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“Pain of Beauty” is based on a poetry snippet I wrote in May of 2017. it is about the destructive nature of self-doubt on the inherent beauty of individuals.

Pain of Beauty

Ruin found in beauty's place
in the garden, the serpent's struck
the goddess brought down to earth
by the doubt welling in the mind

recrimination of the inner self
anxiety given word of truth
warping visions of the eyes
corrupting thoughts, the bitter lies

emotions turned on the self
creating caricatures of inner health
monsters not fit for the light
these run free to wound the heart

the past cuts have yet to heal
they still bleed with life’s duress
body-image comes in last
when testimony is ruins self

Venus tearing herself apart
as my tears drop to the ground
cursing serpents for their plan
the pain of beauty is too much.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170724.
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I’ve written many poems about beauty. “Beauty Seen” is yet another one, this time considering if beauty can be properly presented beyond the original form.

Beauty Seen

I wish I could sketch the beauty seen
or take a picture that would preserve
the scope of all I've witnessed here

my life is experienced in splendor's realm
in my mind I am the unworthy visitor
an intruder walking halls I should leave

the presence of form and nature is too much
for this child with fragile feet of clay
with tools that fail to portray the grace

so here I am in my journaled quest
to express what cannot be told
the indescribable that I adore

I will capture what I'm allowed
by turn of phrase or photo frame
to show the world how it's blessed.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170622.
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The draft of the poem “Beauty’s Cause” was originally titled “Beauty’s Curse”. Beauty has a way of causing problems for those with the quality. Others commit terrible acts in pursuit of beauty, both to themselves and others. The final version of the poem considers these states, offering in response an explanation as to the need for beauty.

Beauty's Cause

I could curse the universe
ask why beauty is my bane
forever present, yet separate
from my world where I’m restrained
raving like a lunatic
claim unfairness in God's realm
that such loveliness would be put
out of reach of grasping hands.

With this said as a prelude
I'll admit that I am demurred
to applying this mind set
in how I choose to view the world
I'll not damn the divine for a chasm
when none is present to be seen
for in the space of years' unfolding
a plan is revealed to connect the dots.

Change is the only constant
while I age there is renewal
transformation is requisite
though my existence may seem superfluous
all things depart in their time
as the new takes to the stage
flow is the director's charge
and I'm an actor taking leave.

Rebirth is lured by beauty's breadth
this is a truth that none contest
without this charm all life would end
this is not what I'd like to see
it is the order in which I'm thrust
resistance is the Devil's game
to curse, to fight, to do wrong
does not serve beauty in its cause.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170621.
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I am surrounded by amazingly lovely people. Though our interactions are limited, I learn much about myself and what I find beautiful in life. The poem “Point the Way” is about that journey.

Point the Way

You point the way
to beauty's rendezvous
predilections I embrace
the sum of my hope's desires
you may not be the one
instead a signpost with the hints
of what I wish for in my heart
of what I long for in my soul

we'll have our time in these days
I'll record the interplays
appreciating what you may bring
to life's exquisite masquerade
education by present company
the best of the world's assembly
I've seen the face of the belle
what more could I ask it to foretell?

in another lifetime, not in this place
if fates had been more kind
these notes would be replaced
by experience embraced by us
that is not the case sweet one
so I'll take what is offered
appreciate the sights and sounds
within this realm that fades away.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170223.
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“Words Expressed” was written for a competition requesting “tell the story of a piece of clothing as if it were alive”. I remembered a quite complimenting dress that a friend wore to a dance. The poem imagines a discussion had with the garment.

Words Expressed

The dress was fancy all could see
belle of the ball at the dance
speaking volumes to my eyes
this height of fashion I’ll endure
took to heart when I listen
to the voice of her garment
praising beauty it enclosed
preaching so the choir would hear.

Look to see the owner’s limbs
whispered said the outfit’s folds
ripples wound about her form
torso gripped all the round
from there the legs extend
oh so long and oh so toned
matched by arms above the belt
circumference gloried by the dress.

The dialogue did not end there
when turned around I saw the back
pleats to flat the bum did shape
with just enough to fill the plate
speaking as the curve extends
from middle to the rear
recounting well the tush enclosed
stunning chat I’ll quite admit.

The plunging cut has its say
framing necklace against the flesh
straps on sides to shoulders brace
lovely curves with middle cleft
valley low with hills so high
slopes extend to fabric’s edge
exclamation made by the gown
symphony to my eyes.

I’ve had my say about the dress
echoed what the words expressed
my eyes heard in rapt rapport
voices sultry upon the world
speaking of the one enclosed
they are the true beauty here
this dress may have its say
it’s about the one contained.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170114.
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I began writing “Beauty’s Song” with the line “words are the mirror’s face”. It turned into a poetic expression about building a song in honor of a singular beauty.

