behavior that is rude and / or dangerous to society. This is best illustrated in bullet point with my personal feelings on the limitations of predilections:

1) Predilections are NOT an acceptable excuse for behavior (such as pedophelia) that is dangerous to oneself or society. There is a difference between a little kink and being seriously sick.
2) Predilections are a starting point in relationships. They are biological "hooks". They are surface traits, and should not be confused for who a person is overall.
3) Having a predilection is not an excuse to attempt a relationship / encounter with every person who satisfies the predilection.
4) Predilections are ZERO excuse for harassing behavior. I've read too many articles recently about women receiving unwanted attention. Don't be a jerk because you find somebody attractive.
5) Remember that predilections are insanely personal. Some may be even borderline insane! With point #1 in mind, don't judge what another person innately desires.
6) Predilections are often overridden when actual contact with other people commences. The saying “plans are the first casualty of war” comes to mind. It is OK to fall in with somebody who is not “your normal type”.

In summary, understanding attraction predilections explains a lot about human behavior, but there is more to the story. Predilections are an instinctive shortcut to finding people attractive. They are incredibly personal, and it is problematic to make them targets of general societal movements. While powerful, predilections can be abused when their healthy place in person-to-person relationships is not properly accounted for. This article was about attraction predilections. Other forms of predilections can be viewed through the lens provided by this article.


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