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I’m here to share that at every point in life a person will find themselves asking, “what should I do with the remainder of my life?”

What To Write

I’ll put pen to paper in an attempt
on this dawn of my life
even though the years rescind
now is the start of my time

to state the reason I exist
it could be one or many more
joined by others or just myself
goals to embrace future’s sake

this path could be my destiny
scribbled fate I should embrace
based on what I’ve seen before
with addition of what could be

hoping words can show the way
intent affirmed by characters
declaration I’m bound to live
if I knew what to write.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171022.
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“As Shackles Fall” is about the challenges facing too many lives. While the world does not promise rescue is at hand, there are those willing to help their friends.

As Shackles Fall

Grace enclosed by prison walls
with a brightness few may see
when the stones reflect back
the light doomed to remain within
where two trials are endured
before a rescue may occur
these I’ll share as a jail
binding tight the struggling soul

shackles with the lack of length
to engage bless beauty’s realm
denial says it’s not so
another try refutes the hope
nothing ventured is the same
when the outcome disappoints
contradiction of faith’s dream
that loveliness is at hand

these are embraced as second skin
soon the armor wraps around
first too heavy to walk upright
then embraced as consequence
protection was the old purpose
enclosing pain within cold steel
now like a mummy the binds pull
with a life gladly denied

from the outside comes a call
fingers working against the straps
removing stones in the walls
wanting to see what’s inside
now alien in the hole of time
too long submerged in the well
I hope the barrier may be dropped
as the shackles fall to the ground.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171021.
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I’m aware of phenomenon among my young friends. Cuddling seems to be pursued to fill emotional spaces and physical hunger. “Empty Bed” is my take on this need.

Empty Bed

Drops of water on the tongue
in the desert stretched too far
while in pools others swim
drenched to bone as I wilt

yearning for something more
than the drought of the flesh
greedy for just a taste
simple fare will do the trick

longing felt in the heart
all that’s left is dry desire
the chill wind has no foe
in wastelands of the soul

now the head rules the day
nights lay barren wanting more
seeking moisture to redeem
empty bed denying dreams.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171020.
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I was at a dance, feeling separated the other attendees. A friend noticed my condition and asked if I was OK. I begged off, saying I was tired. “On A Throne” is about the experience.

On A Throne

I'm the king of a distant land
adjacent to those of friends
with one difference I'll point out
it’s the spirits I embrace

filled with ghosts all can see
reality for the rest of them
yet they haunt my waking life
too visible yet still not there

hands extended and then felt
by my fellows and my chums
while only breezes touch my skin
when the same tries to caress

intangible to my dismay
tears more real than coddled love
when the veil becomes too sheer
ephemeral becomes the norm

this royalty sits on a throne
alone with only shadows held
phantoms hover close to mind
while the same is near at hand

perhaps in time I’ll step down
join my friends away from spooks
no longer will the visions haunt
enfold the world when spirits bolt.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171019.
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“Fruit of Tainted Trees” was inspired by the Anaïs Nin quote, “I do not recall anyone to whom you bear the slightest resemblance. You remind me only of yourself…”. I took the “recalling anyone” and turned it into the larger recalling of the past. While the past seems to be a predictor of the present, the judgment of people based on the past is a problematic activity.

Fruit of Tainted Trees

Recollection was on the path
from the thought of who we are
with the past as the route walked
to the now in front of us

then came mad gibbering
ghosts evoking their shrill cries
casting doubt on today
placing veils I must displace

resemblance asked against the whole
of those who came before
bears the fruit of tainted trees
when the judge is memory

a comparison to recall's fog
is less solid than clouds above
yet it's the measure to ones before
this norm for stating what will come

judgment granted against bygone times
the harm, the joy, the rest of life
disregards the blessed now
the only way of the future paths.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171018.
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“The Contest” was inspired by the “Sex in the City” quote, “there’s a battle between what we know and what we feel”.