Beauty’s Song

Letters echo what nature brought
character born of nurture’s womb
honed by the tides of time
by kin and friends helpful hands
pottery by the perfect mold
broken once it conveyed
unique creation oh so fair
stated by the characters.

Words are the mirror’s face
silver to the gold embraced
by a beauty worth much more
than fair metals sparkling bright
flashing to blind the eye
yet dim when I compare
the lights to brilliance I see
when looking beyond the glass.

Lines combine in stunning foil
as they strive to convey a truth
all can see and few can match
belle imbued to walk the earth
amongst the mortals like myself
too simple in dull comparison
when the certainty is expressed
in verity from God’s own hand.

Stanzas long to match in kind
splendor’s child now in my life
elegance in form and speech
now so close yet out of reach
perhaps this is best for all involved
as such visions are far beyond
the reach of a lowly soul
who sees more than I may grasp.

These lyrics are my heart’s desire
to state what grace I now see
the heavens have brought you here
angel’s sing in sweet refrain
ballad sprung from characters
groupings made to words imbued
into lines strung to stanzas’ voice
singing from the beauty’s song.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161224.
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I wrote “Absence Recalls” as a reaction to the Henry Rollins quote, “Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better." While being alone pangs the heart for more, the recall of the beautiful sights outside of those secluded moments can be the reward.

Absence Recalls

If I saw you every day
I’d take for granted your magnificence
you’d be as lovely as any day
yet I’d be blind to the grace always there
what can I do to see you more
to realize what I’ve always known?
moving closer would see to fit
“another way” says the muse of solitude

loneliness would seem extreme
as a method to then fill my life
in the moments without you there
a void is formed allowing me to see
touch would find much more to feel
your scent would conjure fragrance pure
perhaps the greatest I leave for last
the vision of a smile would transcend

I’d remember what I forgot
lack has a power few understand
in the span of separation
I am reminded of splendor’s charm
in every day the glory is lost
when loneliness is not given its due
any day has so many gifts
when absence recalls what I’ve lost.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161203.
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It seems like I’m surrounded by people more beautiful and handsome than ever I’ve seen in my life. The continuing appreciation of them prompted me to write the poem “Dear Attraction”.

Dear Attraction

Dear attraction
my most close friend
you tease my heart
with nothingness
you yank libido
down empty halls
why must you linger
and haunt me so?

The choice was made
you had your say
now you've revolted
against that day
with further pokings
prompts to dash
with no direction
the walls too high.

That ship has sailed
to a distant shore
there you should stay
tease me no more
with whispered jests
of what could be
when none of that
is in this realm.

Yet still you prattle
look at the curve
background chatter
see the smile
the static drones
feel the firm
this does no good
when line is drawn.

Dear attraction
I'll say this last
Mother Nature
is quite the tease
Father Time
with jester hat
and you're their gift
I'll always have.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161019.
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“Breath” is my poem for 09/28/16. I only had time to write a fragment of it on the its fully official day of authorship. The poem is about my reaction to beauty.


You find me here as a mute
wandering loose with no control
overwhelmed by life's finds
in the space of beauty's punch
loveliness is my frailty
in its grasp my knees are weak
other ailments find their due
as I submit to charm’s cuff.

If my breath leaves my frame
a face is sure to blame
by depth of eye or shade of hair
contours cause lungs to still
conversation leaves my mouth
banter dies inside my chest
unable to form full thoughts
I'm reduced to mutter gibberish.

Shapely form I'd admit
spurs me hard to consequence
the leap of heart and rush of blood
are nature's way of taking note
last such beauty begs the doubts
did I put my best foot first
or did I act like the fool
struck now dumb by splendor’s grace.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160928.
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The poem "Your Beauty" was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend. They claimed to not photograph well, even though they are very very (very) high in my list of photogenic people. The resulting poem covers inner and outer beauty, what the camera shares, the limits of beauty appreciation, and recognition of humanity in the face of inherent beauty.

Your Beauty

If you could know your beauty
how you appear to my eyes
you would know of God's grace
visited upon this mortal one.
The outer is the starting point
the inner claims inspection too
between the two I am impressed
by the sum of fairness shown.

The glass eye agrees with me
capturing life for all to see
put to paper or computer screen
vision shared of your beauty.
It is with joy that I deliver
circumstance held in amber
images produced to fast confirm
motion blessed or calm conferred.

Is this a bridge to greater depths
an invitation for us to play?
The Bard makes warning to such fools
to thus dash you will lose.
I'll not claim Cupid's shot
my praise is not romantic thought
it is appraisal of the facts
dispassioned view of handsomeness.

I'll not say you're perfect
still human is your cross to bear
yet a blemish does not detract
from the whole your cloth is made.
Perhaps I see you in times of joy
or you have an ease with me
either way I am so blessed
by the best of life's congress.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160722.
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The poem “Beauty Fair” is about my appreciation for the physical beauty I see in the world. There is more than just surface impressions, much much more, but still I am hardwired to appreciate the skin deep.

Beauty Fair

Goddess molded beauty fair
framework for eye’s delight
draped across the soul within
anatomy of blessed by she above.

The splendor takes my breath away
filled with awe and not with air
for the structure she’s imbued
the waking dream you’ve become.

Your eyes prompt me to ogle
the view above a perfect nose
lips I’d love to meet with mine
top a chin most divine.

Sweeping shapes beneath the cloth
arch and camber from front to back
enough is seen to know there’s more
enough is hidden to be demure.

Gams to stand above the crowd
trellis blessed with grace impressed
to stand or dance is your pleasure
and mine to watch in effort’s wake.

Anatomy from heaven’s hand
body made for sight’s delight
I bow to diva’s blessed gift
presented to my eyesight’s gaze.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160712.
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I was looking over Tumblr for inspiration, my go-to place for daily poetry stimulation. I came across a meme that said “reblog if you think its fine for guys to wear makeup, and it can make them more attractive to the opposite sex”. I’ve always thought it was a bum deal for guys to miss out on the cute dresses and beauty enhancing makeup, but that’s the trade-off for benefiting from the patriarchal hierarchy.


May I wear the primer
to ensure the rest stays on
put to the face and eyes
to pave the way for my beauty.

Might I add foundation’s blur
make even sight you see
from brow to chin covered thin
with a tone that finds the mean.

I request that I put the powder
set the former in its glory
taking brush to the skin
with natural as the end result.

I beg for the touch of rouge
put to the cheeks in pursuit of youth
accentuate the cheeks to see
flattering division of high and low.

I’ll beseech to put on my lips
the color I long to share
with gloss to accentuate
with liner to mark the space.

An appeal to set the highlights
illuminate the whole in the glow
shimmering end to creation’s goal
of this one perfect manscaping.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160703.
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I've been listening to Torres on Spotify. She has lyrics of anger and pain, and I was left to ponder the reasons behind these. It didn't take much imagination given has the world slights the individual, only to latter deny that ill intent was meant. The poem “So Much Beauty” considers this line of thought.

So Much Beauty

How could so much beauty
cover a rage waiting to explode
on a world that forgot
the fate it called upon itself?

Memories are absent in the elders
gaps where your value should be
now lost to the breadth of time
just as your empathy seems to be.

Your peers are now perplexed
now unaware of their cruelty
callous pranks of yesteryear
imposed upon the younger self.

Most absent is your own insight
into how you arrived on this day
at a place when beauty hides
the damage none seem to see.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160528.
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A friend's circumstances prompted me to write “Your Being”.

Your Being

Beauty shone to the world
sadness bled from the wounds
staining perfection both in and out
with relationship purgatory.
The tears are no longer wet
yet they drown you happiness.
Why must the world betray
the grace of God most treasured?

Unappreciated by a single soul
loved by the much of the world
sadly this is not enough
for the heart seeking company.
History has made its mark
on your sense of worthiness.
The biography has been set
when the years are inspected.

Yet the future is not done
as the others move to the front
replacing those who came before
dim of sight to beauty born.
I wish I could hold you up
to show them the error of their ways.
Blindness must be their failing
when they don't see your being.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160424.
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Some people are SO INCREDIBLY LOVELY when they smile. It's not that they have too... but it takes them to another level. The poem “Share that Smile” celebrates this occasion.

Share That Smile

Chester cat, lovely incarnate,
loose your smile on me today.
Beam your radiance for all to see,
I'll take it in to lift my soul.

Family knows your inner self,
who else has glimpsed the beauty held?
The rest of us wonder what could be,
when the fullness is revealed at last.

Quiet goddess, hidden deity,
grace me with your attention today.
Come to earth for a time,
spend some time with a lesser one.

Mysterious would be your other name,
shadows deep where few have tread.
The glimpses I have seen are enough,
I'd rest in peace if this is my lot.

You visit through the dance,
reveal some measure of the larger self.
Just share that smile and I'll know
this is enough for me tonight.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160321.
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The poem "God's Creativity" is a sideways look at the topic of obsession. Beauty invites unreasonable contemplations. Denying this only asks for damage due to suppressed thoughts and urges. The path forward is to honor the thought and then move it along. Another may replace it, such is the nature of predilections, but this is also the flow of God's creation. In the end the soul will be purer for the attempt to merely observe where appropriate.

God's Creativity

Obsession is the purest form of wanting something I'd adore
if it were available, feast for this mere mortal.
So pretty pretty to my eyes, so lurid are the lustful thoughts,
thankful that only God knows the depths of passion's plunge.