The Contest

There is a battle I’ll reveal
between two sides that want the same
happiness sought to fulfill
the breadth of life in expanse

there’s a brawl between soldiers
one below and one above
contending for the common ground
exacting ruin with each stroke

weaponized by good intent
the conflict wracks internal space
disrupting breath that I desire
choosing paths beyond the now

each engaged in my employ
taking turns to steer the course
if only they would pull as one
provoking calm instead of strife

drawing blood with each stroke
first the reason, then ardor
I’ll never know which is best
a thousand scratches on my soul

the same master requests both
to make peace instead of war
pull together against a world
that cares little for this contest

between the head and the heart
there’s a battle every day
happiness should be the goal
if the contest was not a duel.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171017.
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“Chimera’s Hope” is about polarities of life. It was inspired by a Tumblr meme with the words “I Dream Here”.

Chimera’s Hope

I dream here
of right and wrong
the darkest worlds
and blessed life
moving forward
stuck in the now
wishing more
than what I have
letting go
too much of that
evil ways
I hope the best
for dear friends
hid enemies
a world lost
then realms gained
betrayal marked
loyal comrades
in fevered visions
chimera’s hope.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171016.
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I can’t deny that beauty infests my world. It is present in so many ways. The poem “Life’s Will-o-Wisp” is about aspects of this existence.

Life’s Will-o-Wisp

Beauty is life’s will-o-wisp
luring many to their doom
or distraction at the least
from the path of consequence
it has a purpose, that’s for sure
copulation to survive
as a race that still depends
on two to make the little babe
still the gods would advise
walk away from comeliness
once the goals have been birthed
because the rest will drive you mad.

Society feeds the half-lie
a never ending cavalcade
conveyor belt that’s always fed
with succulent that then decays
what came before was enough
only in the moment’s blush
then fading to be replaced
by fresh meat, union’s call
presented by the tycoons
wanting more than sanity
dollars piled in tall stacks
by libidos they have fanned.

The seduction is complete
I’ve walked into the dire swamp
where once I was far too young
blind to the paths that promised all
now I sense where I stand
it’s to late to reap rewards
though I doubt if I could
back in the day, the past years
even then the beauty stirred
just as now, my present life
in the marsh beyond the course
destruction lures a mortal soul.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171015.
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The poem “Harsh Charms” was inspired by a Laurie Halse Anderson quote: “I have survived. I am here. Confused, screwed up, but here”.

Harsh Charms

I’ve survived, now I’m here
in the moment of my fear
wondering what waits in the fog
the curtain hiding what’s beyond

nothing’s constant, that I learned
by the change both good and bad
a wheel turning to move or crush
by some choice or by force

the slow illusion hid this fact
then I awoke and saw the truth
recognition was denied
of where I was in my life

awareness is this moment’s grace
endurance was the final gift
warning of what’s to come
past the veil of life’s harsh charms.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171014.
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A friend has been celebrating their “Inktober”, a nearly daily expression of sketches. They sketched one based on one of my photographs. The end product inspired me to write “To Sketch or Paint”.

To Sketch or Paint

To sketch or paint is enough
when a call is in the heart
to put on page the innerspace
inspired by feelings of the day

the groove is found in the ink
expressed for sake of artistry
crafting substance from nothing
by drawn lines and paint’s tint

a scratch of pen is the start
marker’s swath with a line
boundaries set by the mind
blueprint of what’s to come

blending lines into swirls
simple structures built upon
depictions hinted in outline
a picture forming by design

overlapping towards the goal
expressing God in our sight
by the virtue of a blueprint
illustration of the dream

building worlds all may see
ambition authored by a pen
or the pigments of a brush
to sketch or paint is enough.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171013.
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I spoke to a friend about future plans. They are at the beginning of theirs, and I am further along. The poem “Looking Back” is about my place.

Looking Back

Looking back at who I was
behind the direction I’ve maintain
there was a time when I asked where
I’d end up in the now
once I was a younger man
wondering what my purpose was
when the future stretched beyond
the curve my eyes could see.

Which path would I walk
asking guidance to show the way
senior minds turned to view
beyond the veil of youth’s domain
I also asked the oracles
full of intuition's gifts
wise insights were their thing
when they saw more than common man.

These, and more, were not enough
the future was a game of chance
veering towards the probable
then away at fate’s quick whim
as the years clicked away
the answers had little weight
as the past piled behind
the traveler pressed to move on.

Beyond horizon of the day
valleys traveled in dusk’s gloom
the night hides more than it shows
while the mind seeks future’s light
in due time the journey wound
until the rover found his home
with the goal met head on
still I ask where I may go.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171012.
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“Never Barred” was inspired by a line found in Stephen King’s book, “It”.