Divine seek to aid this one, through infatuation's urge.
Deny the compulsion of neurosis, foregoing the manic adoration.
Reality check on the aisle of life, price-check on that lusty thought,
what is the price I'd pay if life could turn out that way?

Loveliness will have its time, splendor in life's domain.
I am blessed to witness this, the extent of my accomplishments.
I'll thank the obsession for visiting, reminding me that I'm human still.
Inspiration follows these saucy thoughts, bid farewell as lines are wrought.

In their place there is a trace of the beauty I'm meant to see.
From the lust there is a love of divine's place in you and me.
Grace is the my balancing place, in between what could be beauty,
embraced by the harsh realities in the hands of God's creativity.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160222.
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The poem “Beauty Fae” speaks to moving beyond the outward expressions of beauty. People have every right to be sensual, whatever the form takes. The rest of us are asked to be respectful, and when the occasions offers, move beyond the presentation offered.

Beauty Fae
Poem for Day 353 – 20151220

If I saw you near naked
bereft of clothes exterior
would it be illusion
a mask of you truly are?
Celebration has its place
with statement forward put
to a world perhaps not ready
for the body most elegant.

The message is indistinct
lost to the base elements
arousal by adornment
by human nature's inheritance.
The distraction is real
as human nature looks without
blinded by the surface
when the truth lies behind.

I'll appreciate the visual
sensual expression of human form
in honor of your outward
statement of body confidence.
Beneath this beauty fae
present in body's lurid form
is the dancer I'll embrace
in totality beyond skin deep.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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The poem “Mote of God” is about the small beauties in life, and how they are captured by those who work in the arts.

Mote of God
Poem for Day 344 – 20151211

A mote of God's blessing in hand,
beauty's potential for my fellow man.
How do I know I have touched
another soul distance yet close at hand?
Dancers glide across life's stage
bodily motion without any peer.
Musicians instruments alone
speak a language more perfect in refrain.
Poets frame the world they do see
motion and song revealed in the beauty.
Recognition is returned
with words stretched across the universe.
So mote it be they do exclaim,
the divine smiles back on a fellow man.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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I’ve admitted on prior occasion that I am addicted to beauty. I am glad it is part of the human condition as I take inspiration and a degree of fortitude from God’s brush strokes in my world. The poem “Beauty is the Cause” is a tongue-in-cheek review of my feelings, though I must admit, it is not too far from the truth.

Beauty is the Cause
Poem for Day 327 – 20151124

This poem is my ramblings
of a man struck down by you.
You captivate my senses
as only a goddess may do.

Forgive me if I compare
your beauty to all things.
The world pales by far
when you by my side.

If I was half as handsome
as you are once as pretty,
I'd be twice as handsome
as any man alive.

It is a chemical reaction,
just like that bad cocaine.
Don't think me the druggy,
that's what Harvard has to say.

My breath is taken away,
I don't know when I'll breathe.
Perhaps when you take your leave
my breath will return to me.

If I were an character
of anime screen portrayed
my nose would bleed and bleed
when I see your face today.

My words come to their end,
I’ve quite stammered on.
Forgive this fool his actions,
your beauty is the cause.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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A friend wrote about the bane of makeup, and how it becomes too integral in the judgment of others. My poem “Beautiful Lady” contemplates her brave words.

Beautiful Lady
Poem for Day 293 – 20151021

Beautiful lady, free of paint,
I bear witness to your transparency,
your soul bare of cosmetics,
unburdened by worldly affects.
When I see you I know it's true,
the vision of God's true face.
No agenda is hidden here,
I celebrate at your true form.
The world disagrees with me,
their souls are broken by history.
I wonder if they can comprehend
the depth of their transparency.

Why does the world relegate
your fashion choice to be judged?
What has constructed this bold lie,
that you are dirty, ugly, or lazy?
The fanciful has spoiled the rest,
the bar set too high for the common.
There is more to life than being painted,
more to do than primping and preening.
Attention put elsewhere is condemned
instead of praise for the its wisdom.
There is more to life than looking good
when the welfare of all is concerned.

They say you are invisible,
the gaudy is required to catch the eye.
I say that this is far from the truth,
there is more at play than this.
The clowns may attract attention,
hiding frowns behind the painted smiles.
I'd never want this for you my friend,
fly free from the disguise of pain.
You'll not hide yourself behind
arcs of dark and brush of blush.
You're on display as imperfect human,
so much more than a perfect masque.

I've said my peace for all to hear,
an advocate for my natural friend.
How I wish you could believe
these words I've written for you to see.
Perhaps you do, and this is my hope,
and all that is left is to celebrate.
To speak our minds, to show our colors,
in ways natural to who we are.
In the endless is so much more,
the Lord's face showing as it is meant
on his daughter's visage free of shame
unburdened by worldly affects.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.


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