Never Barred

Places like this are never locked
vaults wide enough to swallow hope
allow passage to depths within
halls with pits in shadow's gloom

while the bolt is disengaged
interlopers may come and play
there they’ll find the evil joke
sadness wound around the truth

there’s no need to run away
the door swings wide all the day
still the path is not the same
the outward hidden, the inward plain

yet this is the glamor’s lie
darkest lights deny the mind
revealing all, while hiding same
places like this are never barred.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171011.
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“The Relic” is about the struggle some people experience day-to-day.

The Relic

Survival's been put aside
no longer a pressing cause
still I carry forth
existing in this world

for some it’s a harsh lust
driving every thought
ranked above love itself
focus of the life embraced

instead distraction has it’s place
by dance or music’s charm
spinning a glamour’s space
dedicated to confusion’s game

as does duty’s grind
holding me to account
dominoes lined in rows
waiting to be tossed to earth

all are poor substitutes
absent of God’s pure grace
stability lost with rudder gone
drifting towards the rocky shoals

in the face of pleading love
life’s endurance becomes that
survival is the chore
the relic no longer grasped.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171010.
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“Three Words” is about a roadblock to communication that occurs when a person wants to talk about a topic. The topic is avoided because in the past the other party has stated not understanding about the condition that the communication would be about. Why? The communication is about a topic that isn’t open to debate or the originator “changing their mind”. It is more about sharing, and perhaps, a request for support. This is stopped when already a person has heard the words, “I don’t understand”. The most cruel aspect of this is that the inability to communicate can lead to other events, these guaranteeing the very sad statement, “I don’t understand”.

Three Words

There are three words that form the gap
four syllables that separate
one from another in this life
forbidding aid when doom calls

the first states the self exclaimed
outside myself, part of my life
raising stakes because they care
or they should in other times

the second is the harshest slap
not because it’s from malice
instead a statement of denial
ability to commit to a cause

a third is the most damned
it closes doors to moving forward
a denial of truth’s touch
with ignorance as the cause

now we’ve reached the summation
put together to mark the guilty
velvet glove tossed to earth
I’ve no response to challenge thrust

here’s the chant I’ve alluded
“I don’t understand” kills discourse
breach of trust when voids threaten
comprehending is the blockage.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171009.
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“Royal Flush” is about the dichotomy between the struggle of society and the struggle of the individual. The template of the larger may press upon the smaller, with the madness transferring from one to the other, even if this is not the intent.

Royal Flush

How shall I respond to the natural order
bent to lastly harm itself?
an example of mankind’s folly
taken to heart by a sad student

the lesson states that struggle wastes
effort best put to laying down
when those in power will endeavor
to shape the world as they want

back to the ruin, the highest teaching
etched in stone by dripping scorn
this is the impression from outside
witness to conscious wanting more

screaming does little in the gulf
instead of seeming the wise one
alarm that’s raised is a motion
wasted against the incensed void

in this place I may find sanity
or I’ll loose what I have left
in the face of life’s betrayal
the latter will be the sad outcome

dust is found instead of gold
humanity’s gesture I’ll take to heart
acceptance of the choices made
with mine joined to make a royal flush.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171008.
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“Glades of Sirkcumsale” was inspired by a Tumblr post that stated “I dreamt of pomegranates”.

Glades of Sirkcumsale

I dreamt of pomegranates
fruit of the twilight gods
in the glades of Sirkcumsale
on the lap of a new love
they wore a veil that concealed
the death implied alongside birth
each a companion to the lust
delayed as promise bid its time.

First my brow, then my chin
the hand lingered, clad in red
promise pressed into the folds
as their trail moved below
the eyes topped cover’s screen
attention called from the caress
shifting hues from green to red
this seemed normal in dream’s realm.

Irrespective of their gender
the planted kisses plied the pleasure
returned in mass, this is my way
to turn attention to the lips
the embrace is what’s important
once submerged I’ll be the swimmer
comeliness is broached by touch
pulling close with hug and smooch.

I was raptured, I’ll admit
perhaps by an evil jinn
I’ll not attest if that was true
when desire was all I knew
the balance may not be told
it was diversion from the norm
crimson fruit was mine to have
in the glades of Sirkcumsale.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171007.
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“Salute’s End” is about the extension of communication so things get done, and then a retreat to darkness in the between.

Salute’s End

I'll give you a quick smile
Morse code posted by grin's flash
be it dot or dash in length
the greeting will say "it's alright"
a flash to show I'm content
happiness is all I contrive
when you look away the pall resumes
the vanishing when a gaze is pressed.

The between where I live
honesty hidden beyond the view
waiting for messages to be sent
to the others that share my world
they return the same in kind
perhaps with intent more sincere
I don’t know, but this will do
a mirror to echo before I retreat.

Darkness descends in the pause
before the next one’s sent outward
assumption made that I’ll be back
letters resuming after delay
absent the pulses clearly viewed
those have purpose I celebrate
partners assume this is the norm
habitual instead by contract’s word.

Is this fair that I presume
the face that half-untrue
though I grin to show my state
giving what I think you want?
‘I'm still here’ said with confidence
I wish I echoed the same within
chatter by code displays the charm
deflated in stillness of salute’s end.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171006.
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Poverty, job discrimination, violence, and poor physical / mental health are experienced at a greater rate by a minority than by the majority. This is not discussed. Why? The majority would link the causality to the definition of the minority instead of to the life experience of the minority while dealing with the majority.

Why Don’t We Talk

Why don’t we talk about the ills
that impact the despised group
not understood from the start
with struggles in the mire of life?
perhaps the blame would then turn
to the difference in the front
not the symptoms that spill forth
because of impact from the crowd.

Separation is the cause
damnation heaped on top of hate
intolerance is the result
no will to heal, inflicting wounds
in the shadows the impacted
attempt to fit when there’s no space
crowded out by prejudice
partiality lost to loathing’s gain.

Sickness spills from the fight
damning those in shadow’s taint
with the small anxiety
or a desire to finally leave
invisibility with assumption heaped
toxins kept in the dark
to say more would curse the one
when their state becomes the cause.

Back to ills that wrack the group
not inherent to the mark
of how they stand outside of main
not willing to state how they feel
minority label on the forehead
scarlet letter that does not prompt
the maladies that tumble forth
through mistreatment by the whole.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171005.
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A Dear John Letter is defined (via Wikipedia) as “a letter written to a man by his wife or romantic partner to inform him their relationship is over because she has found another lover. The man is often a soldier stationed overseas, although the letter may be used in other ways, including being left for him to discover when he returns from work to an emptied house.”

Dear Jane or John

I’d write a letter to the world
‘dear Jane and John’, all of you
relating the age-old sad tale
I’ve found another, now you’re out

it is normal to wonder who
replaced all of humanity
I’ll save that knowledge till the end
then reveal the answer there

first apologies to the people
stripped from my life by the words
I know you didn’t see it coming
kept to myself until I wrote

the relationship has ended
as love once flourished has been dimmed
in its place is a longing
for another far from here

if it’s asked about the feeling
I would admit that numbness calls
begging for another lover
clad in black, guiding the boat

when the wine turns too sour
vinegar is all I taste
it’s no wonder pen has chosen
to scribe the words that separate

the fairest have lost their charm
arguments fall flat with their facts
left to rot in my vision
when the eye take’s the dark path

this is where the shadow rests
the one for which I’ll take my leave
a letter left on the doorstep
as I leave with me to find some peace

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171005.
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I was thinking about how I recognized some people as being incredibly attractive in comparison to the larger world. I could have seen such a person last week or thirty-eight years ago. They are in the same “hall in my mind”.

Hall In My Mind

There is a hall in my mind
on each side there is a row
cherished thoughts of beauty’s mark
one in a thousand, many times

none were the same in their charm
be it outward or inward turned
all were attractive in of themselves
this I saw across the span

grade school was the first
loveliness in youth’s bloom
still this lingers on the wall
the most blessed, furthest off

in each year a few were added
beauty fixed to recall’s banks
fairness blessed in retention
only seen within my thoughts

their inclusion is not a statement
of romance or even friends
instead it is of predilections
comeliness in tribute’s realm

it’s even better if they are buddies
then I learn more of their life
all the foibles and the strengths
retrospection then most prized

celebration of God’s deeds
perhaps the others cannot see
it is their loss I suppose
these I capture in memory

there is no harm in recognizing
attraction honed by my desires
when the end is recognition
in the hall of my mind.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171004.


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